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WWF Judgment Day 2000

Sunday, May 21th, 2000

Live from Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY

List of WWF Champions at the time:
●  WWF World Heavyweight Champion: The Rock (4/30/2000)
●  WWF Intercontinental Champion: Chris Benoit (5/08/2000)
●  WWF World Tag Team Champions: Edge & Christian (4/02/2000)
●  WWF European Champion: Eddie Guerrero (4/03/2000)
●  WWF Hardcore Champion: Gerald Brisco (5/18/2000)
●  WWF Women’s Champion: Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley (3/30/2000)
●  WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Dean Malenko (4/27/2000)

~ Judgment Day comes on the air with a cool intro video talking about what happens in an hour before it segues into hype for the Ironman match for the title. After the intro Jim Ross welcomes us to the show along with Jerry “The King” Lawler.

~ Backstage we find Vince McMahon adressing the McMahon-Helmsley Regime, getting them pumped up for tonight. Gerald Brisco shows up wearing the Hardcore Title and Vince demands to know where he was but Brisco claims he has some errands and that Pat Patterson missed his plane. Vince then sends Brisco out to fetch coffee for everyone. Vince gets Road Dogg and X-Pac excited for the tables match against the Dudleys then turns to Shane who’s confident about beating the Big Show. Vince then talks to Triple H about the Ironman match when he hear sounds of a scuffle off camera.

~ We cut to the hallway and find Gerald Brisco being attacked by the Headbangers and stuffed into a room. Well that was worth our time.

~ Elsewhere Shawn Michaels is shown walking through the back in his referee gear ready to officiate the main event.

~ Out in the arena Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring but first decides to cut a promo on the mic and says ever since he’s been hanging with Edge and Chrisitan he’s been getting extra attention from teenage girls who now consider him “all that”. Angle gives the girls a warning in the form of a nursery rhyme before bringing out Edge and Christian. Christian takes the mic and says it’s great to be in “Lou-is-ville” and that he, Edge and Angle have a treat for all the fans. Edge then unveils their latest 5-second pose, which he calls “The Jug Band” and the three of them then dress up as hillbillies with straw hats and handkercheifs and crude instruments.

  • Kurt Angle, Edge & Chrisian vs. Too Cool & Rikishi Phatu

Too Cool and Rikishi dance in the ring when Team ECK attacks them from behind to jumpstart the match but Rikishi and his buddies get the advantage. Rikishi whips Angle into a corner then whips Edge into and Angle then whips Christian into Edge. Scotty 2 Hotty hits a butt bump on Christian to send him rolling to the floor and Grandmaster Sexay hits his butt bump on Edge to send him out as well. Rikishi looks to squash Angle with the butt splash but Angle bails out to the floor and Team ECK try to regroup. Edge comes back in and locks up with Sexay when Sexay applies a headlock and Edge shoves Sexay into the ropes but Sexay hits a shoulderblock. Sexay comes off the ropes and slides under Edge then goes for a suplex but Edge flips out of it. Sexay comes back with an enzuigiri then hops to the middle rope and connects with a missile dropkick. Scotty tags in and both men throw Edge back to the mat and hit a double elbow. Edge jabs Scotty’s eye to stop thier momentum then tags in Christian and Christian applies an armwringer but Scotty flips out of it and gets a headlock. Christian shoves Scotty into the ropes but Scotty hits a shoulderblock then comes off the ropes and goes into a series of moves capping off with a suplex. Scotty kips up before moowalking into a corner but that allows Christian to nail Scotty from behind. Christian whips Scotty into the other corenr but Sexay lays across the ropes to block Scotty and Scotty comes back against Christian. Scotty looks to whip Christian into the corner and Edge lays across the ropes like Sexay did but Scotty reverses direction back into the corner while Sexay kicks the prone Edge onto the top rope. Edge slumps down in a corner and the Too Cool guys whip Christian into a butt charge on his partner. Scotty and Sexay hit Christian with a double clothesline and Sexay trips Edge, causing him to headbutt Christian below the belt. E&C roll out to the floor while Sexay dances in the ring but ends up losing his pants! Sexay fixes his clothing malfunciton but Christian nails him from behind and lays the boots to him.

