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WWF Wrestlemania 16

Sunday, April 2nd, 2000

Live from the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, CA

List of WWF Champions at the time:
●  WWF World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H (1/03/2000)
●  WWF Intercontinental Champion: Kurt Angle (2/27/2000)
●  WWF World Tag Team Champions: The Dudley Boyz (2/27/2000)
●  WWF European Champion: Kurt Angle (2/10/2000)
●  WWF Hardcore Champion: Crash Holly (3/13/2000)
●  WWF Women’s Champion: Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley (3/30/2000)
●  WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Dean Malenko (3/13/2000)

~ Wrestlemania comes on the air with Lillian Garcia singing an excellent rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner”. Next an intro video is shown hyping the four-man main event for the title as well as the four McMahons involved. After that Jim Ross welcomes us to the show along with Jerry “The King” Lawler.

  • The Godfather & D’Lo Brown (w/the ladies) vs. The Big Bossman & Bull Buchanan

Before the match Ice T raps Godfather and D’Lo down to the ring singing Godfather’s “Agression” theme, after which Godfather gets on the mic and does his usual spiel. D’Lo tees off on Buchanan to start and goes for a whip but Buchanan reverses it. D’Lo slides under him and goes for an O’Connor roll and Buchanan grabs the ropes to prevent it. D’Lo connects with a heel kick and Bossman comes in but Godfather cuts him off with a clothesline. D’Lo whips Buchanan and hits an elbow and Godfather tags in and helps D’Lo whip Buchanan into a slam from Godfather. D’Lo follows up with a splash and Godfather adds in a legdrop then whips Buchanan into an elbow. Godfather goes for an elbowdrop but misses it and Bossman tags in and works Godfather over then goes for a whip but Godfather reverses it and hits a pair of clotheslines. Godfather then grabs Bossman’s arm and hits a crescent kick that gets him a two count. D’Lo tags in but Bossman jabs the eye and rams him into Buchanan’s boot before tagging him in to take over. Buchanan brings D’Lo over to the turnbuckles but D’Lo rams him then goes up and hits the count-along punches. D’Lo whips Buchanan into a corner but Buchanan springs off the top rope and conects with a flying clothesline. Buchanan slams D’Lo to the mat and D’Lo fights back against him but doesn’t see Bossman making a blind tag. Buchanan trips D’Lo into the ropes and Bossman and Buchanan both slide out to the floor and hit the uppercut and Bossman covers D’Lo but Godfather breaks up the pin. Bossman hits a headbutt and whips D’Lo into a boot then tags in Buchanan and sets D’Lo up while Buchanan hits an axe kick for a two count. Buchanan throws D’Lo through the ropes and distracts the referee while Bossman drops him on the barricade. Godfather comes in and pounds away on Buchanan in his corner but Buchanan rakes the face to ward him off.

Bossman throws D’Lo back in the ring and Buchanan works him over then whips him hard into a corner and rams D’Lo into Bossman’s boot. Bossman tags in and both men whip D’Lo into a double elbow for a two count. Buchanan takes over without a tag and grabs D’Lo in a bear hug and D’Lo begins to fade as the referee checks the arm. It drops once, twice, but D’Lo keeps it up the third time and fights out of the hold. D’Lo come off the ropes but runs into an elbow and Bossman tags back in and both men whip D’Lo into a double boot then hit a double sledge. D’Lo starts to rally back and comes off the ropes but Bossman catches him into a backbreaker for a two count. Bossman tags Buchanan and holds D’Lo while Buchanan climbs to the top rope and connects with an axehandle. Buchanan pops D’Lo and hits his own backbreaker then climbs to the top rope but Godfather shakes the ropes causing Buchanan to straddle the turnbuckle. D’Lo climbs up after him and hit a huricanrana then makes the sorta-hot tag to Godfather. Godfather whips Buchanan into a backdrop then catches Bossman with a clothesline and whips him into his partner. Godfather goes for another whip when Bossman reverses him into a corner and charges but Godfather sidesteps him then hits the Ho Train. D’Lo tags in and climbs to the top rope looking to hit the Lo Down when Buchanan shoves him off to the mat but D’Lo lands on his feet and pops Buchanan off the apron. Godfather goes out to fight with Buchana on the floor while D’Lo whips Bossman into a dropkick. D’Lo then comes off the ropes but runs right into the Bossman Slam. Buchanan then climbs to the top rope and connects with a guillotine legdrop that gets the pin. (9:06) Long and boring, not the way to start off the year’s biggest sueprcard. After the match the Bossman and Buchanan chase the Godfather’s women to the back. *

~ Backstage we find Triple H admiring his WWF Title belt and Stephanie admiring her newly-won Women’s Title. Triple H brings up how sweet it is he and Stephanie are both champions going into the biggest Wrestlemania ever and Stephanie says nothing could be better as they share a nice laugh. Out in the arena JR and Lawler notice the Helmsleys seem pretty relaxed, what with Triple H’s big match looming and Lawler figures maybe Triple H has a plan like he always does.

  • WWF Hardcore Title: Crash Holly © vs. Tazz vs. Viscera vs. The Mean Street Posse vs. The Acolytes vs. Kaientai vs. The Headbangers vs. Hardcore HollyHardcore Battle Royal

