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WWF Backlash 2000

Sunday, April 30th, 2000

Live from the MCI Center in Washington, DC

List of WWF Champions at the time:
●  WWF World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H (1/03/2000)
●  WWF Intercontinental Champion: Chris Benoit (4/02/2000)
●  WWF World Tag Team Champions: Edge & Christian (4/02/2000)
●  WWF European Champion: Eddie Guerrero (4/03/2000)
●  WWF Hardcore Champion: Crash Holly (4/27/2000)
●  WWF Women’s Champion: Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley (3/30/2000)
●  WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Dean Malenko (4/27/2000)

~ Backlash comes on the air with an intro video hyping the main event and Steve Austin’s return tonight. After the intro Jim Ross welcomes us to the show along with Jerry “The King” Lawler.

~ Things kick off with…Debra coming out to the ring to serve as the guest ring announcer for the opener, making her first WWF appearence since last November.

  • WWF World Tag Team Titles: Edge & Christian © vs. Road Dogg & X-Pac

Unfortuantely Debra sounds drunk as she tries to announce each team. The DX’ers come out first and as usual Road Dogg delivers his rhyming on the mic promising to win the titles. E&C then appear while JR takes a moment to mention that Steve Austin has not yet arrived to the building. Edge locks up with X-Pac to start and X-Pac goes into a headlock when Edge powers out of it into a wristlock but X-Pac uses the ropes to flip into an armdrag. Both men lockup again and Edge applies a headlock, X-Pac shoves him into the ropes but Edge hits a shoulderblock. Edge comes off the ropes and X-Pac leapfrogs him but Edge hits a spinning heel kick and X-Pac angrily rolls out to the floor. Road Dogg tries to settle his partner down and X-Pac climbs back in the ring and spits into Edge’s face before tagging in Road Dogg. Both men feel each other out before Road Dogg gets in the first shots then whips Edge but misses a clothesline and Edge hits the headscissors. Edge follows up with a clothesline before he tags in Chrsitian and whips Road Dogg into a corner. Edge drops to the mat and Christian launches off him into the crossbody on Road Dogg then throws Road Dogg to the mat and tees off on him before covering for a two count. Road Dogg jabs the eyes then tags in X-Pac who exchanges punches with Christian. X-Pac whips Christian and comes off the ropes himself but runs into a powerslam. Christian throws X-Pac into a corner then goes up and hits the count-along punches. Road Dogg comes over and rams Christian into the top rope and X-Pac comes out with a clothesline. X-Pac throws Christian through the ropes to the floor and Road Dogg whips him into the steps. X-Pac throws Christian back in the ring and Road Dogg covers him for a two count without a tag. Road Dogg applies a front facelock, trying to keep Christian from tagging out as Christian inches his way toward his corner. X-Pac distracts the referee just as Christian makes the tag to Edge and the referee and the referee orders Edge back out while the DX’ers double-team Christian in a corner. Tori chokes Christian from the floor setting him up for the Bronco Buster from X-Pac. Road Dogg tags in and snapmares Christian to the mat then kicks him in the back twice for a near fall.

Road Dogg applies a chinlock and Christian fights out of it then comes off the ropes but Road Dogg hits the juke ‘n’ jive punches, including the big right. Road Dogg follows up with the shake, rattle ‘n kneedrop but Edge breaks up the pin. Christian starts fighting back and whips Road Dogg but both men hit each other with crossbodies. X-Pac comes in to keep Christian from reaching his corner and the referee orders him back to his corner, allowing Edge to climb to the top rope and hit a diving headbutt on Road Dogg. Edge pops X-Pac through the ropes while Christian covers Road Dogg but only gets two. X-Pac tags in and both DX’ers go for a suplex but Chrisitan flips out of it into a double Slop Drop then manages to make the hot tag to Edge. Edge takes it to both men and goes to whip X-Pac who reverses it and goes for a leapfrog but Edge catches him into a powerbomb. Road Dogg saves it and sets Edge up for a pump handle slam when Christian pulls him off looking for the Unprettier but Road Dogg shoves him into a spin kick from X-Pac. Edge spears Road Dogg but Tori hops on the apron and grabs Edge by the hair, holding him for X-Pac. X-Pac charges at Edge with a right hand but Edge ducks and X-Pac nails Tori. Edge rolls X-Pac up but only gets a two count and Road Dogg goes out to the apron and hits a pescado on Christian on the floor before he can nail Tori with the Slop Drop. In the ring X-Pac hits the X-Factor on Edge and covers him but the referee is distracted on the floor when Christian brings the ring bell in the ring and cracks X-Pac in the head with it! Christian covers X-Pac and gets the three to retain the titles. (9:22) E&C then walk off with the belts while X-Pac is left busted open in the ring. Very good opener that got the crowd going and gives E&C a quality win for their title reign. ***½

~ Backstage we find a limo pulling up to the building and The Rock comes out.