Christian mocks Sexay’s dancing but doesn’t see him tag Rikishi in and Rikishi hammers Christian with several hard rights. Edge comes in but Rikishi fights him off prompting Angle to come in as well. Rikishi whips Angle but lowers the head and Angle goes for a Sunset Flip but can’t get Rikishi over. Rikishi goes for the sitdown splash but Angle avoids it and works Rikishi over in his corner. Angle then distracts the referee while E&C double-team Rikishi and Christian tags in but Rikishi fights out of the corner then tags in Scotty. Rikishi whips Christian and Scotty comes off the ropes with the bulldog then goes for the Worm but Angle interupts him with a clothesline. Christian unloads on Scotty and chokes him then Edge comes in without a tag and stomps him. Edge hits a forearm and tags Angle who chokes Scotty on the middle rope and pounds him down in a corner. Scotty reverses positions and gets in his own shots but Angle jabs the eyes to stop that. Angle whips Scotty hard into the other corner then hits a suplex for a two count. Christian tags in and whips Scotty into a corner then chagres but eats a double boot. Christian goes for a powerbomb but Scotty counters and flips Christian into a Stun Gun on the ropes. Both men are down and Christian tags in Edge while Scotty makes the hot tag to Rikishi. Rikishi takes it to all three men with clotheslines and headbutts then whips whips Angle, then Edge, then Christian into a corner and hits the butt charge on all three men. Rikishi clotheslines Edge and Christian as they come out then gives Angle the Stinkface. Rikishi sets Edge up for the sitdown piledriver but Christian breaks it up and he and Angle DDT Rikishi. However Rikishi pops right up and clotheslines both of them when Edge then spears Rikishi and this time Rikishi stays down. Edge mocks Scotty by doing the Worm dance but Scotty bulldogs him down and show him how to do the Worm properly. Sexay ducks a clothesline from Angle and superkicks him allowng Scotty to hit the chop on him. Rikishi scoops Edge up when Christian brings the ringbell in and waffles Rikishi with it. Edge covers Rikishi but the referee is too busy trying to get everyone else out of the ring while Sexay climbs to the top rope and hits the Hip Hop Drop on Edge. Rikishi covers Edge and Angle tries to make the save but is a second too late as Rikihi gets the three. (9:47) Rikishi and Too Cool then cap off the victory with their post-match dance. Not the tightest match but still a fun opener and it got the crowd going. Surprised Angle and friends jobbed but they weren’t hurt too much by the loss. ***

~ Backstage Michael Cole interviews Shawn Michaels on where he stands as the referee for the Ironman match, especially after he met with both the Rock and Stephanie earlier on Heat. Michaels claims he was just talking to some old friends and was hired by Linda McMahon to do a job. Cole next brings up his friendship with Triple H and Michaels says he’s going to call it down the middle. Cole also mentions the internet rumors of Michaels being jealous of the Rock’s success and Michaels responds by saying if “it’s on the internet it’s got to be true”.

~ We also get footage of Eddie Guerreron nearly getting into it with Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn earlier on Heat.

  • WWF European Title: Eddie Guerrero © (w/Chyna) vs. Dean Malenko vs. Perry Saturn

Chyna has her bushel of roses with her while Malenko has his Light Heavyweight Title which is not on the line. Malenko and Saturn double-team Eddie to start and beat him down then Malenko holds Eddie on his knee while Saturn climbs up and hits a kneedrop. Malenko and Saturn shake hands then lay the boots to Eddie before Saturn whips Eddie into a corner. Malenko whips Saturn into a splash on Eddie but Saturn turns and clotheslines Malenko down for a two count. Malenko and Saturn start going at it and Malenko whips Saturn into a spinning heel kick. Malenko goes for another whip but Saturn coutners into a spinning flapjack. Saturn press slams Eddie and goes for a suplex but Malenko blocks it and Malenko sets Eddie up for his own suplex when Eddie kicks both men below the belt. Eddie takes it to both men when whips Saturn and hits a leg lariat. Eddie locks knuckles with Malenko then runs up the ropes and hits a huricanrana. Eddie tries to whip Saturn and Saturn reverses it but Eddie hits a huricanrana on him. Eddie shoves Saturn into Malenko in a corner then tries to whip Saturn into him. Saturn reverses Eddie into Malenko who attempts a backdrop, Eddie counters it with the headscissors but Malenko blocks that into a slam. Saturn breaks up the pin and pops Malenko then whips Eddie into a corner and charges but eats an elbow. Eddie hits a tornado DDT on Saturn but Malenko pulls Eddie off and tees off on him.