This match will go for 15 minutes during which the title can change hands any number of times. Once all the pariticpans file out the action begins with everyone spilling out to the floor. Tazz and Crash are left in the ring and Tazz catches Crash and hits a T-bone Tazplex that gets the three and we already have our first title change. (0:26) Tazz goes out to the floor and starts going at it with Viscera but Viscera responds by clubbing him in the back. Viscera rams Tazz into the ringpost then slams him to the floor and pins him for the next title change. (1:00) Hardcore whacks Crash with a box fan busting him open while Bradshaw clobbers Rodney with a trash can lid. Viscera grabs one of Kaientai’s flags and starts hitting people with it then grabs a cookie sheet and nails Mosh. The Posse gang up on Viscera but Faarooq breaks it up with a pipe while Bradshaw waffles Viscera with a sign. The Acolytes work over Viscera but Viscera nails both with the cookie sheet then waffles Joey Abs with the fan. Viscera grabs Crash and hits a chokebomb then rams Faarooq into the ringsteps and hits him with a trash can. Bradshaw goes on a cookie sheet rampage hitting everyone in sight but Tazz clobbers him with his own sheet. Hardcore nails Viscera with a lid but for two and Mosh waffles Viscera with a weapon but her only gets two. Viscera takes out Hardcore but Mosh nails him from behind with a stick and Funaki whacks him with a trash lid. Thrasher pounds Viscera with a cookie sheet but can’t get him down while Joey Abs hammers Tazz with a pan. Some of the wrestlers head back in the ring but Viscera also goes in and takes everyone else out with a pan. Mosh tries to lock in a sleeperhold on Viscera but Viscera easily beats him off his back with his baking pan. Faarooq comes in and clears out the ring then helps Bradshaw take out Taka and Funaki with powerbombs. Viscera climbs to the top rope but the Acolytes cut him off and throw Viscera to the mat. Faarooq breaks a 2×4 on Viscera’s back while Bradshaw comes off the top rope and hits a shouldertackle. The Acolytes toss Taka and Funaki onto Viscera while Mosh joins the cover and the referee counts the pin then awards the fall to Funaki. (7:51) Taka has words with his partner before decking him with a right hand and Funaki takes off for the back with the others behind him. In the back Rodney and Joey come across Funaki first and double-team him then throw him into a guardrail. Rodney then jabs Joey in the chest then covers Funaki to get the pin for himself. (8:11) Rodney celebrates until Joey clotheslines him down and hits a gutwrench suplex onto the floor for the three. (8:41) Thrasher rams a cart right into Joey then throws him into a garage door and clotheslines him for the next pin. (8:46) Thrasher tries to make his way back to the arnea but gets hit with several weapons along the way. Pete Gas sprays Thrasher with a fire extinguisher on the stage then clocks him with it and gets the three. (9:29) Tazz brings Pete back to ringside and throws him into the ringpost then hits a T-bone Tazplex to regain the title. (10:17)

Hardcore throws Tazz into the ringsteps and covers him for a two count and the two of them exchange shots but Hardcore gets the advantage and chokes Tazz with his boot. Mosh appears and nails Hardcore from behind then covers Tazz when Tazz reverses it into his own cover, even though he doesn’t need to get a decision. Mosh nails Tazz with a baking pan but still doesn’t get the three and Hardcore throws Tazz back in the ring. Crash goes in the ring and helps Hardcore double-team Tazz when Tazz takes Crash down and unloads on him. Hardcore stomps Tazz in the head when Crash hammers Hardcore in a corner and hits him with a trash can lid. Tazz grabs the lid and blasts Crash in the head with it then covers him for another two count he doesn’t need. Hardcore elbowdrops Tazz and whacks him with a 2×4 then boots him but both Hollys move in for the cover. Hardcore pouinds on Crash and chokes on the bottom rope but Tazz breaks that up with two minutes left. Tazz plants Crash with a belly-to-belly suplex but Hardcore comes along and whips Tazz into a powerslam. Crash breaks up Hardcore’s pin then goes for his own cover on Tazz but only gets a two count with 1:30 to go. Crash goes for the cover again and Tazz reverses it into his own unnecessary cover for a two count. Hardcore throws Crash through the ropes then whips Tazz into a dropkick for a two count with one minute left. Tazz plants Hardcore with a Northen Lights Tazplex but Crash comes in and whacks Tazz with a cookie sheet then covers him and gets the three to regain the title. (14:20) Crash starts celebrating with 40 seconds left when Tazz comes up for behind and locks in the Tazzmission and Crash tries to hold on as the remaining seconds tick away. Hardcore smashes something on Tazz’s head then covers Crash and Tim White counts 1..2.. but doesn’t count three even though Crash didn’t kick out! Time expires and Hardcore thinks he’s won the title while Crash starts leaving with the belt thinking he retained but eventually the winner is announced as … Hardcore Holly, giving him his third Hardcore title. (15:00) Hardcore seems just as shocked as anyone, especially Crash, but nonetheless White hands the belt to Hardcore and he celebrates his victory. This match might have seemed like a good idea at the time and it was harmless but seemed disjointed at times. Plus you could tell the ending was botched; Crash either was supposed to kick out or time was supposed to expire before the three.

~ Highlights are next shown from the WWF Fan Axxess convention which was held the past weekend. Interesting to note that Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker were seen in the clips but don’t appear on this card.

~ Backstage Al Snow is talking to someone in a bathroom stall about tonight when Steve Blackman comes in demanding to know what goofy stuff Snow has planned now. Snow feigns igonrance about such ideas but Blackman tells Snow not to do any of his stupid stuff tonight, not at Wrestlemania. Snow agrees with him about it when Blackman hears someone flushing in the stall and again orders Snow to be serious tonight as he departs.