  • WWF Light Heavyweight Title: Dean Malenko © vs. Scotty 2 Hotty

So even though Malenko already regained the title on Smackdown we still get this nice rubber match. Scotty comes out first to a great reaction and even dances with Lillian Garcia before Malenko makes his way out to some great heel heat. Scotty gets in the first shots and works Malenko over in a corner then whips him into an elbow and whips him again into a backdrop. Scotty hits a clothesline for two count then goes for another whip, Malenko counters and goes for a powerbomb but Scotty coutners that into an armdrag and hits a dropkick for another two count. Scotty goes for a whip, Malenko reverses him into a corner but Scotty lifts himself over him and hits a suplex. Scotty moonwalks across the ring but that allows Malenko to nail him from behind. Malenko goes for a whip, Scotty reverses him into a corner and goes for a monkey flip which Malenko counters with an Atomic Drop but Scotty blocks it and pops Malenko with a right hand. Scotty whips Malenko then comes off the ropes looking for the bulldog but Malenko cuts him down with a clothesline. Scotty crawls out to the apron but Malenko rams him into the turnbuckle then goes out and rams Scotty into the apron before throwing him back in the ring. Malenko props Scotty in a corner and kicks away at his knee but Scotty reverses and unloads on him. The referee tries to separate them then Malenko dropkicks Scotty in the knee. Malenko then works over Scotty’s knee with a standing anklelock and series of elbowdrops then goes out and wraps Scotty’s leg around the ringpost twice. Malenko goes back in and applies another standing leglock and Scotty tries to counter with an enzuigiri but Malenko ducks it and elbowdrops the bad knee. Malenko follows up with a kneedrop then goes into a grapevine and tries to use the ropes for leverage but the referee catches him and orders a break. Malenko kicks away at Scotty’s bad leg then follows up with a kneebreaker when Scotty comes back with and enzuigiri.

Scotty starts to fight back and goes for a whip but Malenko reverses him hard into the turnbuckles then slams his knee into the mat. Malenko hits a baseball slide into Scotty’s knee then drapes it over the ropes and kicks at it. Malenko goes for a spinning toehold but Scotty kicks him into the ringpost and rolls him up for a two count. Malenko hits a clothesline and goes back to kicking at the knee then goes for a whip. Scotty goes for a kick but Malenko drives him through the ropes and both men are down on the floor. Malneko starts to climb back in but Scotty pulls his leg and drops him onto the apron. Scotty climbs to the top rope but Malenko cuts him off then goes up and hits a superplex. Scotty ducks a right hand and gets a backslide for a two count then Malenko takes Scotty down and goes for the Texas Cloverleaf but Scotty rolls him up for another near fall. Malenko whips Scotty into the corner and goes for a suplex but Scotty somewhat counters it. Malenko attempts a powerbomb but Scotty floats over and hits the bulldog follwed by the Worm … but hops on the bad knee to do so. Oops. Malenko rolls Scotty up with his feet on the ropes but the referee sees it and orders a break. Malenko goes for a suplex when Scotty floats over into a waistlock but Malenko reverses into his own waistlock and hits a Tigerbomb that gets a two count. Malenko whips Scotty into a corner but eats a boot and Scotty comes out but runs into a powerslam for a near fall. Scotty suplexes Malenko over the ropes but ends up hot shoting himself as well. Malenko climbs up to the top but Scotty cuts him off. Scotty goes up and goes for a superplex but Malenko reverses it in mid-air into an implant DDT!!! Scotty is pretty much dead now as Malenko covers for the pin. (12:57) Excellent match between these two guys with some good psychology and a wicked finish that makes up for Scotty’s gaffe with the Worm. Too bad this title would never reach this height again. ****

~ We then get an odd clip of some girls singing a creepy song as the screen says “Judgment Day is coming”. I’m assuming they’re advertising the next pay-per-view or something.

~ Backstage we find Vince McMahon conversing with the Stooges, who we haven’t seen in a while, as Triple H and Stephanie look on. Vince asks Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson if they’re with him and the two pledge their loyalty. Shane McMahon then comes in with a freshly pressed referee shirt as Vince tells everyone it’s “all hands on deck” tonight no matter what. I wonder what that means.

