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WWF Smackdown 1.27.2000

Thursday, January 27th, 2000

Taped (1/25) from the Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, MD

List of WWF Champions at the time:
●  WWF World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H (1/03/2000)
●  WWF Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho (1/23/2000)
●  WWF World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws (11/08/1999)
●  WWF European Champion: Val Venis (12/12/1999)
●  WWF Hardcore Champion: Test (1/17/2000)
●  WWF Women’s Champion: The Kat (12/12/1999)

~ Smackdown comes on the air with a replay of the tag team main event and everyone involved. After the intro Michael Cole welcomes us to the show along with Jerry “The King” Lawler.

  • Billy Gunn vs. Al Snow (w/Head)

Cole mentions Road Dogg is out sick with the flu so Billy is flying solo tonight. Billy gets on the mic and calls Snow out to try and beat him while giving him the two words. We then cut backstage to find Snow conversing with Steve Blackman, telling him if he beats Billy tonight they get a tag team title match on Raw. Blackman complements Snow for concentrating on business and Snow says he always does but Blackman begs to differ. Blackman berates him for his idea that has the fans chanting “Head Cheese” when Snow then places rabbit ears on Blackman’s head and suggests the name “Snow Bunnies”. Blackman reacts like you’d expect and Snow departs while Blackman tries to show restraint. Snow hits the ring and takes Billy down by the leg to start then tees off on him. Billy whips Snow looking for a dropkick and Snow fakes him out but misses an elbwodrop. Billy whips Snow again but both men hit crossbodies at the same time, with Billy falling on top for a two count. Bily chokes Snow and whips him into a corner and charges at him, Snow gets the feet up but Billy stops short and unloads on Snow. Billy whips Snow into the other corner and follows up with a Stinger Splash. Billy charges at Snow but Snow backdrops him over the ropes. Snow goes out and lays the boots to Billy then rams him into the barricade and bites his face. Billy comes back and rams Snow into the barricade then throws him back in the ring. Snow attacks Billy as he rolls back in and goes for a suplex but Billy blocks it and suplexes him over the ropes. Snow trips Billy and punhces him below the belt yet doesn’t get disqualified. Snow heads back in and hits a backbreaker then climbs to the top rope and goes for a guillotine legddrop but misses. Billy hits a pair of Atomic Drops and whips Snow into a backdrop then goes for another whip but Snow reverses it. Snow lowers the head and Billy hits the Jackhammer. Billy readies for the Rocker Dropper when Steve Blackman suddenly runs in brandishing a kendo sitck but Billy cuts him off. Billy takes the stick and whacks Blackman and Snow with it but that ends up getting himself DQ’ed. (3:31) Okay but unspectacular. Billy is frustrated at costing himself the match and leaves Snow and Blackman laying in the ring. Well Snow did technically win the match so he and Blackman have their tag title match on Monday, which would prove to be very memorable for a special reason.

~ Backstage we find the Helmsleys watching this on a montior feeling things aren’t going their way. Triple H tells Stephanie they can’t have another night like the way Raw went off the air. Stephanie says the Outlaws can handle their next match but their real concern is The Rock and Rikishi. Triple H says he’ll kill that alliance by having Rock and Rikishi face each other in the ring tonight. Just then The Big Show comes in asking about his match with Rock for the Wrestlemania title shot, saying he has the proof he needs to get that match. Show shows Triple H some photos of the Rumble finish but Triple H calls the pictures fuzzy and claims they’re not enough and that Show needs more solid proof. Triple H suggests if Show could find an eyewitness maybe that would influence their decision. Triple H then says he needs a few favors from Show and tells him to suit up for action. After Show leaves Triple H tells Stephanie he thinks maybe Show did beat The Rock.