  • Al Snow & Steve Blackman vs. T & A (w/Trish Stratus)

After Snow and Blackman come out Snow gets on the mic and talks about his latest idea for their tag team then brings out Chester McCheeserton, a midget in a cheese wedge costume, and Blackman his not happy with this. Test pounds on Blackman to start and goes for a whip, Blackman slides under him but Test ducks an enzuigiri. At this point JR’s headset goes out, leaving Lawler to do commentary by himself. Blackman ducks a clothesline and comes back with a superkick then tags Snow in and both men make a wish. Snow goes for a whip but Test reverses it and Albert nails Snow from behind before Test hits a clothesline. Test tags Albert in and the two whip Snow into a corner then Test whips Albert into an Avalanche on Snow. Albert rams Snow into a boot from Test then covers him but Blackman saves it. Snow starts to fight back and goes for a whip and Albert reverses it but Snow slides to stop himself and connects with a clothesline. Albert pops right up so Snow follows up with an enzuigiri but Test breaks up the pin. Blackman tags in and goes for a whip and Albert reverses it but Blackman hits a shoulderblock. Blackman goes for another whip but Albert reverses it and hits his own shoulderblock. Albert comes off the ropes but Blackman trips with a legsweep then holds him down while Snow slings himself over the rope and hits a guillotine legdrop. Test nails Snow with a running boot and Blackman kicks away at him with Albert nails Blackman from behind. Albert works over Blackman while Test charges at Snow but Snow backdrops him over the ropes to the floor. Albert presses Snow up but Blackman chopblocks the knee and Snow falls on top of Albert for a near fall. Snow dropkicks Test off the apron then he and Blackman hit a double-clothesline on Albert for a two count. Snow suplexes Albert and hits a kneedrop then lays the boots to him and gets in a shot on Test on the apron. Snow and Blackman hit a double elbow and Blackman hops to the middle rope and hits a diving headbutt for two. Albert starts crawling toward his corner but Blackman cuts off the tag and headbutts Albert in the chest. Blackman tags Snow back in and holds Albert while Snow climbs to the top rope and hits an axehandle on him. Albert fights back against Snow and hits a butterfly suplex then makes the tag to Test while Snow tags Blackman.

Test hits clotheslines on both men and plants Snow with a sidewalk slam but Blackman breaks up the cover. Albert throws Blackman through the ropes and helps Test powerbomb Snow but Blackman makes the save. Blackman dropkicks Albert sending him rolling out to the floor where Snow nails him with an Asai moonsault. Blackman then sets Test on his knee while Snow climbs to the top rope and connects with the Veg-O-Matic bnut Albert makes the save. Albert hits Snow with a chokebomb then clotheslines him over the ropes. Albert slams Blackman to the mat then press slams Test onto Blackman but Snow pulls Test out to the floor. Albert goes for the ropes but Snow trips him from the floor allowing Blackman to naim him with a superkick. Blackman then has words with Chester on the floor but that allows Albert to recover and hit a press slam. Test then climbs to the top rope and hits the flying elbowdrop on Blackman for the pin. (7:05) Started like it was going to be decent but then fell apart and even JR admitted this match sucked. DUD

Trish and her men walk off with their hands raised while Snow and Blackman argue about the loss in the ring. Snow gets on the mic and admits to Blackman that Chester was a bad idea. Snow then helps Chester in the ring but decides to dump him and nails Chester with the mic. Snow holds him for a running kick from Blackman then finish him with the Veg-o-matic.

~ The Kat and Mae Young are then shown in the back getting ready for the cat fight later. You probably remember this scene so use your own imaginaton.

~ We then get a shot at the Tag Team Titles hanging from the ceiling, signaling the ladder match is next.

~ Backstage Michael Cole interviews the Dudley Boyz about the triangle ladder match for their tag team titles and D’Von Dudley calls this match an example of the WWF always trying to keep the Dudleys Down. D’Von says he doesn’t like ladders and doesn’t like heights but regardless of that the Dudleys will retain the belts. Bubba Ray adds in his two cents, promising he and D’Von will take the ladder match to a whole new level of violence. Bubba says when the dust settles, The Hardys and Edge & Christian will learn not to mess with the Dudleys.

  • WWF World Tag Team Titles: The Dudley Boyz © vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. Edge & ChristianTriangle Ladder Match

This is the first ladder match to have more than two sides participating. E&C make their way to the ring first followed by the Hardys, with Jeff running under the ladders in the aisle and the Dudleys come out last and pose on one of the ladders. E&C get things started by jumping the Hardys, getting even for Matt and Jeff attacking them earlier on Heat. E&C then go out to meet the Dudleys with the Hardys right behind them and we have all six men going at it. Matt throws Chrstian in the ring and goes for a whip but Christian reverses and comes back with a dropkick. Matt and Christian head out to the floor to duke it out while D’Von throws Edge in the ring to take their turn. D’Von whips Edge but Edge hits a spinning heel kick and he and D’Von roll out while Bubba rolls Jeff in the ring and chops him. Bubba whips Jeff into a corner but Jeff runs up the turnbuckles and connects with the Whisper in the Wind. Jeff goes for a whip but Bubba reverses into a backdrop then hits the Full Nelson bomb before heading out to the floor. Christian slides a ladder in the ring and sets it up then starts climbing for the belts but Matt pulls him off. Matt starts climbing the ladder himself but Christian pulls him off as D’Von slides another ladder in the ring. The Dudleys come in but Edge and Christian work D’Von over in a corner while Matt takes care of Bubba. Matt takes a ladder and throws it onto Bubba in a corner while Edge does the same to D’Von on the other side. Matt then drops to the mat and Jeff launches off him for the Poetry in Motion, smashing Bubba with the ladder. Edge drops to the mat while Christian goes for the crossboy on D’Von but D’Von blocks him with the ladder. Matt slams D’Von onto a ladder and Jeff holds him while Matt hops to the middle rope and hits an elbowdrop. Jeff turns toward Bubba and dodges a shot then drills Bubba with a DDT and places him on another ladder. Jeff climbs to the top rope and goes for a 450 splash but Bubba avoids it while Jeff crashes on the ladder. Bubba slams Jeff and covers him with the ladder then climbs to the middle rope and hits a senton on it! Christian lays out Matt with the Slop Drop then covers him with a ladder while Edge climbs to the top rope. Christian hands Edge another ladder and Edge rides it down onto the ladder covering Matt! D’Von slams Edge and covers him with a ladder then climbs up to the top rope and hits a legdrop smashing Edge underneath the ladder! Bubba places a ladder on his shoulder and swings it around taking out the Hardys, Edge and Christian with it. Bubba holds up the ladder when E&C dropkick it onto him but D’Von comes back in and stomps Christian down. Edge props a ladder in a corner then E&C whip D’Von and flapjack him onto the ladder! Matt and Bubba are fighting on the floor when E&C set a ladder up nearby and Christian climbs up and leaps off with a pescado on both Matt and Bubba. Jeff tries his luck climbing up the ladder but Edge climbs to the top rope and spears Jeff off the ladder!! Edge sets up another ladder and starts climbing but Matt pulls him off into a Splash Mountain! Matt starts climbing up but D’Von throws him off to the mat. D’Von takes his turn but Christian knocks him off with another ladder. Christian climbs the ladder while Bubba sets up two more ladders on either side and climbs up one of the and pulls Christian off with a Diamond Cutter. The Hardys move two of the ladders into corners then throw Christian through the ropes then climb a ladder in either corner and connects with the Event Omega on Bubba!