  • The Acolytes vs. The Big Bossman & Bull Buchanan

Bossman and Buchanan meet the Acolytes on the floor but Bradshaw and Faarooq get the advantage and Faarooq rams Bossman into the steps. Bradshaw dukes it out with Buchanan in the ring and whips him into a boot. Bradshaw works Buchanan over in a corner and hits a DDT then climbs to the top rope and connects with a flying shoulderblock for a two count. Bradshaw whips Buchanan but lowers the head and Buchanan rolls over him and hits a clothesline. Bradshaw takes Buchanan down and hits a neckbreaker then rams him into Faarooq’s boot before tagging him in. The Acolytes double-team Buchanan before Faarooq whips him but Buchanan runs up the turnbuckles and hits a sloppy flying clothesline. Bossman tags in and hits a pair of clotheslines then applies a headlock but Faarooq counters it with a suplex. Faarooq comes off the ropes with a shouldertackle followed by a clothesline for a two count. Faarooq throws Bossman through the ropes and Bradshaw rams him into the steps and works him over on the floor. Bradshaw tosses Bossman back in the ring then tags in and and goes for a whip but Bossman reverses it. Bradshaw clubs him in the back and throws him back out to the floor and Faarooq and rams Bossman into the barricade before throwing him back in. Bradshaw covers Bossman but Bossman gets is foot on the ropes. Faarooq tags in and whips Bossman into a corner then charges but Bossman sidesteps him and comes off the ropes with a forearm. Buchanan tags in and slams Faarooq to the mat then follows up with an elbowdrop.

Buchanan beats on Faarooq in his corner and Bossman tags in to get in a few shots. Buchanan tags back in and pops him with a right hand then applies a front facelock. Faarooq inches toward his corner and tags in Bradshaw but the referee misses it and orders him back out. Even though they already did the fake hot tag in the previous tag match. Bossman and Buchanan double-team Faarooq and Buchanan whips him into a clothesline but Bradshaw breaks up the pin. Buchanan applies a chinlock then comes off the ropes but runs into a spinebuster. Faarooq manages to tag in Bradshaw and Bradshaw whips Buchanan into an elbow. Bradshaw goes for a whip, Buchanan reverses it but Bradshaw hits a flying shoulderblock. Bossman comes in but Faarooq knocks him through the ropes to the floor. Bradshaw DDT’s Buchanan then climbs to the top but Bossman grabs his leg allowing Buchanan to go up and hit a superplex for a two count. Buchanan whips Bradshaw into a corner and charges but Bradshaw sidesteps him and connects with the Clothesline from Hades. Bossman saves it when Faarooq comes in and throws Bossman back out to the floor while Bradshaw stomps Buchanan down in a corner. Faarooq goes out when Bossman nails him with his nightstick then hops onto the apron annd clocks Bradshaw as well. Buchanan climbs to the top and connects with a scissors kick on Bradshaw than finally ends this. (7:39) So much for going 3-for-3 on good matches. This bout was pretty boring and the crowd couldn’t care less about it. DUD

~ Backstage Matt Hardy is talking to Jeff Hardy about the six-way hardcore match, saying that despite being brothers they may have to fight each other out there. Matt says they’ll work together but if it comes down to the two of them he’s not holding anything back. Jeff says likewise, especially after Smackdown, and they touch fists to complete their understanding.

~ Elsewhere backstage Crash is polishing his Hardcore title when Hardcore comes in and tells Crash that despite being cousins he’s going to enjoy beating him up. Crash asks why they can’t work together so it comes down to just the two of them and offers a hand but Hardcore slaps him and scoffs at his idea.

~ Out in the arena JR and Lawler mention that Steve Austin still has not arrived at the building yet. JR suggests maybe the traffic is bad after a big parade today. Yeah, whatever.

  • WWF Hardcore Title: Crash Holly © vs. Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Hardcore Holly vs. Perry Saturn vs. Tazz

Unlike last month’s Hardcore battle royal, this is only one fall and only ends when someone pins Crash or Crash pins one of the other five guys. Saturn attacks Crash on the ramp to start us off and throws him in the ring then hits a back suplex. Hardcore breaks up the pin then powerbombs Crash and covers him but Matt Hardy breaks it up. Matt covers Crash but Saturn pulls him off and beats on him while Jeff takes his turn covering Crash but Tazz breaks that up. Tazz hits a Northern Lights suplex on Crash but Saturn makes the save. Crash bails out to the floor and runs toward the entrance but everyone chases him down. Crash tries climbing up one of the hanging hooks on the entrance set but Matt climbs up behind him and stomps Crash in the face, nearly causing him to fall off to the ground. Crash is pulled down to the ground by the others but Matt dives off and wipes all of them out. Hardcore rams Matt into one of the hooks while Saturn drops Crash onto another, breaking a piece off it. Matt and Saturn go at it when Jeff uses one of the blades to swing himself into a huricanrana on Saturn. Matt brings Crash back in the ring and Jeff takes Crash down by the legs while Matt climbs to the top and the Hardys hit a combo legdrop. Tazz clocks both Hardys with a trash lid so Matt pounds on Tazz before he and Jeff whip him into a corner. Matt drops to the mat and Jeff leaps off him into the Poetry in Motion on Tazz. Jeff brings a chair in the ring but Tazz clotheslines him onto it. Saturn clotheslines Tazz with a 2×4 then applies a submission move on Crash but Tazz breaks it up with a boot. Tazz covers Crash but Saturn breaks it up then suplexes Crash and Tazz whips Crash into a clothesline. Matt tries to steal the cover but Tazz breaks it up. Matt works over Tazz in a corner while Hardcore waffles Crash with a road sign. Saturn breaks up the pin and connects with a spinkick but Hardcore breaks his cover. Crash rolls out to the floor but Saturn goes out and beats him down. The Hardys pound on Tazz and Matt slams Crash to the floor but only gets a two count. Jeff takes his turn covering Crash but Hardcore makes the save and suplexes Crash to the floor. Tazz holds Crash while Saturn comes off the apron with an elbow. Saturn whips Matt into the barricade while Hardcore goes for a cover but Jeff pulls him off.