Malenko goes for a whip and Eddie reverses it but Malenko kicks the face and hits a Tigerbomb that gets a two count. Malenko attempts a powerbomb and Eddie counters it into a Sunset Flip but Malenko counters that into the Texas Cloverleaf. Saturn tries to make the save but Malenko sees it and cuts him off with a clothesline. Malenko hammers Eddie then goes for a whip but Eddie revreses him into a corner and sets him on the top rope. Eddie goes up for a superplex but Saturn stops him and drops Eddie on the top rope which also causes Malenko to straddle the turnbuckle. Saturn hits Eddie with a belly-to-belly suplex then goes up but Malenko throws him down to the mat. Eddie goes back up but Malenko counters it into a gutbuster from the top. Saturn superkicks Malenko then climbs to the top and hits the Frogsplash on Eddie. Malenko breaks up the pin and Saturn responds by putting him in his own texas Cloverleaf. Eddie breaks it up and drills Saturn with a brainbuster then covers him but Malenko throws him off Saturn. Malenko puts Saturn in the Rings of Saturn but Eddie breaks that up with a dropkick Eddie then goes for his own Texas Cloverleaf on Malenko. Saturn breaks it up but knocks Eddie into a rollup by Malenko which Saturn breaks up as well. Saturn pops Malenko then tees off on Eddie but misses a right hand and sails over the ropes. Malenko suplexes Eddie then climbs to the top and hits a splash. Malenko goes over to stop Saturn from making the save but Eddie nails him from behind. Malenko grabs Eddie for a suplex but Saturn grabs Malenko and ends up suplexing both men!! Saturn goes out to the floor when Chyna nails him with the roses, knocking him out. Eddie rolls out to the apron and slings himself into a Sunset Flip but Malenko holds onto the ropes when Chyna hops on the apron brandishing the roses. Malenko blocks it and grabs the roses out of her hand but Chyna trips Malenko from the floor, causing him to hit his head on the roses. Eddie then rolls Malenko up with a La Magistral and gets the pin to retain. (7:56) Eddie then takes apart the roses to reveal a lead pipe hidden in there. Good stuff from these three guys, but after this match Eddie would move on to bigger things while Malenko and Saturn would be pushed to the back burner. ***½

~ Clips are shown of Gerald Brisco taking the Hardcore Title from Crash last Thursday on Smackdown. We then find Brisco hiding out in the restroom looking out for anyone trying to ambush him when he suddenly looks at the mirror and gets spooked by his reflection. Brisco then punches the mirror and ends up hurting his hand.

~ A video package is then shown highlighting the Big Show/Shane McMahon feud.

  • The Big Show vs. Shane McMahonNo-DQ/Falls Count Anywhere Match

Shane starts off by diving over the ropes but Show catches him and rams him into the ringpost twice. Show tosses Shane into the ringsteps then steps on his hand and clotheslines him over the barricade. Show brings Shane back over the barricade and press slams him over the ropes into the ring then goes in and works him over with kicks. Show hits a headbutt and whips Shane into a boot then readies for a chokeslam when The Big Bossman suddenly runs in the ring and nails Show in the knee with his nightstick. Bossman works over Show’s knee with the nightstick then comes off the ropes but Show blocks another shot and hits a headbutt. Show dispatches Bossman with a powerbomb when Test and Albert then run in brandishing chairs but Show punches the chairs into their faces. Trish Stratus runs in and hits a low blow but Show no-sells it and press slams her onto her charges on the floor. Show gets another shot on T&A then stalks after Shane who’s crawling up the aisle toward the stage but Show catches Shane and throws him into the entrance set. Show pulls off a piece of the set and looks to finish off Shane with it but Shane jumps up and grabs the bottom of the TitanTron and uses it to dropkick Show. Albert comes over and kicks away at Show while Test grabs the set piece and drops it on him. T&A continue to work over Show and Shane instructs them to move Show into position while he places the set piece on an anvil case and rams it into Show. Shane covers but Show powers out and fights back against Test, Albert and Shane. Test charges at Show with a concrete block but Show cuts him off with a kick then throws T&A into the set. Show sees Shane climbing up the set and grabs his ankle when Bull Buchanan comes out and beats down Show with a nightstick. Buchanan chokes Show while Shane pushes a speakercase onto Show’s leg, pinning him to the floor. Buchanan holds Show down while Shane brings out a cinderblock and breaks it on Show’s head then covers him to get the upset. (7:10) It took four extra people but Shane got it done. Entertaining for what it was with some nice bumping from Shane but I don’t see why Shane had to go over. **

Buchanan helps Shane to the back while a number of referees and officials free Show’s leg and help him into a waiting ambulance in the back. Show is crying about his leg being broken as the ambulance drives away. Still don’t get whay Shane had to win, even if this was an excuse to take Show off TV for a time.

~ Backstage Gerald Brisco heads into the referees’ lockerroom where Jack Doan and another referee are talking and asks them if he can rest. The two invite Brisco to take a seat and relax and Brisco talks about everyone coming after his Hardcore Title when he begins to nod off. The referees start to move in but Brisco suddenly jolts awake and accuses them of trying to win his title then rambles at them and storms off.