Christian comes in and throws Jeff through the ropes to the floor then climbs a ladder in a corner with D’Von coming up the other side. Edge sets up another ladder right beside them and climbs that and E&C then suplex D’Von from the ladder to the mat! Matt throws Bubba into the steps then goes in and he and Jeff set up a pair of ladders under the belts. The Hardys each climb a ladder but E&C also climb up on the other side and they start going at it. Christian pulls Jeff off the ladder with a facebuster while Edge takes Matt off with a Russian legsweep. Everyone is back going at it and soon all six men pair off and tries climbing a ladder and battling. During the fracas sne of the ladders gets tipped over sending Jeff and Christian crashing to the floor. Bubba hops down and shoves Matt and Edge’s ladder over, sending them onto the top rope!! The Dudleys fold up two of the ladders and sandwich Christian in-between them and Edge goes for a whip but D’Von reverses it and the Dudleys hit the 3D. The Dudleys then go out and start pulling a bunch of tables from under the ring. D’Von slides a pair of tables in the ring as Bubba sets up a pair of ladders near the belts. D’von brings in a third table and the Dudleys place it on top of the ladders, forming a makeshift platform. The Dudleys start climbing up when the Hardys come in and pull them off the ladders. Each Dudley sets up one of the other two tables under the platform. Bubba takes Matt out of the ring and throws him into the steps then sets up yet another table next to the announcers. Bubba throws Matt onto the Spanish announce table then powerbombs him through the table at ringside!! In the ring D’von sets up a third ladder and places Jeff onto one of the two tables then climbs up the ladder and goes for a splash but Jeff rolls off and D’Von crashes through the table! Bubba pulls the ladder out of the ring and holds it for something as Jeff runs across the barricade but Bubba throws the ladder into him in mid-air!! Bubba then brings out a tall ladder and sets it up in the aisle then pulls out a fifth table and sets it up next to the tall ladder. Bubba places Jeff on the table but Chrstian comes over and clocks Bubba with the ringbell. Jeff throws Christian into the guardrail then climbs up the tall ladder and leaps off the top hitting a Swanton Bomb on Bubba through the table!!! Both men are down as D’Von takes out Christian with a suplex in the ring. D’Von starts climbing up to the platform when Matt pulls him off and takes him out with the Twist of Fate. Matt climbs up to the platform on one end while Christian climbs up the other end and the two of them exchange shots. Matt reaches for the belts and touches them but Edge comes up from behind and shoves Matt off the platform through the table below!! Edge and Christian pull down the belts for the win and their first tag team championship!! (22:29) E&C celebrate with the belts on the platform then leave the ring through the crowd. And thus the legend is born. Very good first effort from these three teams with some great action and lots of insane spots. However the constant setting up of spots does slow the flow down plus these six men would have better ladder matches just five months later and at next year’s event but still a good showing from the cornerstones of the tag division in 2000. ****

~ Backstage Kevin Kelly interviews Mick Foley and Linda McMahon about their thoughts on the title match with Linda telling Foley she’s happy he finally gets to fulfill his dream of participating in the Wrestlemania main event. Foley brings up the ladder match saying no one is holding anything back on the biggest show of the biggest year in the WWF. Foley then says thanks to Linda he gets a second chance to make a last impression in the biggest match of his career. Foley tells Triple H, Rock and Big Show that fairy tales can come true and tonight will be his night in his final match.

  • The Kat (w/Mae Young) vs. Terri Runnels (w/The Fabulous Moolah)Cat Fight

Good thing we have this match to spell the crowd after the previous bout. To win one woman must throw the other out of the ring. Val Venis is the special referee for this match and comes out wearing a striped towel as he gets on the mic saying he and Wrestlemania are both the largest extravaganza but this show only comes once a year unlike himself. Both Kat and Terri try to charm Val before they start exchanging words and shoves when Terri takes Kat down and rams her repeatedly into the mat. Val pulls Terri off Kat so Terri responds to that by kissing Val. Kat gets unnerved so she kisses Val as well and Terri throws Kat around the ring but Kat spears her down. Mae Young hops on the apron getting Val’s attention and Kat throws Terri out of the ring but Val doesn’t see it. Kat tries to get Val to turn around just as Moolah helps Terri back in the ring and Terri nails Kat from behind. Mae and Moolah come in the ring and Mae tries to pull Terri off Kat when Val stops her so Mae kisses him! Kat throws Terri out to the floor again but again Val doesn’t see her victory and Moolah pulls Kat out of the ring. Moolah helps Terri back in when Val pulls himself away from Mae, sees Kat on the floor and gives Terri the win. (2:25) Moolah and Terri celebrate but Mae knocks both of them down then hits a Bronco Buster on Moolah. To think this was the only one-on-one match on the card. DUD

~ Backstage we find the Radicalz plotting their strategy for their match later. Dean Malenko tells his partners it’s time they break Too Cool’s legs when Eddie Guerrero starts talking about Chyna. Malenko and Perry Saturn ask Eddie to focus and Eddie says Chyna can’t take his Latino heat and promises to lay all his heat on her.