Crash craws in the ring and Tazz goes for a whip but Crash reverses and hits a dropkick for a two count. Saturn whips Crash but lowers the head and Crash gets a Sunset Flip but Tazz breaks it up. Jeff chokes Crash with an extension cable and Hardcore whips Crash with the extension cord when Saturn goes for the cover but Hardcore pulls him off. Tazz takes out the Hardys with the road sign and Hardcore covers Crash but Saturn breaks it up. Hardcore chokes Crash on the middle rope but Saturn comes up and suplexes Hardcore but Tazz breaks up that cover and pops Saturn through the ropes. Tazz lays the boots to Crash and hits a suplex but Hardcore makes the save. Matt brings a pair of baking pans in the ring and the Hardys lay out everyone else. Jeff hits an Arabian facebuster on Crash with the baking pan but Matt breaks it up and covers Crash himself but Hardcore breaks that up. Tazz chokes Matt with the extension cord while Jeff slams Crash to the mat. Jeff slings himself into a springboard moonsault but Saturn interupts the count. Saturn slings himself into a splash but Hardcore and Tazz both make the save. Tazz chokes Jeff with the core while Hardcore sets Crash on the top rope then goes up and hits a superplex. Both Hardcore and Tazz try to make the cover but break it up while Saturn drills Crash with a brainbuster but Tazz makes the save so Saturn throws him through the ropes. Hardcore brings a chair in and nails Crash with the Hollycaust on the chair but Matt breaks up that cover. Jeff brings a ladder in and the Hardys clothesline Hardcore with it and also take down Saturn and Tazz. The Hardys prop the ladder in a corner and whip Hardcore into it before Matt clotheslines him over the ropes. Matt hits the Twist of Fate on Crash while Jeff climbs up the ladder and hits the Swanton Bomb. Matt tries to steal the cover just like on Raw but this time Jeff pulls him off and the Hardys start going at it until Tazz clotheslines both of them. Tazz grabs Crash in the Tazzmission but Saturn whacks him with a stop sign. Tazz is down while Saturn covers Crash but Hardcore pulls him out of the ring to the floor. The Hardys each climb to the top rope and take out Hardcore and Saturn with pescados. All four men are down on the floor while in the ring Crash manages to drape an arm over Tazz and gets the three to retain! (12:22) Crash crawls out of the ring with the belt while everyone else is left laying. Pretty fun and enjoyable match for a cluster, tons better than the mess at Wrestlemania. **½

~ Backstage Johnathan Coachman interviews Shane McMahon on being the guest referee for the main event suggesting ther might be a conflict of interest. Shane claims he’s going to be impartial and promises to call the WWF Championship match down the middle while keeping a straight face. Like we haven’t heard that before.

~ A video package is shown highlighting the Kurt Angle/Big Show feud.

  • Kurt Angle vs. The Big Show

Angle comes out with a mic and says he has a lot in common with Washington becasue he’s honest like Abe Lincon when he says Big Show is a disappointment and waste of talent. Angle then rips on the crowd for re-electing Marion Berry and having liars and cheaters for leaders before claiming to be the only hero the fans have left. Suddenly … “Real American” fires up and Show comes out dressed up as Hulk Hogan, with a yellow outfit and boots and even a bald hair piece! The “Showster” poses just like Hogan then gets on the mic and cuts a Hogan-esque promo. Angle attacks Show from behind to start but Show shrugs his blows off and starts Hulking up. Show hits the three rights then whips Angle into the big boot and follows up with the legdrop but only gets a two count. Show whips Angle but misses a clothesline and Angle chopblocks the knee. Angle works over Show’s knee then drapes it on the ropes and sits down on it. Angle goes for a spinning toehold but Show kicks him away then sheds the hairpiece, telling Angle the fun is over. Show throws Angle into a corner and hits the giant chop then whips him into the opposite corner and elbows him. Show hits a short-arm clothesline then follows up with a chokeslam and just like that it’s over. (2:35) The match itsself was nothing but a squash but seeing Show as Hogan was hilarious and needs to be seen, so we’ll split the difference. Of couse we had no way of knowing that two years later Angle step in the ring against the genuine article but that’s another story. **

~ A video package is shown highlighting the Dudley Boyz/Test & Albert feud. After the clip Michael Cole asks Trish Stratus who she really feels about Bubba Ray Dudley. Oddly ebough Trish talks in a bubbly tone and not her normal voice as she claims Bubba is not afraid to express his true feelings. Trish says most men around her bottle up their frustrations until they explode then says Bubba will find out exactly how she feels later. Fortunately Trish would get much better on the mic down the road.