~ Elsewhere we find Shawn Michaels having a conversation with Triple H about what he’s been up to since disappearing from the WWF in August. Triple H also makes a comment about Michaels’ referee shorts.

~ A video package is shown highlighting the latest in the Chris Benoit/Chris Jericho feud.

  • WWF Intercontinential Title: Chris Benoit © vs. Chris JerichoSubmission Match

So after switcing the IC title back and forth here’s the rubber match. You can tell Jericho is serious about this match because he doesn’t do his mic work, plus Benoit has a brace on the knee Hardcore Holly attacked with a chair on Smackdown. Both men lockup to start and end up in a corner where the referee forces a break. Both men lockup again and Benoit forces Jericho against the ropes and unloads on him with chops. Benoit whips Jericho but Jericho slides under him then comes off the ropes and hits the bulldog. Jericho hits his own chops in a corner and whips Benoit in a corner then goes into a Fujiwara armbar. Benoit rolls out of it and scoops Jericho up in a tombstone position, Jericho manages to reverse it into his own Tombstone but Benoit reverses back into a shoulderbreaker. Benoit climbs to the top rope and hits the diving headbutt on the injured shoulder then applies a triangle chinlock. Jericho fights out of it and takes Benoit down by the legs then goes for the Walls of Jericho already but Benoit spins his way out of it. Jericho hits an elbow and Benoit rolls out to the apron when Jerihco hits the springboard dropkick, sending him to the floor. We then get a quick shot of Val Venis watching this match in the back, having challenged the winner to a title match on Raw tomorrow. Jericho goes out and chops Benoit then goes for a whip but Benoit reverses it and sends Jericho shoulder-first into the ringsteps. Benoit sets up part of the steps but Jericho comes back and nails Benoit with a kneebreaker onto the steps. Benoit is clutching his knee as Jericho stomps on him and rams him into the steps. Jericho rolls Benoit back in the ring and hits a butterfly backbreaker then covers him when the referee reminds him it’s submissions only. Both men exchange chops and Jericho gets the advantage and whips Benoit into a corner. Jericho charges but Benoit sidesteps and Jericho runs his bad shoulder into the ringpost. Benoit slightly undoes a turnbuckle pad to expose the steel bolt then rams Jericho shoulder-first into the bolt twice. Benoit applies a kneeling armbar but Jericho counters the move with an armdrag and the two of the exchange chops again. Benoit gets the advantage and hits a snap suplex then slams Jericho to the mat and hits a kneedrop to the bad shoulder. Benoit hits a short-arm clothesline and slaps on a cross armbreaker but Jericho manages to inch over and reach the bottom rope. We then see Hardcore Holly also watching this match in the back, having his own interest in the title.

Benoit hammers Jericho into a corner and goes for a running knee but Jericho sidesteps him and Benoit runs his bad knee into the exposed bolt. Jerihco hits a flapjack then slams Benoit’s knee into the mat and Benoit fights back but Jericho hits a legwhip and tees off on Benoit. Jericho manages to take off Benoit’s knee brace and hammers Benoit’s knee with it then slips the brace on his arm and hits a forearm with it. Jericho starts to go for a Figure Four when Benoit kicks him away but Jericho dropkicks Benoit’s bad knee then hits the Lionsault right on the knee. Jericho then manages to put Benoit in a Walls of Jericho around the ropes! Benoit manages to fight out of the hold and rolls back in the ring but Jericho kicks at the knee. Jericho ducks an enzuigiri but Benoit rolls back to his feet and hits a German suplex but holds on and hits a second German. Benoit holds on for a third but Jerihco blocks it so Benoit clubs in the back and attempts an armbar. Jericho kicks at Benoit’s knee and goes for the Walls of Jericho and Benoit tries to fight it when he grabs his knee brace and clocks Jericho in the face with it. Benoit the puts Jericho in the Crossface and Jericho tries to reach the ropes but Benoit drags Jericho to the center of the ring and puts on the Crossface a second time. Jericho manages to slip out of it but Benoit puts on a third Crossface, this time under Jericho’s chin. Jericho tries to hold on eventually passes out and the referee decides that’s it and calls the match. (13:27) Benoit doesn’t immediately let go fo the hold but soon releases Jericho and hobbles away with the belt while Jericho gets to his feet. Another stellar match that complements their battle at Backlash nicely with some good action and nice psychology and even a cool finish. ****

~ We get a recap of the Headbangers attacking Gerald Brisco at the start of the show. Michael Cole then interviews Gerald Brisco on being the Hardcore Champion and Brisco says everyone from his children to his employees at his body shop are trying to beat him. As Brisco rambles on, a pair of concession vendors walk up in the background and they wave a referee over. Brisco soon notices the vendors talking and starts beating on them. Why are we getting so many Gerald Brisco segments on this show anyway?