~ Cactus Jack is shown backstage about to come to the ring as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break Cactus Jack makes his way to the ring with a lead pipe in hand as black-and-white clips of the street fight from the Rumble are shown. Cactus gets on the mic and says eight guys hate his guts backstage so he didn’t come out alone. Cactus talks about tearing the house down at MSG calling it one of his greatest matches but at the same time he didn’t take the WWF Championship which was a disapointment. Cactus says on Sunday the world saw a roughter, more sadidistic side of Triple H no one knew existed and that Triple H proved why he is the WWF Champion and The Game. Cactus mentions the predicitons Triple H made on their match and says they only came halfway true, that Triple H was the one spilling blood, sporting the crimson mask and flirting with unconsciousness. Cactus says he had a pretty good time and feels the Smackdown world deserves another good time so he calls Triple H out to find the guts and face him in the ring right now. Triple H’s music plays but Stephanie McMahon is the one that comes out instead and Cacuts is more than a little disappointed. Stephanie gets on the mic and calls Cactus pathetic for trying to salvage his reputation after Triple H beat Cactus at his own game and proved he’s just as tough and sadistic as him. Cactus wants another go-around with Triple H but Stephanie says Triple H already proven his point. Cactus then goes on to say they won’t be able to conceive an heir to the McMahon-Helmsley dynasty because Triple H doesn’t have the parts prompting Stephanie to slap him in the face! Cactus laughs at that and tells Stephanie his instinct is to slap the taste out of her mouth but instead invites Stephanie to play a game with him called ‘Slap Me Again and See What Happens’. Cactus begs Stephanie to slap him again but Stephanie gets freaked out and backs out of the ring. Cactus then tells Stephanie he feels like following her to the hole she came from and beat up her husband but the sight of the Helmsleys makes him sick so he’s going to leave town just this once. Cactus wraps up by saying he’s ready for Triple H anytime he feels like finishing what he started.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Cactus daring Stephanie to play his game with him. We then get a shot of Cactus grabbing his bags and walking right out of the building.

~ Backstage Hardcore Holly is conversing with Crash saying the family feels they should reunite. Crash says he and Viscera are undefeated so Hardcore decides to take his cousin’s new partner out tonight.

  • Edge & Christian vs. The Dudley Boyz

Cole reminds us of the Dudleys putting Terri Runnels through a table on Raw then reports Terri suffered head, neck and back trauma but no broken bones. As E&C make their way out they show pre-taped coments of them wishing Terri well after the table attack. Edge also says he hopes the Hardys are watching, promising to take care of the Dudleys. E&C go right to work on the Dudleys to start but the Dudleys quickly get the advantage. Bubba Ray tosses Edge over the ropes then he and D’Von take turns hammering Christiain. The Dudleys come off the ropes but Edge trips Bubba while Christian suplxes D’Von. Edge climbs to the top rope and dropkicks Bubba into a neckbreaker from Christian. E&C whip D’Von into a double flapjack and Christian covers D’Von for a two count. D’Von whips Christian into his corner and Chrisitan lifts himself up over D’Von but Bubba decks him from the apron and D’Von follows up with a Curtian Call. D’Von pops Edge to draw him in and distract the referee then climbs to the top rope while Bubba sets Christian up and hits the flying headbutt to the groin for a near fall. D’Von whips Christian and hits a spinning elbow before tagging Bubba in. Bubba beats Christian down in a corner while trash-talking him and chokes him with his boot. Christiaa tries to fight back but Bubba pounds on him and caps off with a headbutt. Bubba then headbutts Christian below the belt and chops him against the ropes before whipping him into a backdrop. Bubba applies a headvice and Christian fights out of it then comes off the ropes but runs into a Samoan Drop. Bubba hops to the middle rope when Edge gets Bubba’s attention while Christian punches Bubba below the belt and hits a huricanrana. Both men crawl to their corners and Bubba tags D’Von in while Christian makes the hot tag To Edge. Edge slams D’Von to the mat then ducks a Bubba clothesline and connects with a spinning heel kick. Edge DDT’s D’von for a two count and Bubba goes to whip him but Edge reverses him into a backdrop. Bubba rolls out to the floor but Christian springboards over the ropes into a crossbody. D’Von whips Edge but misses a clothesline and Edge spears him for the three. (5:45) Pretty solid match as these two teams were starting to gel with each other. **½

Edge celebrates but Bubba sends Christian into the steps then goes in and whips Edge into a 3D. Christian comes and goes for a whip but D’Von reverses and the Dudleys hit him with the 3D as well. Bubba goes out and pulls out a table from under the ring and sets it up on the floor. Bubba places Edge on the table then superbombs Chrstian off the apron through Edge and the table. The referees tend to E&C on the floor while Bubba stands on the apron with that faraway look again.

~ Back from break Triple H is with Stephanie who’s still shaken up from her encounter with Cactus Jack. Triple H asks Stephanie what she was thinking looking to slap Cactus when Kane bursts into the room demanding a match with X-Pac tonight. Triple H says X-Pac isn’t here but will be around Monday when Stephanie steps in and tells Kane he can have X-Pac on Raw, if he can beat The Big Show tonight. Kane storms off and Stephanie tells Triple H she’s feeling better now as we go to commercial.