~ Elsewhere Chyna and Too Cool are watching the Radicalz on a monitor, with Chyna getting disgusted with Eddie. Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay assure her they’ll win and say it’s time to kick it.

  • Too Cool & Chyna vs. Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn

After everyone comes out, Eddie stretches against the ropes and constantly flirts with Chyna then throws his shirt at Chyna who seems disgusted by his heat. Eddie starts off with Scotty and applies a headlock, Scotty shoves him into the ropes but Eddie hits a shoulderblock. Eddie comes off the ropes but Scotty leapfrogs him and hits a moneky flip followed by a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker. Scotty moonwalks to his corner and tags in Chyna but Eddie scurries to his corner and tags in Malenko then rolls out to the floor. Malenko blocks a kick and spins Chyna around but Chyna hits a clothesline. Chyna goes for a whip, Malenko reverses it and sets Chyna up for a powerbomb but Scotty clotheslines Malenko from the apron. Chyna tags in Grandmaster Sexay and they both whip Malenko into a double suplex then bust a move. Sexay slams Malenko to the mat. Eddie tags back in but Sexay blocks a kick and hits a suplex. Sexay climbs to the top rope for the Hip Hop Drop but Saturn shoves him off to the mat and Eddie dropkicks him. Saturn tags in and drops Sexay with a right hand then takes his doo rag and stomps away at him. Malenko tags in and both men whip Sexay into a double clothesline. Eddie tags in and hits a suplex then goes for a whip but lowers the head and Sexay kicks the face. Scotty tags in and avoids a drop toe hold but Eddie drops him on the ropes with a Stun Gun. Eddie then looks over at Chyna before hitting a back suplex on Scotty then goes out and slings himself over the ropes into a hilo. Eddie gyrates at Chyna before drawing Scotty in to distract the referee while he grabs Chyna and rams her into a turnbuckle.

Scotty hammers Eddie into the ropes and Sexay suplexes him over the ropes to the floor. Malenko and Saturn come in and whip Scotty but Scotty kicks Malenko’s face and hammers Saturn. Sexay superkicks Malenko while Scotty comes off the ropes with the bulldog on Saturn. Scotty then does the Worm and hits a double chop on both men! Eddie comes back in but Scotty ducks a clothesline and pops him with a right hand. Eddie hides behind the referee while Saturn and Malenko pull Scotty out of the ring and work him over. Chyna tries to come in and get at Eddie but the referee holds her back. Chyna shoves the referee aside but he again forces her out of the ring. Saturn throws Scotty back in the ring and Eddie pops him with an uppercut. Eddie tags in Saturn and they whip Scotty into a superkick from Saturn. Saturn climbs to the top rope and connects with the flying elbowdrop then tags in Eddie. Eddie climbs to the top but Scotty bumps the ropes, causing him to straddle the turnbuckle, then goes up and hits a superplex. Scotty manages to tag in Chyna and Eddie retreats toward his corner as Malenko and Saturn come in but Chyna clotheslines both of them. Eddie bails out to the floor while Chyna takes it to both Saturn and Malenko with slams. Chyna hits the handspring elbow on Saturn in a corner then does the same to Malenko in the other corner and hits both men woth low blows. Eddie nails Chyna from behind and goes for a powerbomb but Chyna flips out of it and hits her own powerbomb. Chyna whips Eddie and hits a claw below the belt before before press slamming Eddie and hitting a sleeper slam that gets the pin. (9:38) And the Radicals lose to Too Cool again. The match was disjointed and sloppy at times but the effort was there and the crowd was into it. **½

~ Backstage we find Shane McMahon getting The Big Show pumped up about the title match. Shane says Vince’s reign over the WWF is done and the McMahon-Helmsley regime is passe. Shane tells Show he’s confident that he’s going to be the next WWF Champion and it’s time for their era to begin. Show responds by saying he’s going to “unplug the most electrifying man in sports entertainment” then says Mick Foley will be retired for good and it will be ‘Game Over’ for Triple H.

~ We then get a clip of Kurt Angle choking out Bob Backlund earlier on Heat with the Crossface Chickenwing after Backlund admited it was his idea to put both his titles on the line tonight. We then find Angle talking to a disinterested security guy about defending his titles at his first Wrestelmania and asks him to have some extra security ready for his celebration after he retains both titles.

  • WWF Intercontinential Title: Kurt Angle © vs. Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit

This match has two falls and the IC Title is up for grabs in this first fall. Jericho comes out first and gets on the mic, talking about waiting his whole life to be on Wrestlemania. Jericho says he can’t guarantee to walk out with either or both titles but does guarantee that “Kirk Angel” and “Mr. Roboto” will get the beating of a lifetime. The other two men come out and Benoit attacks Angle on the floor as he tries to remove his two belts and throws him in the ring. Jericho goes for a whip and Angle reverses it but Jericho hits clotheslines on both Angle and Benoit. Jericho chops Angle and whips him into a clothesline then kicks Benoit in a corner. Angle nails Jericho from behind and goes for a whip but Jericho reverses and hits an elbow. Benoit chops Jericho in a corner then whips him into a corner. Benoit goes for a suplex but Jericho flips out of it and dropkicks him into the ringpost. Angle goes for a whip but Jericho reverses and hits a dropkick and sends him out to the apron. Jericho goes for the springboard dropkick but Benoit trips him from the floor then goes in and elbowdrops him. Benoit then goes out after Angle on the apron and works him over when Jerihco hits the springboard dropkick on both men! Jericho hits a baseball slide on Benoit and goes out but Angle flapjacks him into the ringsteps! Angle throws Jericho back in the ring and hits a belly-to-belly suplex but Benoit breaks up the pin. Benoit whips Angle and hits a clothesline but Jericho breaks up his cover. Jericho chops Benoit in a corner and Benoit fires back but Jericho knees him in the chest. Jericho turns and hits a butterfly backbreaker on Angle then climbs to the top rope but Benoit shoves him off right into the announce table! Benoit hits a snap suplex for a two count then hits another suplex for another two count. Benoit chops Angle but Jericho catches him with a dropkick. Jericho goes for a whip, Angle reverses him into a corner and charges but eats a boot and Jericho hops to the middle rope and connects with a missile dropkick but Benoit breaks up the pin. Benoit hits a backbreaker but Angle makes the save and clubs Benoit in the back then hits a snap suplex but only gets a two count. Jericho whips Angle then comes off the ropes with the bulldog for a near fall. Benoit and Jericho exchange shots and Benoit gets the advanatge with chops. Angle suplexes Benoit but Jericho makes the save with an axehandle off the ropes and Angle rolls to the floor. Jericho puts Benoit in a modified Camel Clutch but sees Angle coming and lets go of Benoit to greet Angle with a right hand. Jericho hits Angle with a vertical suplex and Benoit tries to steal the pin but Jericho breaks it up. Jericho lays the boots to Benoit but Angle works him over and whips him into a corner but eats a boot. Jericho goes for a suplex but Angle counters it into a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Benoit hammers Angle and goes for a whip but Angle reverses him right into Jericho. Jericho lifts himself over Benoit into a Sunset Flip but Benoit counters into a rollup and Angle breaks it up with a dropkick and Benoit rolls out to the floor while Angle whips Jericho and Jericho reverses it and goes for a backbreaker but Angle counters into the Crossface Chickenwing! Jericho looks ready to submit and the referee checks the arm but Benoit makes the save with a dropkick! Benoit throws Angle through the ropes then goes out and throws him into the crowd. Benoit climbs up to the top rope and hits the diving headbutt on Jericho and gets the three to take the IC title. (7:54) Benoit gets his first WWF gold and we now move right into…

  • WWF European Title: Kurt Angle © vs. Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit

Benoit immediately covers Jericho while he’s down but Angle breaks up the pin. Angle hammers Benoit then hits a suplex but only gets a two count. Angle slams Benoit to the mat then climbs to the top but Jericho causes him to straddle the turnbuckle. Jericho climbs up for a superplex but Benoit causes him to straddle the rope. Benoit goes up and hits a back superplex on Jericho and both men are down. Angle is still on the top rope and goes for a moonsault but misses and hits the mat! Angle manages to drape an arm over Benoit but only gets two and Jericho tries covering Angle but he only gets two as well. Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho on Angle but Benoit interuptes him with a clothesline. Benoit whips Angle into a knee then stomps him down in a corner. Angle nails Benoit from behind and slams him to the mat then works over Jericho. Angle whips Jericho into a corner, Benoit charges but Jericho sidesteps him and clotheslines Angle then hits a spinning heel kick on Benoit. Jericho whips Angle and hits a powerbomb but holds on and hits a second powerbomb! Jericho starts to go for the cover but sees Benoit coming and charges at him but runs into a German suplex. Benoit holds on for a second German suplex then still holds on and hits a bridge suplex but Angle barely breaks it up. Benoit hits a Dragon suplex on Angle and gets a two count, even though Angle’s shoulders weren’t down. Jericho chops Benoit and goes for a whip but Benoit reverses it and Jericho goes for a forearm. However Benoit ducks and Jericho takes out the referee when Benoit slaps the Crossface on Jericho. Jericho taps but the referee is out and doesn’t see it. Benoit goes to revive the referee when Jericho puts him in the Walls of Jericho. Angle comes in with the European belt and clocks Jericho in the head with it then covers him but Benoit pulls Jericho out of the ring. Benoit goes in and exchanges punches with Angle then suplexes him and climbs to the top rope. Benoit goes for the headbutt again but Angle rolls out of the way. Jericho quickly comes in and hits the Lionsault on Benoit then covers him and gets the 1..2..3 for the second fall and the European Title. (5:41) Angle loses both his titles without being pinned in either fall and complains to the referee about this while Benoit celebrates with the Intercontinential belt and Jericho takes the European belt. Very good work from all three men with some nice innovative moves and technical stuff, though it seemed the second fall flowed a bit better than the first. ***½

~ Backstage Michael Cole interviews Vince McMahon about being in The Rock’s corner in the main event, asking if he will be a factor. Vince says he’s a factor everywhere he goes and that Rock is confident he will be WWF Champion, whether he’s in his corner or not. Cole then asks Vince about his wife and children being in the other corners. Vince address the talk about his family being dysfunctional and said he’s promised to make it right. Maybe that should have been a warning sign right there.

~ Elsewhere Triple H talks with Stephanie about Vince’s comments, having seen them on a monitor, I guess. Triple H tells Stephanie tonight is not about what’s right or worng, it’s about who’s the best and says he will show everyone he is the best and will not be beaten tonight.

  • Road Dogg & X-Pac (w/Tori) vs. Kane & Rikishi Phatu

Lawler mentions he spoke with Pete Rose earlier on Heat. Maybe we’ll see him in this match. Anyway the DX’ers come out to their Run DMC theme and Road Dogg does his rhyming on the mic. After Kane and Rikishi come out, Bearer argues with Tori who slaps him but Bearer no-sells it. Road Dogg and X-Pac double-team Rikishi to start the match while Kane and Bearer go out after Tori on the floor. Kane grabs Tori by the neck but X-Pac goes out and nails Kane to save her. Rikishi hits the butt charge on Road Dogg in the ring then gives him the Stinkface already! Tori climbs in and backs away form Kane, right into Rikishi who puts her in position for the stinkface. However X-Pac pulls Tori out of the ring before Rikishi can move in and the DX’ers decide they’ve had enough and start walking out. However Kane and Rikishi cut off their escape and bring the DX’ers back to the ring but X-Pac catches Rikishi with a spinkick. X-Pac kicks Rikishi down in a corner and follows up with the Bronco Buster. Road Dogg tags in and hits the juke ‘n jive punches on Rikishi followed by the big right but they have no effect. Road Dogg comes off the ropes with a forearm that does gets Rikishi off his feet and follows up with the shake, rattle ‘n kneedrop bit Rikishi powers out of the pin. X-Pac tags in and kicks Rikishi repeatedly but they don’t even phase Rikishi. X-Pac comes off the ropes but runs into a modified Diamond Cutter. Kane tags in and takes it to both his opponents then whips Road Dogg into a boot. X-Pac goes for a whip but Kane reverses and hits a backdrop. Kane clotheslines Road Dogg out of the ring then clotheslines X-Pac in a corner. Kane wants Rikishi to give X-Pac the Stinkface but Tori pulls him out to safety. Rikishi knocks down Road Dogg while Paul Bearer tosses Tori in the ring and Kane throws her down in a corner and Rikishi gives her the Stinkface! Kane kills X-Pac with the Tombstone and gets the three to finally end this feud. (4:16) Nothing really much here and pretty short but at least Kane finally got the last word against X-Pac. **