~ Elsehwere The Rock is talking with Shawn Michaels on his referee duties warning him to call the match right down the middle or else he’ll take it out on him and won’t even need 60 minutes against him.

  • The Dudley Boyz vs. Road Dogg & X-Pac (w/Tori)Double Tables Match

To win one team must put both members of the other team through tables. The DX’ers come out first and Road Dogg does his thing on the mic. The Dudleys then rush the ring but the DX’ers bail out to the floor as we see a number of tables around the ring. Road Dogg starts off with D’Von Dudley and gets in the first shots the whips him but D’Von ducks a clothesline and hits a shouldertackle. D’Von whips Road Dogg into a corner and Road Dogg staggers out into a spinning elbow. X-Pac tags in and whips D’Von but D’von hits a shouldertackle on him as well. Bubba tags in and whips X-Pac but X-Pac ducks a right hand and hits a spinkick. Why are they doing tags anyway since table matches were no-DQ? X-Pac goes out to the floor for a table but Bubba cuts him off and throws him back in the ring then chops X-Pac in a corner. Bubba whips X-Pac into the opposite corner and Bubba goes for a splash but X-Pac sidesteps him. X-Pac charges eats a boot and Bubba hops to the middle rope and hits a flying clothesline. Bubba draws Road Dogg in and sets X-Pac up while D’Von climbs to the top and hits the headbutt to the groin. Road Dogg comes in but Bubba slams him and sets him up for another headbutt to the groin. The DX’ers and Tori try to walk out of the match but the Dudleys go out and stop their escape. D’Von rolls Road Dogg back in while Bubba pops X-Pac with a right hand. Bubba then stares at Tori and salivates at the though of putting her through a table. In the ring D’Von goes for a whip but Road Dogg reverses and X-Pac kicks him from the apron. D’Von nails X-Pac but X-Pac holds D’Von down while Road Dogg straddles him in the ropes. X-Pac tags in and kicks D’Von down then hits the Bronco Buster. Road Dogg tags in and he and X-Pac choke D’von with thier boots. Road Dogg draws Bubba in and distracts the referee while X-Pac chokes D’Von. Road Dogg then applies a front facelock, keeping D’von from tagging in Bubba. Yeah, there doing a “face-in-peril” spot in a NO-DQ MATCH. D’Von inches to his corner and tags in Bubba but the referee didn’t see it and orders Bubba back out while DX does some double-teaming. X-Pac tags in and whips D’Von into a spinkick and both DX’ers whip D’von but D’Von clothslines both of them then makes the tag to Bubba. Bubba decks Road Dogg then whips X-Pac into a sidewalk slam. Bubba plants Road Dogg with a Full Nelson bomb then hits Road Dogg with a Samoan Drop. The Dudleys slide in three tables and prop two of them in the corners then D’von goes back out to the floor but Road Dogg whips him into the steps. Road Dogg sets up a fourth table then drives D’Von through it with the pump-handle slam for the first score.

Bubba go out and pounds on Road Dogg while talking trash at him then brings Road Dogg onto the apron and chokes him. X-Pac brings D’Von back in the ring and sets him against one of the tables for a Bronco Buster but Bubba pulls him down by the hair. Bubba sets up another table when X-Pac nails him from behind and Bubba goes for a whip. X-Pac reverses and goes for a lepfrog but Bubba catches him and powerbombs him through the table, leaving Road Dogg and Bubba to settle the match. Road Dogg hits the juke ‘n jive punches but misses the big right and both men exchange punches. The referee tries to stop them so Road Dogg and Bubba both sling the referee through a table!! Bubba DDT’s Road Dogg while D’von sets up a table when we see Gerald Brisco coming out for no reason. Road Dogg goes for a whip but D’von reverses and the Dudleys hit a 3D through a table but the referee is out and didn’t see it, thus the match continues. Brisco helps Road Dogg out of the ring while Tori goes in and yells at Bubba for some reason then goes for a slap. However Bubba blocks it and grabs her while D’Von slides in another table and sets it up. Bubba hops to the tope rope and D’Von passes Tori to him. Bubba readies to superbomb Tori through the table when Brisco comes in and punches Bubba below the belt. Brisco helps Tori to safety while X-Pac goes up and hits an X-Factor from the top through table which the referee does see and thus the DX’ers get the win. (12:07) Okay match but not much different from your standard tags, even with the stipulation. **

The DX’ers help Tori out of the ring while Brisco taunts Bubba, not seeing D’Von get to his feet and D’Von nails Brisco from behind. D’Von brings another table in the ring and sets it up and the Dudleys drive Brisco through it with a 3D.