  • Viscera vs. Hardcore Holly

Hardcore starts off by calling for a test of strength and Viscera mocks him when Hardcore flips him off. Hardcore hammers Viscera and goes for a whip but Viscera won’t budge and tosses him over the ropes. Viscera brings Hardcore back in the ring the hard way and whips him and Hardcore connects with a bodyblock that has Viscera staggering but he doesn’t go down. Hardocre comes off the ropes again but runs into a heelkick and Viscera follows up with a shoulderblock. Viscera comes off the ropes but Hardcore hits a dropkick and beats on him as Crash comes down to ringside. Hardcore chokes Viscera and goes for a whip but Viscera reverses him into a corner and hits an Avalanche. Viscera follows up with a Samoan Drop and Hardcore’s not getting up this time. (2:14) It’s a Viscera match, what do you expect. DUD

Crash looks on with a concerned look on his face as Viscera readies to splash Hardcore again. However Crash suddenly climbs onto Vicera’s back allowing Hardocre to dropkick Viscera in the knee. The Hollys then double-team Viscera and clothesline him over the ropes, apparently reforming their tag team.

~ Backstage The Helmsleys are talking when Big Show comes in demanding his pictures back. Show tells Triple H he’s doing him this favor but warns him not to abuse this privelage.

~ Kane and Tori are shown heading to the ring for the next match as we go to commercial.

  • Kane (w/Tori) vs. The Big Show

Kane hammers Show to start and Show hits a headbutt but Kane is back on him. Show whips Kane into a corner but Kane comes with a clothesline that staggers Show. Kane goes for a whip, Show reverses and hits a boot but Kane sits right up. Kane pops Show with an uppercut but Show chokes Kane on the middle rope and headbutts him. Show whips Kane but Kane ducks a right hand and hits an enzuigiri then chokes him in a corner. Kane goes for a whip but Show counters with a Russian legsweep and Kane rolls out to the floor. Show goes to suplex Kane back in the ring but Kane counters and snaps Show’s neck on the rope. Kane heads in and goes for a whip but Show reverses and tosses Kane over the ropes. Show goes out and whips Kane into the ringsteps before throwing him back in the ring. Kane starts to fight back and Show slams him to the mat but misses an elbowdrop. Kane hammers Show when he sees X-Pac coming down the ramp, allowing Show to nail him from behind. Show whips Kane but Kane hits a DDT while X-Pac grabs Tori in a wiastlock on the floor. Kane goes out and grabs X-Pac for a chokeslam but Show comes off the apron with an axehandle. Triple H and the rest of DX charge out to ringisde and everyone gangs up on Kane with Triple H and Billy Gunn tossing Kane into the ringsteps while X-Pac has words with Tori. The Outlaws throw Kane in the ring and Triple H whacks Kane with a chair as Tori watches. Show follows up with a chokeslam and Triple H pulls out a rope and ties Kane to the ringpost. X-Pac then gets on the mic and decides to tell Kane what happened during the holidays. Show continues working over Kane while X-Pac claims Tori seduced him at the hotel room and kissed him but much of his speech must have been too hot for UPN because the audio is muted out and we get constant repeated shots of the crowd. X-Pac talks about it being a wonderful Christmas as more stuffed is edited out. X-Pac finally finishes his story and tells Tori she can do anything she wants now. Tori starts to leave but then stop, turns to face X-Pac … and kisses him on the lips, betraying her boyfirend. X-Pac proudly says “THE END” as Tori embraces him and DX welcomes her to the group. Nothing match that was used to pull the trigger on Tori’s heel turn. NR

~ Back from break we get a replay of Tori betraying Kane and joining with X-Pac. We then see Kane sadly leaving the building during the break heading to who knows where.

  • Too Cool vs. The Godfather & D’Lo Brown (w/the ladies)

Scotty 2 Hotty lockups with D’Lo to start and goes into a headlock but D’Lo shoves Scotty into the ropes and hits a shoulderblock. D’Lo comes off the ropes and Scotty leapfrogs him but D’Lo catches him with a kick. D’Lo whips Scotty again and Scotty blocks a hiptoss and goes through several moves before hitting a suplex. Scotty moonwalks before tagging in Grandmaster Sexay who runs right into a drop toehold. D’Lo whips Sexay into a corner but Sexay springs off the ropes into a crossbody. Sexay goes for a whip, D’Lo reverses him into a corner and charges but eats a kick. Sexay hops to the midde rope and hits a bulldog then busts a move before tagging in Scotty. Scotty goes for a whip but D’Lo reverses and hits a spinning heelkick then tags in Godfather. Godfather whips Scotty back and forth between the corners and hits a clothesline. Godfather hits another clothesline and follows up with a crescent kick. Godfather goes for the Ho Train but Scotty sidesteps, then stops Godfather. Scotty then does the Worm for some reason and starts dancing as the ladies come in. Godfather gets on the mic and says they can fight anytime before deciding to party. Everyone then starts dancing in the ring and I guess that’s the match. (2:45) The match was going along just fine until they abruptly ended it. *