~ Elsewhere Bubba Ray Dudley is watching the interview on a monitor when D’Von comes along to get Bubba pumped up. However Bubba is again mesmerized by Trish so D’Von chastises Bubba for losing foucs and tries to snap him out of it.

~ Out in the arena we find Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins in the crowd.

  • The Dudley Boyz vs. T & A (w/Trish Stratus)

The Dudleys attack Test and Albert from behind to start and quickly gets the advantage. Bubba goes out an chases Trish around the ring but Test cuts him off with a clothesline. In the ring Albert works D’Von over then whips him but D’Von ducks a clothesline and gets in his shots. D’Von tries to whip Albert but Albert holds onto the ropes to block it. D’Von eventually gets Albert off the ropes and Albert reverses it but D’Von hits a clothesline for a two count. Bubba tags in and chops Albert then whips him into a flying lariat before yelling at Trish, threatening to get her. Bubba hits a trio of elbowdrops for a two count but Albert starts fighting back until Bubba rakes the face and chops Albert in his corner. D’Von tags in and helps Bubba hit a double suplex then draws Test in to distract the referee. Bubba sets Albert up while D’Von climbs up and hits the headbutt to the groin for a two count. D’Von goes for a whip but Albert reverses it and hits a bicycle kick. Albert whips D’von into a corner and Test whips Albert into an Avalanche then Test does something the camera misses and covers him for a two count. Test rams D’Von into a turnbuckle repeatedlty then whips him but D’von hits a flying shoulderblock. D’Von goes for a whip but Test reverses and Albert nails him from the apron. D’Von snaps Albert on the top rope but turns into a gutwrench powerbomb from Test. Test hammers away on D’Von and chokes him with his boot then tags Albert in and both men whip D’Von into an “around the world” slam for a two count. D’Von fights back and goes for a whip, not seeing Test making a blind it, and Albert reverses and hits a powerslam. Albert press slams Test onto D’Von but Bubba breaks it up. Test and Albert double-team D’von then Test whips D’Von into an elbow. Test whips D’von again but misses a clothesline and D’Von hits a neckbreaker. D’Von crawls over and tags in Bubba but the referee gets distracted by Albert and misses it. Yep, they did the fake hot tag for the thrid time tonight. Yeesh.

Anyway Albert takes over without a tag and whips D’Von into a bodyblock then gets in a shot on Bubba on the apron before slingshoting D’Von into the middle rope. Bubba breaks up the pin but Test tags in and whips D’Von into a clothesline for a two count. Albert tags in and whips D’Von into a corner then charges but eats an elbow. D’Von hops to the middle rope and gets a Sunset Flip but only gets a two count. Albert hits a butterfly powerbomb for his own two count then climbs to the middle rope but Bubba gets his attention allowing D’von to get in a shot. D’von climbs up and hits a superplex then crawls over and makes the hot tag to Bubba. Test also tags in but Bubba takes it to him then whips Albert into a corner and clotheslines him before planting Test with a Samoan Drop. Albert saves it and D’von throws him through the ropes and the Dudleys hit a double neckbreaker but only get two. Albert throws D’Von through the ropes then hits the chokebomb on Bubba while Test climbs to the top and goes for the flying elbowdrop but D’Von pulls Bubba out of the way. Bubba covers Test but only gets a two count and D’von throws Albert through the ropes again. D’Von whips Test while Bubba moves into position for a 3D when Trish hops on the apron and gets Bubba’s attention, leaving D’Von hanging. Test DDT’s D’Von then connects with the big boot on Bubba and scores the upset. (11:08) Not the worst match but not much to see here. Did get a little better toward the end.

After the bell Bubba gets up and takes Test out with his Diamond Cutter while D’Von whips Albert and the Dudleys hit a 3D. Bubba then grabs Trish by the hair and sends D’Von out to bring a table in the ring. D’von sets the table up when Trish kisses Bubba again but Bubba tells Trish not this time and drags her to the corner. Bubba hops on the middle rope before D’von passes Trish to him and Bubba finally superbombs her through the table!! Bubba has the euphoric look but that soon morphs into an evil grin. A swarm of EMTs come out to load Trish onto a stretcher and wheel her out to an ambulance in the back. Trish is then loaded in and Test and Albert ride with her to the hospital.