~ The Judgment Day promo with the creepy girls chanting nursery rhymes is shown when it goes into a Kid Rock song as the message “His Judgment Day is here” appears on the screen. JR and Lawler then speculate what that message means. Just a suggestion, guys, but maybe it means someone’s coming back, perhaps in the main event even.

~ A video package is shown highlighting the latest in the Rock/Triple H feud.

  • WWF World Heavyweight Title: The Rock © vs. Triple H60-min Ironman Match

Shawn Michaels is the referee and the most falls in one hour wins the title, but unlike Wrestlemania XII there will be no overtime; should the match end in a tie the Rock retains. Triple H comes out with Stephanie, Shane and Vince but gets on the mic and asks them to leave, wanting to do this himself. Vince and the others are hesitant but they do depart, leaving Triple H on his own. Rock makes his way out next and stands nose-to-nose with Triple H as the match begins.

Both men lockup to start and after jockeying for position they break before locking up again and Rock forces Triple H into a corner. They go back and forth in a corner before they break and both men exchange shoves and have a staredown before they lockup again. Rock applies a headlock when Triple H eventually counters into an overhead wristlock and forces Rock down to the mat. Rock powers back up and goes back to the headlock and Triple H shoves Rock into the ropes but Rock hits a shoulderblock for a two count. Rock comes off the ropes with another shoulderblock for another two count. Rock comes off he ropes again and rolls Triple H up for another near fall and Triple H bails out to the floor to catch his breath. Michaels begins the 10 count when Triple H eventually climbs back in and applies a headlock. Rock shoves Triple H into the ropes but Triple H hits a shoulderblock then comes off the ropes but Rock leapfrogs him and pops him with a right hand. Triple H again rolls out to the floor when Michaels begins the 10 count and Triple H climbs onto the apron but Michaels still counts, showing he’s being impartial tonight. Triple H goes in and after some hesitation locks up again and the crowd is getting a little impatient. Rock applies a headlock and Triple H shoves him into the ropes then goes for a leapfrog but Rock fakes him out and drops him with a right hand. Rock rams Triple H into a pair of turnbuckles then whips him into a corner and charges but eats an elbow. Triple H comes out with a clothesline then wrenches Rock’s arm and wraps it around the top rope twice. Triple H drops Rock with a right hand and applies a standing armbar, Rock fights out of it and whips Triple H but Triple H hits an armbar takedown for a near fall. Triple H goes back to the armbar as we’re about 10 minutes into the match but Rock gets to his feet and backs Triple H into a corner then tees off on him. Rock whips Triple H but lowers the head and Triple H kicks the face. Triple H comes off the ropes but Rock catches him with a Rock Bottom that gets the pin for the first fall. (The Rock 1 | Triple H 0 @ 10:43)

Triple H bails out to the floor to regroup but Rock goes out after him and rams him into the barricade. Rock brings Triple H up the aisle when Triple H goes for a whip but Rock reverses him into the guardrail. Rock scoops Triple H up but Triple H floats over Rock and drops him onto the barricade. Triple H goes for the high knee bur Rock sidesteps and Triple H runs his knee into the barricade. Triple H rolls Rock back in the ring but Rock greets him with a right hand on the apron and suplexes him back in the ring for a two count. Rock goes out and wraps Triple H’s leg around the ringpost twice then rams it into the apron. Triple H goes out to the floor when Rock hits a kneebreaker onto the steps. Both men roll back in the ring and Triple H begs off but Rock pulls him off the ropes with a London Bridge. Rock kicks away at the knee and goes for a whip, Triple H reverses but Rock knocks him down then applies a Figure Four! Triple H tries to hold on while screaming in pain but does not give up the fall and avoids his shoulders falling to the mat twice. Triple H manages to turn the hold over but Rock turns it back and both men then grab the rope to force a break. Triple H rolls out to the floor but Rock goes out and rams him into the announce table. Rock goes for a whip but Triple H reverses him into the barricade and Rock walks into a clothesline. Triple H throws Rock over the barricade then brawls with him through the crowd when Rock fights back but Triple H backdrops him over the barricade back to ringside. Triple H throws Rock back in the ring and kicks him in the ribs then hits a suplex and follows up with a pair of elbowdrops but only gets two. Triple H tries forcing Rock down to the mat repeately but can’t get the three. Triple H hammers Rock in a corner but Rock kicks at Triple H’s bad knee to stop that. Rock comes off the ropes but Triple H throws him over the top then goes out after him. Triple H goes for a whip but Rock reverses him knee-first into the ringsteps. Rock rolls Triple H back in the ring and goes for a whip but Triple H holds onto the ropes so Rock drapes Triple H’s leg on the rope and kneedrops the bad knee. Rock drops a pair of elbows to the knee then applies a grapevine looking for a submission. Triple H kicks his way out of the hold and lands a pair of right hand but Rock comes back with another kneebreaker. Rock goes for another Figure Four but Triple H kicks him into the ringpost then hits the Pedigree and takes the second fall to tie it up (The Rock 1 | Triple H 1 @ 25:26).