Kane and Rikishi celebrate the win when Too Cool comes out to join them, followed by the San Diego chicken. Naturally everyone thinks it’s Pete Rose based on what happened last year, especially Kane. Too Cool and Rikishi do their post-match dance and the chicken joins in. Eventually Kane stares down the chicken and grabs him by the throat but it turns out the chicken’s a decoy because here comes Pete Rose with a baseball bat. Pete gets ready to take a swing but Rikishi takes the bat away form him and Kane chokeslams him. Too Cool then drag Pete to a corner and Rikishi gives him the Stinkface.

~ Backstage Michael Cole interviews The Rock on the main event and Rock starts off by saying 12 months of interviews, run-ins, backstabbing, wins and losses have led to this night. Rock says tonight is not about the McMahon family saga or Foley’s retirement, it’s about the WWF Championship. Rock promises to lay the Smackdown on his opponents for the millions of fans before finishing with the usual.

~ We then get a look at some of the celebrities in the crowd tonight as Michael Clark Duncan is shown in the front row. We also see Martin Short, French Stuart, and Dustin “Screech” Diamond among others.

  • WWF World Heavyweight Title: Triple H © (w/Stephanie) vs. The Big Show (w/Shane) vs. Mick Foley (w/Linda) vs. The Rock (w/Vince)Elimination Match

There are no disqualifications or countouts, and a man can only be eliminated by pinfall. Also this is one of the rare times Mick Foley has competed as himself and not one of his three personas. Once everyone is out we have a four-way staredown to start before they go at it and pair off, Rock with Show and Triple H with Foley. Show hammers Rock and chokes him while Foley beats Triple H down in a corner and hits the running knee. Show clotheslines Triple H and Foley then headbutts Triple H, clotheslines Rock and slams Foley to the mat. Show throws Triple H across the ring and whips Rock into a press slam then does the same to Triple H. Show headbutts Foley and chokes Rock with his knee in a corner. Foley jumps on Show’s back but Show gets to his feet and throws imself back, squashing Foley. Rock starts fighting back and goes for a whip but Show reverses it and plants him with a sidewalk slam. Triple H leaps off middle rope and Show catches him for a chokeslam but Foley breaks it up with a low blow. Foley, Triple H and Rock triple-team Show and Triple H and Foley each come off the ropes with a clothesline but can’t get Show down but Rock comes off with a flying forearm and that does get Show off his feet. Rock, Triple H and Foley then stomp away at Show until Triple H starts attacking Foley but Foley fights back and clotheslines himself and Triple H over the ropes. Rock works over Show in a corner then goes for a whip but Show reverses him into a corner and hits a boot. Rock tees off on Show and comes off the ropes but Shane trips him from the floor so Rock pops Shane off the apron. Out on the floor Foley grabs a chair and jabs Triple H with it then whacks Show in the back with the chair. Rock then plants Show with the Rock Bottom and gets the pin for the first elimination. (4:41) Well that was quick, and that would be the end of Show’s main event push for two years. Show angrily leaves the ring but he and Shane have words with Vince on the way out.

Anyway we now have Rock, Foley and Triple H left and Triple H tries to convince Foley to team up against Rock but Foley isn’t having it. Triple H then tries to convince Rock to join up against Foley. Rock seems to agree but then sucker-punches Triple H as they move in. Rock and Foley then renew their partnership as they double-team Triple H and take turns getting in their shots with Rock capping off with a right hand. Rock and Foley whip Triple H into a double clothesline and Foley throws him throgh the ropes to the floor. Rock goes out and Triple H starts to fight back but Foley nails him from behind. Triple H tries to whip Foley but Foley reverses him right into a clothesline from Rock. Foley tosses Rock the ring bell then holds Triple H for him and Rock takes a swing but Triple H ducks and Rock nails Foley by accident. Triple H throws Rock into the steps while we get a shot of Vince and Stephanie exchaning words. Triple H drops Rock on the barricade but looks over and sees Foley has found his barbed wire 2×4 and tries to escape in the ring. Foley backs Triple H into a corner and takes a swing but misses and Triple H hits a low blow. Triple H grabs the 2×4 and nails Foley in the chest with it then readies for another swing but Rock cuts him off with a forearm from behind. Rock goes for a whip but Triple H reverses and throws him over the ropes back outside. Foley drills Triple H with the double-arm DDT then pulls out Mr. Socko and locks in the Mandible Claw on Triple H. Rock brings in the title belt and clocks Triple H then sets up for the People’s Elbow when Foley puts the Mandible Claw on Rock! Foley has Rock down when Triple H hits a low blow on both men and everyone’s down. Triple H hammers Rock in a corner but Rock comes back while Vince slides a chair in the ring. Rock goes for a whip, Triple H reverses him into a corner but Rock comes out with a clothesline when Foley hits his own clothesline on Rock that gets a two count. Foley tees off on Rock and goes for a whip but Rock reverses him into a corner. Foley comes out but ducks a clothesline and hits Rock with the double-arm DDT for a two count. Foely grabs the chair and charges at Rock but Rock boots it into his face. Rock hammers Foley and hits a DDT but Triple H breaks it up for some reason and clotheslines Rock. JR speculates Triple H wants to be the one who ends Foley’s career. Foley then convinces Triple H to team up and eliminate Rock and they stomp away at him drawing boos from the crowd. Triple H whips Rock and sets him up for a kneelift from Foley for a two count. Both men hit a suplex on Rock and Triple H follows up with a kneedrop. Foley knocks Rock through the ropes to the floor then goes out after him with Triple H right behind. Triple H and Foley double-team Rock then goes for a whip but Rock reverses him into the steps. Rock rams Triple H into the barricade and chokes him with a television cable but Foley grabs the steps and nails Rock with them. Triple H rams Rock onto the Spanish announce table and places Rock onto it as Foley climbs to the top rope then leaps off for his flying elbow. Only Foley doesn’t leap far enough and bounces off the edge of the table! Triple H tries to cover for it by hitting his own elbowdrops until he drives Rock through the table. Triple H rolls Foley in the ring and hits the Pedigree…but only gets two!! Triple H grabs the chair and whacks Foley in the head then hits a second Pedigree right onto the chair and this time gets the 1..2..3 to eliminate Foley. (19:41) And Mick Foley’s career is over, again. Foley walks off with Linda and his arms raised as the crowd gives him a standing ovation.