~ As the ambulance drives off, a 1957 Chevy pulls into the garage and inside we find Eddie Guerrero and Chyna dressed up since they just came from a prom. One of the referees tells Eddie he’s late and his match is about to start now. Eddie wants time to change but the referee warns him to go to the ring now or forfeit his title. So Eddie drives his car into the arena and right up to the ring then tries to shed his tuxedo as hightlights of his feud with Essa Rios are shown.

  • WWF European Title: Eddie Guerrero © (w/Chyna) vs. Essa Rios (w/Lita)

Eddie has shed his shirt and cumerbund but is still wearing his pants, shoes and bowtie. Eddie dropkicks Rios from behind to start and pounds on him then whips him into a sidekick. Eddie whips Rios again and goes for a gutwrench slam but Rios lands on his feet and hits his own gutwrench backbreaker. Eddie rams Rios into a turnbuckle and hits a back suplex followed by an over-the-shoulder armdrag. Eddie works over the arm when Rios fights back and locks knuckles then runs up the turnbuckles but slips off the ropes. So Rios recovers with an armdrag and hits an elbowdrop then whips Eddie into another armdrag. Eddie rolls out to the floor when Rios goes for a plancha over the ropes but Eddie sidesteps it and Rios splats onto the floor. Eddie throws Rios into the ringsteps before rolling him back in the ring and slamming him to the mat. Eddie goes out to the apron and slings himself into a hilo on Rios then throws him through the ropes. Chyna gets in a shot on the floor before throwing Rios back in and Eddie goes for a whip but Rios reverses and hits a dropkick. Rios climbs to the top rope and connects with a missile dropkick but only gets a two count. Rios applies a headlock but Eddie counters with a jawbreaker then goes for a powerbomb but Rios counters that into an amrdrag. Eddie comes off the ropes and Rios hits a monkey flip but Eddie nearly lands on his head. Rios charges but Eddie sends him through the ropes and Chyna nails Rios with a forearm on the floor. Eddie slings himself into a plancha on Rios then rams him into the apron. Eddie sets up for a powerbomb on the floor when Lita climbs to the top rope but Chyna shoves her off onto the announce table. However this distracts Eddie long enough for Rios to counter with a backdrop. Rios climbs onto the apron and hits an Asai moonsault that sends both of them onto the announce table. Rios throws Eddie back in the ring then climbs to the top and hits a missle dropkick and Eddie rolls back out to the floor when Rios leaps over the ropes into a cannonball on Eddie! Rios throws Eddie back in the ring and climbs to the top but Chyna causes him to straddle the turnbukcle. Eddie goes up and hits a superplex but both men are down and Rios drapes an arm for a two count. Rios goes for a suplex but Eddie flips out of it and hits a brainbuster. Eddie climbs to the top rope looking for the Frogsplash but Rios runs up and armdrags him off to the mat. Rios climbs to the top again and goes for a mmonsault but Eddie gets the knnes up to block it. Eddie then hits a spinning Gory Special and that gets the three. (8:42) A bit sloppy in spots but still a good match. Eddie and Chyna celebrate but Rios dropkicks both of them to cut it short then Lita goes in and rips off Chyna’s prom dress. ***

~ Backstage Johnathan Coachman interviews Triple H askying why he’s so confident about his title defense against The Rock. Triple H says it’s because he’s that good and promises to prove it to the Rock and the world once again. Coach then turns to Vince McMahon, asking about his surprise tonight. Vince mentions everyone is surprised that Steve Austin is not here tonight and claims he heard Austin may be having transportation problems and may not make it at all.

~ Elsewhere Michael Cole interview Chris Benoit about his Intercontinential Title defense against Chris Jericho, who he mentions feels he should be champion. Benoit reminds Cole who is holding the gold then brings up Jericho comparing him to a robot, saying unlike a robot he has emotions. Benoit says he’s going to enjoy expressing his emotions all over Jericho and that he knows what he’s going to do to Jericho and will take pleasure in it.

  • WWF Intercontinential Title: Chris Benoit © vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho comes out first and gets on the mic talking about Ben-oyt taking offense to his comments. Jericho tells Benoit that Washington is full of emotionless drones called politicans and promises to veto Benoit’s IC title reign. Both men lockup to start and jockey for position, eventually tumbling through the ropes to the floor. Benoit slaps Jericho as the referee tries to get them back in the ring and once they go in Jericho takes Benoit down with a headlock. Benoit counters with the leg scissors and does his own headlock takedown. Jericho counters that with his own headscissors and we have a stalemate. Benoit takes Jericho down but the legs but Jericho counters into a rollup and Benoit and Jericho exchange pinfall counters. Both men then exchange stiff chops until Benoit rakes Jericho’s face and whips him into a corner. Benoit charges but Jericho sidesteps him and trips him with a drop toehold. Jericho unloads on Benoit then stomps him in the head and hits a forearm. Jericho goes for a whip but Benoit reverses him into a corner and hits a German suplex. Benoit holds on and hits a second German then goes for a third but Jericho holds onto the ropes so Benoit suplexes Jericho over the ropes. Benoit then dives through the ropes but Jericho sidesteps him and Benoit splats on the floor! Jericho moves the steps into position then goes for a whip but Benoit reverses it. Jericho hops over the steps but Benoit responds by dropkicking the steps into Jericho’s knees. Both men roll back in the ring and Benoit covers Jericho but only gets a two count.