Triple H sees Rock is still down and chokes him on the mat but Michaels pulls Triple H off. Triple H lands a pair of shots then goes for a whip, Rock reverses it but Triple H rolls him into a cradle and gets the three to take the lead (The Rock 1 | Triple H 2 @ 26:25). Finding himself trailing, Rock starts to fight back but Triple H pulls him by the tights through the ropes. Triple H goes out and rams Rock into the barricade then drops him with a right hand. Rock wanders up the ramp to the stage where Triple H nails him from behind. Triple H goes for a whip but Rock reverses and sends Triple H into the entrance set then follows up with a clothesline as Michaels tries to get them back in the ring. Rock goes for a suplex but Triple blocks it and hits his own suplex onto the floor as we reach the halfway mark. Both men start to head back to the ring when Triple H grabs Rock from behind but Rock counters that with a suplex on the ramp. Rock whips Triple H into the apron and Triple H staggers into a backdrop. Michales then takes a moment to tell JR there won’t be any b.s. double countouts since it wouldn’t affect the score anyway. Rock throws Triple H back in the ring and lays the boots to him then caps off with a right hand. Triple H comes back by jabbing the eyes and goes for a whip, Rock reverses but lowers the head and Triple H hits the facebuster. Triple H then drills Rock with a piledriver and gets the pin for the thrid fall (The Rock 1 | Triple H 3 @ 32:31).

With 27 minutes to go Triple H is up by two falls as he stomps Rock down in a corner when Rock comes out with a clothesline. Rock goes for a whip but Triple H reverses it and hits an elbow for a two count. Triple H climbs to the top rope but Rock catches him and armdrags him off to the mat. Rock hammers Triple H and goes for a whip, Triple H reverses him into a corner and charges but eats an elbow and Rock rolls him up in a La Magistral for a near fall. Rock comes off the ropes but Triple H hits the high knee for his own near fall. Both men exchange punches and Rock gets the advantage and goes for a whip but Triple H reverses and slaps on a sleeperhold and Rock begins to fade. Michaels checks the arm and Rock keeps it up but Triple H puts his feet on the ropes for leverage. Rock starts to fade but again comes back so Triple H puts his feet on the ropes again but this time Michaels sees it and kicks them off. Triple H argues with Michaels but that allows Rock to stage another rally. Rock goes for a whip, Triple H reverses and applies another sleeper but Rock counters this one with a belly-to-belly suplex for a two count. Rock goes for a whip, Triple H reverses it but Rock floats over him and slips off before hitting a DDT that gets the pin to cut the lead to one. (The Rock 2 | Triple H 3 @ 40:33) Both men roll out to the floor and Rock rams Triple H into the steps then drops him onto the timekeeper’s table. Triple H rams Rock into the table then grabs a chair and readies swing but Michaels takes the chair away and sets it on the apron. Rock comes back and whips Triple H into the steps then goes for another whip but Triple H reverses him into the barricade. Triple H goes for a backdrop but Rock coutners with a neckbreaker then throws him back in the ring. However Triple H then grabs the chair and whacks Rock with it, getting himself DQ’ed and tying the score. (The Rock 3 | Triple H 3 @ 43:44)

Despite getting the fall Rock is still down from the chair shot so Triple H covers him with his feet on the ropes and gets the pin to retake the lead. (The Rock 3 | Triple H 4 @ 44:11) Michaels then checks on Rock and finds him busted open from the chairshot. Triple H lays the boots to Rock then whips him and applies another sleeper. Rock begins to fade as Michaels checks the arm and it drops once, twice but Rock keeps it up. Rock starts to fight out of the hold and comes off the ropes but runs into another sleeper and Rock begins to fade again. This time doesn’t answer the arm check and is rendered unconcious, one of the rare times a slepperhold works. In any case Triple H takes the seventh fall and goes back up by two. (The Rock 3 | Triple H 5 @ 47:30) So you see, Triple H sacrified a DQ to weaken Rock for two quick falls.