Oh but it gets better. Their partying is interupted when Mark Henry comes out to the stage with Mae Young and says he and Mae want to use this occasion to make an announcement. Mae takes the mic and proceeds to announce that she’s … pregnant. Henry and Mae celebrate as we get disgusted and shocked looks from everyone in the ring. Yes, folks, it’s that angle unfortunatley. Proof that 2000 wasn’t entirely perfect.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Mark Henry and Mae Young’s disturbing announcement. We also get the Mean Street Posse’s reaction from watching this backstage on a monitor. At that moment Tazz walks by and the Posee start making fun of his name and his height. Rodney asks if they’re staring a short man’s division and Tazz calls it a real man’s divison. Tazz then makes a challenge to face all three Posse members in the ring and they chuckle at that.

  • WWF Hardcore Title: Test © vs. Gangrel (w/Luna Vachon)

Gangrel meets Test on the ramp but Test takes control and the two already brawl to the tech area. Luna hits Test from behind and Test turns to confront her when Luna sprays the red liquid in his face. Gangrel clotheslines Test down and clubs him then goes for a whip but Test reverses him into the guardrail. Test grabs a nearby hard hat and slips it onto Luna’s head before clubbing her in the head with a forearm. Test slips on the hard hat himself and headbutts Gangrel with it and the two fight near one of the entrances. Unfortunately it’s dark and hard to see anything but apparenlty Test grabs a table and tries to hit Gangrel but Luna takes it away. Gangrel does something to knock Test down for a two count as the two make their way through the back toward the garage. Test whips Gangrel into a trash can and both men end up outside when Luna comes out and breaks a 2×4 over Test’s back but Test no-sells it. Test throws Luna into the snow-filled back of a pickup truck and tries to bury her but Gangrel interupts him. Gangrel brings Test back in the building and rams him into a phone booth but Test manages to fight back. Test then grabs the receiver and tries to crack jokes but Gangrel low blows him and rams him into an anvil case. Test whips Gangrel into a steel structure but Gangrel rakes his face as they head into the loading dock. Gangrel sprays Test with a fire extingusher and throws him into a chalkboard but Test throws him into some thing. Test rams Gangrel into a piano then slams the lid down on him then scoops him up but Gangel floats over him. Gangrel goes for the Impaler but Test blocks it and sets up for a powerbomb when Luna appears with a shovel. Luna takes a swing but Test ducks and Gangrel takes a shot then falls off the dock onto boxes of padding. Test powerbombs Luna onto the piano then hits the flying elbowdrop on Gangel and finally ends this. (4:15) Bad match all around plus the match was fought enitrely outside the ring. Let’s move on. DUD

~ Backstage the Posse are shown arguing on who will get the pinfall on Tazz as we go to commercial.

  • Tazz vs. The Mean Street Posse3-on-1 Handicap Match

Rodney starts off against Tazz who grabs a wistlock and goes into a snapmare. Redney kicks Tazz away and charges but Tazz hits a legsweep that Rodney doesn’t do properly. Joey Abs tags in and throws Tazz into his corner then tags in Pete Gas to get in some shots. Pete chokes Tazz with his foot then distracts the referee while Rodney and Abs double-team him. Pete whips Tazz but misses a clothesline and Tazz responds with a vicious clothesline of his own. Rodney runs in and Tazz tries to clothesline him over the ropes but can’t quite get him over. Tazz snaps Abs off the top rope then slaps the Tazzmission on Pete and this one’s over. (1:28) Even for a 90-second match is was pretty sloppy. DUD

Tazz starts to leave the ring when Kurt Angle comes out and jumps Tazz from behind. Angle throws Tazz back in the ring then lays him out with the Olympic Slam and slaps on a crossface chickenwing for good measure. Angle eventually lets go and celebrates while Tazz is bledding from the mouth. That probably should have been the first yellow flag on how Tazz’s WWF push will work out.

~ Backstage the reunited Hollys are conversing when Crash asks Hardcore not to be jealous of him because he’s going to do what Hardcore couldn’t and that’s win the Intercontinential Title. Crash then walks off with a not-too-pleased Hardcore behind him as we go to commercial.