Benoit whips Jericho into a knee then follows up with a gutbuster. Benoit whips Jericho into a corner then stomps him down while trash-talking him. Jericho fights back and whips Benoit looking for a dropkick but Benoit holds the ropes to fake him out. Benoit catapults Jericho into a corner and suplexes him onto the ropes then hits a snap suplex for a two count. Benoit whips Jericho and knees him in the chest and both men exchange shots when Benoit whips Jericho into an Abdominal stretch. Benoit pounds Jericho in the ribs but Jericho fights out of it and comes off the ropes with an elbow. Jericho connects with the Lionsault but can’t immediately cover Benoit and only gets a two count as a result. Benoit chops Jericho in a corner and stomps him down then goes for a whip but Jericho reverses him into the opposite corner. Jericho charges but eats a boot and Benoit comes out but runs into a spinning heel kick. Jericho gets in some shots but misses a right hand and Benoit chops him in a corner again. Benoit goes for a whip but Jericho reverses it then comes off the ropes with the bulldog for a near fall. Jericho lands his own chops and goes for a whip, Benoit reverses but Jericho rolls him up for a two count. Benoit goes for a suplex but Jericho blocks it and suplexes him onto the top rope. Benoit goes out to the apron when Jericho goes for the springboard dropkick but Benoit swats him away. Benoit climbs to the top rope but Jericho bumps his legs, causing him to straddle the turbuckle. Jericho goes up and hits a back superplex but Benoit shifts positions and Jericho takes the worst of it. Benoit covers Jericho for a two count then whips Jericho looking for a gutwrench, Jericho counters into a backslide attempt but can’t get Benoit over. Jericho hits a powerbomb but holds on for a second powerbomb then goes for the cover when Benoit counters it into the Crippler Crossface! Jericho tries to hold on and manages to inch over and put his feet on the bottom rope. Benoit goes for the Crossface again but Jericho fights out of it into the Walls of Jericho! However Benoit is also able to reach the bottom rope. Jericho goes for a whip when Benoit reverses it and Jericho goes for a flying forearm but Benoit ducks and Jericho wipes out the referee. Benoit goes out and brings his IC title belt in then waffles Jericho with it. Benoit revives the referee before he covers Jericho .. but only gets a two count!! Benoit is shocked as he suplexes Jericho onto the title belt then climbs to the top rope again. Benoit goes for the diving headbutt when Jericho holds the belt up to block it but the referee then disqualifies Jericho for using the belt! (15:06) Seriously, a DQ after all that? The crowd is rightfully booing the decision loudly and even JR admits it sucks. Benoit walks off while Jericho argues with the referee then puts him in the Walls of Jericho! Still an excellent match from these guys like you’d expect, though I still have to deduct a half-point for the DQ. ****½

~ A video package is shown highlighting the Rock/Triple H feud. After that Michael Cole interviews Rock, asking if he’s concerned that Steve Austin still isn’t here yet. Rock says Austin could be anywhere but promises the people he will win the title tonight regardless. Rock also tells Triple H it doesn’t matter who he has to go through, he will make history tonight, if we smell and so on.

~ Out in the arena the McMahon-Helmsley Regime start filing out to the ring for the main event. But first Vince gets on the mic and tells the fans to look into their event programs, pointing out the line “The card is subject to change”. Vince then proceeds to announce that Steve Austin will NOT be here tonight. Whatever you say, Vince.

  • WWF World Heavyweight Title: Triple H © (w/Stephanie & Vince) vs. The Rock (w/Steve Austin)