With only 13 minutes left and trailing by two falls Rock’s situation is becoming desparate, especially since Triple H still has the sleeper on. Michaels tells Triple H to break the hold but Triple H refuses so Michaels pulls Triple H off Rock by the hair. Triple H shoves Michaels but he shoves back and Michaels and Triple H exchange words when Triple H backs down. Rock starts fighting back again and whips Triple H into a corner and Triple H tumbles over the ropes, taking out a cameraman along the way. Rock throws Triple H back in the ring then hammers him in a corner when Triple H comes back with a DDT but only gets a two count with 10 minutes left. Triple H climbs to the top rope but Rock bumps the ropes, causing Triple H to straddle the turnbuckle. Rock then goes up but Triple H fights him off and headbutts him to the mat. Rock goes up again and hits a superplex and both men are down. Rock manages to drape an arm over Triple H but only gets two with 8 minutes left. Rock whips Triple H and hits an elbow then clotheslines him over the ropes. Rock goes out and rams Triple H into the steps with 7 minutes left then takes him down and catapults him into the ringpost. Rock goes for a whip but Triple H reverses and sends Rock into the steps with 6 minutes left. Triple H clears off the announce table then places Rock onto it with 5 minutes left. Triple H goes up and sets Rock up for a Rock Bottom but Rock fights out of it and hits his own Pedigree onto the announce table which doesn’t break!! Rock rolls back in the ring and Triple H is down as Michaels counts but Triple H doesn’t make it back in and gets counted out, pulling Rock to within one fall. (The Rock 4 | Triple H 5 @ 56:04) Rock just needs one more fall to tie it with 4 minutes to go but we then see the McMahons making their way down the aisle. Triple H is still out in the floor as Michaels starts counting again but this time Triple H barely makes it back in before the count with 3 minutes left. Rock wails on Triple H in a corner and hits the Smackdown then goes for a whip but Triple H reverses him into a corner. Rock comes back out with a forearm and goes for a whip, Triple H reverses but Rock ducks a clothesline and hits a DDT. Vince and Shane try to come in but Rock nails them both on the apron then turns and plants Triple H with a spinebuster. Rock follows up with the People’s Elbow and gets the pin to pull even (The Rock 5 | Triple H 5 @ 58:04).

With just two minutes remaining we now head into the home stretch all tied up. However Shane pulls Michaels out of the ring but Michaels drops him with a right hand and decks Vince as well, leaving Rock and Triple H in the ring. Road Dogg and X-Pac come out to the ring but Rock is able to fight them off at first. Rock goes for a whip but Triple H reverses him into Michaels, knocking him off the apron. Rock hits Triple H with the Rock Bottom but the DX’ers and Shane head in and start ganging up on Rock. Suddenly the Judgment Day promo fires up on the TitanTron saying “he’s here” and out rides … THE UNDERTAKER!! The crowd goes insane as the Undertaker rides out to the ring on a motorcycle, making his return since September. Triple H nails Rock with the Pedigree when Taker climbs in the ring and starts taking out the whole Regime as the remaining seconds tick off. Taker chokeslams Shane when Vince nails Taker from behind but Taker no sells it and drops Vince with a right hand. Taker chokeslams X-Pac and nails Road Dogg when Stepahnie gets his attention so Taker grabs her for a chokeslam as well. Before he can hit it Triple H breaks it up so Taker turns and chokeslams Triple H as Michaels recovers on the floor. Taker then scoops Triple H as Michaels tells him to stop but Taker goes ahead and drills Triple H with the Tombstone just as the time expires (or somewhere around there). However Michaels announces he’s awarding a DQ decision to Triple H for Taker’s interferece on Rock’s behalf. That means Triple H gets the final fall at the end of the hour and thus has won the title for a fourth time! (The Rock 5 | Triple H 6 @ 60:00) Wow. For the first 58 minutes Rock and Triple H blew all their doubters away with a well-paced contest that had some good moves (some we almost never see from them) and sequences as well as great psychology, especially from The Rock. I do have to deduct a half-point for the slightly overbooked finish, although Taker’s return was a nice surprise the crowd went nuts for, but still an overall great example of a proper ironman match. ****½

Once the dust settles Rock is frustrated at that last-minute decision and the crowd voices their displeasure as well. Taker also vents his frustration as he chases Michaels to the back while Vince and the DX’ers help the new champion to the back and cheer in triumph as the show goes off the air.

Conclusion: Another excellent supercard from the WWF’s last golden age. While there were only six matches this is a case of quality over quantity. The main event rocked and for the most part was what the Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart Ironman should have been, though that’s just my opinion. The two other title matches and six-man opener were great bouts as well, plus the tables match and Shane/Show match don’t hurt the card too much, though I could have done without all the Gerald Brisco segments we got. Still with all the great action and a hot crowd to boot you have one of the top pay-per-views of 2000, second only to Backlash.

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