So we’re down to Rock vs. Triple H, finally giving us the match they should have done in the first place! However Foley comes back in and whacks Triple H with the 2×4 before leaving the ring for good(?). Rock manages to cover Triple H but only gets a two count then hammers away at him as we see Triple H busted open from the barbed wire shot. Rock clotheslines Triple H over the ropes to the floor then brings Triple H over to the the entrance and rams him into a guardrail. Triple H comes back and tries for a suplex but Rock counters with his own suplex on the floor. Rock throws Triple H into the entrance set and follows up with a clothesline. Rock and Triple H fight through the crowd and Rock backdrops Triple H over the barricade to ringside. Rock then brings Triple H over and rams him into the timekeeper’s table. Rock grabs the steps but Triple H whacks them with a chair and they fall on top of Rock. Triple H smashes the steps into Rock with the chair then piledrives Rock into the other steps. Triple H rolls Rock back in and covers him but only gets a two count! Both men exchange shots and Rock goes for a whip but Triple H reverses it and Rock goes for a Rock Bottom. Triple H fights out of it and sets up for the Pedigree but Rock backdrops him over the ropes to the floor. Rock pops Triple H over the barricade and they fight through the crowd again but Triple H gets the advantage and knocks Rock back to ringside. Triple H goes for a whip but Rock reverses him into the barricade then hits a spinebuster on the floor and both men are down. Triple H tries to crawl away but Rock suplexes him through the other announce table!! Rock moves in on Triple H but gets tripped into the steps! Triple H rolls Rock in the ring when Vince gets in his own shots on Triple H and throws him into the ringpost. Vince rolls Triple H back in the ring when Shane McMahon comes back out and nails Vince from behind then cracks him with a TV monitor. Vince is back up and unloads on Shane, pounding on him around the ring, but Shane hits a low blow then whacks him in the head with the chair! Michael Clarke Duncan has words with Shane while Rock and Triple H are still down in the ring. We then see Vince is busted open as Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson help him to the back. In the ring Triple H and Rock are up Rock hammers Triple H with the Smackdown in a corner. Rock goes for a whip, Triple H reverses it but Rock ducks a clothesline and hits a DDT for a near fall. Rock whips Triple into a gutwrench slam but still only gets a two count. Rock whips Triple H but lowers the head and Triple H hits the facebuster then grabs the 2×4 and nails Rock with it. Shane comes in with a chair while Triple H goes for a Pedigree but Rock counters and catapults Triple H into Shane! Rock hits the Rock Bottom but is too hurt to cover Triple H! Shane readies the chair when Vince comes back out and takes out Shane, knocking him out of the ring. Vince then grabs the chair and .. turns and hits The Rock!! Everyone is shocked at Vince’s sudden heel turn as Triple H covers the fallen Rock but only gets a two count!! Vince hits Rock with the chair again and Triple H gets the 1..2..3!! Triple H retains! (36:28) After all that build Wrestlemania ends with the heel standing tall for the first time ever and this time there’s no Hulk Hogan to save the day. The match was going fine but everything was pointing to The Rock dethroning Triple H until Vince turned heel and denied everyone the happy ending they’re used to getting at Wrestlemania. ***½

Oh but it gets better. Vince kicks Rock out of the ring while Stephanie comes in and helps Triple H out then Vince turns and embraces her, the same daughter who betrayed him at Armageddon. The fans are rightully angry at all this and start throwing trash in the ring. Shane comes in to have words with Vince but Rock runs back in and lays out Shane with a Rock Bottom. Rock then tees off on Vince and takes him out with a Rock Bottom as well. Rock glares at Stephanie who has words with him and slaps him in the face but Rock responds by taking her out a Rock Bottom!!! Rock then stands over Stephanie and pops Triple H before hitting the People’s Elbow on Stephanie. Rock then departs the ring while Triple H and the McMahons are left laying, but it’s too little too late as Triple H is still the champion as the show goes off the air.

Conclusion: This Wrestlemania isn’t as bad as people say but it isn’t a very good one either. Much of the card was subpar matches and some real silliness but there are some worthwhile contests like the triangle ladder match and the Benoit/Angle/Jericho triple threat. Also the main event was good enough but also serves as how not to end Wrestlemania. Fans were looking forward to seeing Triple H finally get taken down but instead the McMahons took over things with a heel turn from Vince that didn’t even make sense at the time. Granted they would make it up the next pay-per-view but you still don’t sen the fans home unhappy on the biggest show of the year. So I’m going thumbs in the middle leaning down for this card.

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