So this is it, folks. After failing to win the title last month at Wrestlemania, can the Rock finally get it done tonight? Plus for the second year in the row Shane is the special referee for the match. Rock and Triple H have a staredown to start before going right to work exchanging punches when Triple H gets the advantage with a knee to the chest. Triple H pummels Rock in a corner and Rock starts to fight back and goes for the Smackdown but Triple H throws him into a corner. Rock drops Triple H with a right hand and follows up with two more shots before hitting an elbow. Rock whips Triple H but misses a clothesline and Triple H goes for a Pedigree already but Rock counters with a backdrop. Rock stomps Triple H down in a corner but Shane forces him back allowing Triple H to come back with a neckbreaker. Triple H goes for a headlock but Rock counters with a suplex. Rock comes off the ropes but Triple H throws him over on the other side. Triple H goes out and throws Rock into the ringsteps then drops him on the announce table before heading back in the ring. Vince throws Rock into the ringpost before rolling him back in and Triple H embraces Shane before covering Rock for a two count. Triple H stomps Rock down in a corner but Rock starts to fight back until Triple H hits a knee. Triple H whips Rock and hits the high knee for a fast two count then unloads on Rock and hits a suplex followed by a kneedrop for a two count. Triple H covers Rock twice more but Rock kicks out each time. Rock fights back and goes for a whip but Triple H reverses and applies a sleeper. Rock begins to fade and Shane checks the arm, and it drops twice, but Rock keeps it up the third time. Triple H puts his feet on the ropes for leverage while Shane ignores it and Rock begins to fade again. Rock eventually fights out of the hold and comes off the ropes but runs into a clothesline for a near fall. Vince yells at Shane to count faster as Triple H works Rock over in a corner then climbs up but Rock drops him onto the turnbuckle. Rock goes for a whip, Triple H reverses and both men clothesline each other.

Both men are down as Shane beings to count and tries to revive Triple H at the same time. Rock tries to get to his feet when Vince hops on the apron and clocks Rock with the WWF title belt and Triple H covers him while Shane quickly counts but only gets two! Triple H hammers Rock in a corner when Rock reverses positions and unloads on him, this time hitting the Smackdown. Rock goes for a whip, Triple H reverses him into a corner but Rock comes out with a clothesline. Rock slings Triple H over the ropes then goes out and clotheslines him on the floor. Rock rams Triple H into the announce table before throwing him back in the ring. Rock whips Triple H but lowers the head and Triple H hits the facebuster. Rock comes back with a DDT and covers him but Shane refuses to count the pin. Rock yells at Shane and decks him over the ropes when Triple H knocks Rock out to the floor as well. Triple H goes out and whips Rock into the ringsteps then Shane helps him clear off the Spanish table. Triple H rolls Rock onto the table and sets him up for a Pedigree but Rock counters with a low blow then sets him up for a Rock Bottom. Shane climbs onto the table to stop him so Rock grabs Shane and Rock Bottoms both men through the table!! Rock throws Triple H back in the ring while Shane is left in the table wreckage. Rock moves in on Triple H when Vince nails Rock from behind and taunts him. Rock is up and goes after Vince when Triple H low blows him from behind and hits the Pedigree. However Shane is still out on the floor and can’t count so Vince calls for another referee and Geral Brisco and Pat Patterson come out in refere shirts. Triple H covers Rock and Patterson counts but only gets two! Patterson and Brisco then double-team Rock and a massive beatdown ensues. Triple H tees off on Rock when Stephanie passes a chair to Vince and Vince whacks Rock in the face. Triple H sets Rock up for one last Pedigree when…the glass breaks!! The crowd goes insane as Steve Austin walks down the ramp with a chair in hand! Triple H goes out to meet Austin in the aisle but Austin takes him out with the chair!! Brisco and Patterson go out after him but Austin clocks them with the chair as well. Austin goes in the ring and whacks both Vince and Shane when Triple H comes back in but Austin gets in another shot with the chair! Austin then departs the ring while Linda McMahon makes her way out with Earl Hebner! Stephanie tries to stand in Linda’s way but Linda shoves her down while Triple H readies a chair in the ring. Triple H takes a swing but Rock catches him with the spinebuster. Rock follows up with the People’s Elbow then covers Triple H as Hebner comes in and counts 1..2..3 and it’s over! The Rock wins his 4th WWF Championship and Triple H is finally dethroned! (19:24) Rock celebrates the win while the McMcahon-Helmsley regime slinks away in defeat. Awesome main event with plenty of drama and action throughout and Rock and Triple H continued to show the great chemistry they have with each other. While it was a little over-the-top it’s still a well-done bout that finally gave us the happy ending we should have gotten at Wrestlemania. ****

Oh, but we’re not done just yet as Austin comes back out towing what’s left of the DX Express to the ring. Austin heads in the ring and tosses a beer to Rock and the two of them share a few cold ones then toast the WWF Championship belt as Backlash goes off the air.

Conclusion: Without a doubt one of the best pay-per-views of 2000, basically what Wrestlemania should have been a month earlier. Most of the matches were superbly done and offer something for everyone with only a couple of clunkers on the card plus a lot of the newcombers got to really show their stuff in the ring. The main event delivered on all fronts and gave the fans the happy ending they’ve been waiting to see, Rock finally regaining the title and Triple H getting his just desserts at least for now. Add in a crowd that was hot for most of the show and you have a highly recommended supercard.

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