  • WWF Intercontinential Title: Chris Jericho © vs. Crash Holly (w/Hardcore Holly)

As the Hollys come out to the ring first Chyna makes her way out with her bazooka for some reason. Jericho then comes out gets on the mic to greet the fans before telling Hardcore not to be jealous, that he’d be jealous too if his cousin was cartoon superstar Elroy Jetson, starting a then-popular chant. Jericho promises to give Crash a savage beating before rushing the ring and going to work. Jericho pounds Crash down in a corner then whips him into the opposite corner but misses a clothesline. Crash gets in some shots but Jericho comes back with chops and whips Crash into a spinning heelkick. Jericho hits a vertical suplex for a two count then goes for a whip but Crash reverses it and tosses Jericho over the ropes. Crash goes out and goes for a whip but Jericho reverses him into the ringsteps. Jericho rams Crash into the steps twice before throwing him back in the ring then climbs to the top rope but Crash bumps the ropes causing him to straddle the turnbuckle. Crash hits a forearm then goes up and hits a Frankensteiner but only gets a two count. Crash slams Jericho then climbs to the top rope amd leaps off but Jericho dropkicks him in mid-air. Jericho whips Crash into a kick then comes off the ropes with the bulldog for a near fall. Jericho whips Crash and catches him into a powerbomb then holds on for a second powerbomb. Jericho goes for the Lionsault but Hardcore clocks him with the IC Title belt from the floor. Both men are down in the ring as Chyna walks over but Hardcore nails her with a boot. Crash manages to drape an arm over Jericho but only gets a two count then goes for a whip. Jericho counters it and puts Crash in the Walls of Jericho and Crash gives it up. (3:58) Entertaining match for what it was. Chyan DDTs Hardcore on the floor then presents Jericho with the belt and raises his hand. **

~ The Rock and Rikishi are both shown heading to the ring for the main event as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break The Rock comes out to the ring but first decides to get on the mic and starts with the usual. Rock tells Rikishi he appareciates him coming to his aid on Raw but tonight is a different night and different show. Rock has words with The Big Show about his photos and constant whining on who won the Royal Rumble then finishes with his “If ya smell” ending before Rikishi comes out to finally start the match.

  • The Rock vs. Rikishi Phatu

Both men have a staredown to start before exchanging punches and they go back and forth. Rikishi goes for a whip, Reck reverses it and hits a clothesline but Rikishi pops right up. Rock hammers Rikishi and goes for a whip but Rikishi reverses and hits a Samoan Drop. Rikishi drops Rock with a right hand and headbutts him then whips him into a corner. Rikishi goes for the running butt splash but Rock sidesteps it and hits a spinebuster. Rock hammers Rikishi and hits a clothesline then chokes him on the middle rope. Rock goes for a suplex but can’t get Rikishi up and Rikishi counters with his own suplex. Rikishi goes for a whip but Reck reverses it and hits his own Samoan Drop for a two count. Rock unloads on Rikishi but Rikishi comes back with a thrust chop to the throat. Rikishi whips Rock and hits a DDT but Rikishi pops right up again and hits a superkick. Rikishi scoops Rock up for the sitdown piledriver but Rock floats over and barely hits a Rock Bottom, which looked like Rikishi just landed on his feet and crumbled down. Both men are down and get to their feet and Rock this time hits a proper Rock Bottom. Rock hammers Rikishi in a corner and caps off with the Smackdown then goes for a whip and Rikishi reverses Rock into a corner but ends up slinging Rock right into Earl Hebner. Rikishi hits a belly-to-belly suplex then climbs up the ropes and hits the Banzai Drop but Hebner is too hurt to count. The Big Show suddenly runs in and clotheslines Rikishi then turns toward Rock as Hebner is forced to throw this one out. (6:19) Decent enough main event. **½

Show chokeslams Rock while Triple H comes in and hits the Pedigree on Rikishi. Show and Triple H continue working over Rock and Rikishi when Too Cool runs in for the save. However Show headbutts Grandmaster Sexay down while Triple H Pedigrees Scotty 2 Hotty. Show then chokeslams both Sexay and Scotty and all the Rock’s friends are down. Triple H then stands tall with Stephanie and The Big Show as we fade to black.

Conclusion: Not a good episode of Smackdown this time around. The show started out fine but then just sort of nosedived after the Kane/X-Pac match with some ‘feh’ bouts and bad segments, especially the Mae Young/Mark Henry angle everyone’s dreading. The last two matches are fun but this still proves to be an off-week for the blue show. Fortunately things take a dramatic turn on the next Raw and I bet everyone can guess what that is.

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