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WWF Raw Is War 1.15.2001

Monday, January 15th, 2001

Live from the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, WI

List of WWF Champions at the time:
●  WWF World Heavyweight Champion: Kurt Angle (10/22/2000)
●  WWF Intercontinental Champion: Chris Benoit (12/10/2000)
●  WWF World Tag Team Champions: Edge & Christian (12/21/2000)
●  WWF European Champion: William Regal (12/04/2000)
●  WWF Hardcore Champion: Raven (12/25/2000)
●  WWF Women’s Champion: Ivory (11/02/2000)
●  WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Dean Malenko (4/27/2000)

~ Raw comes on the air with a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. that looks like it was recycled from last year. Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler then welcome us to the show while hyping the Royal Rumble this Sunday. Tonight The Rock and The Undertaker team up against Rikishi and Kane plus Steve Austin will be on hand as well.

  • The Hardy Boyz & Lita vs. Steven Richards, Val Venis & IvoryIntergender Match

Last night on Heat Ivory challenged the injured Chyna to a Women’s Title match at the pay-per-view, but Chyna has yet to respond. Jeff Hardy starts off against Val and gets in the first shots but Val takes control then whips him and hits an elbow. Val whips Jeff into a corner but Jeff lifts himself over Val then trips him with a drop toehold and hits a suplex. Matt tags in and the Hardys whip Val into a corner then Matt drops down while Jeff nails the Poetry in Motion. Matt clotheslines Val when Richards comes in but the Hardys hit him with a legsweep and a wheelbarrow slam. Matt stomps Richards out to the floor then turns his attention back to Val but Val plants him with a spinebuster. Val whips Matt into a clothesline then tags Richards in and Richards works Matt over with chops and punches. Richards whips Matt and hits a sidewalk slam for a two then tags Val in and the RTC’ers hit a double elbow. Val whips Matt int a corner but eats an elbow and Matt comes out with a running clothesline. Matt tries to crawl to his corner but Val cuts him off with an elbowdrop then kicks away at him in a corner and chokes him with his shoe. Val tags Richards in and the RTC’ers hit a double suplex that gets a near fall. Richard sets Matt on the top rope but Matt fights him off and Jeff decks Richards while Matt hits the guilltoine. Both men crawl toward their corners and Richards tags Val while Matt is hurting but does make the tag to Jeff. Jeff wails on Val and goes for a whip, Val reverses it but Jeff comes back with a dropkick then hits a bulldog. Richards is in but Jeff takes him down and hits the double legdrop before dropkicking him through the ropes. Val decks Jeff to show he’s still around and goes for a whip but Jeff reverses it and Ivory makes a blind tag. Jeff backdrops Val then catches Ivory coming in and knocks the RTC’ers heads together. Lita gets the tag then climbs to the top rope and takes Val out with a huricanrana. Lita then spears Ivory and hammers away on her while the Hardys head out to fight with Richards and Val on the floor. Lita whips Ivory and hits a clothesline and Ivory bails out to the floor to recover when … Chyna comes down the ramp, making her trumphant return! Chyna tosses Ivory back in the ring then Ivory turns to see who it is and is shocked to find that Chyna is back. Ivory eventually turns back just as Lita drops her with the Twist of Fate and grabs the pin. (5:58) Decent enough match and the crowd got into it toward the end. **

The RTC’ers helps Ivory out while Chyna gets on the mic and accuses Ivory of challenging her to a Women’s title match feeling she wasn’t 100% and wouldn’t show up. Chyna tells Ivory be careful what she wishes for and accepts the challenge, that she will be at the Royal Rumble. I thought Chyna wasn’t interested in competing for the Women’s title, but whatever.

~ Backstage a limo pulls into the garage with Triple H and Stephanie climbing out of it and heading in the building. Usually that means a promo segment is coming up and I think that’s what were getting next as we go to commerical.

~ Back from break the Helmsleys make their way to the ring and debut Triple H’s Motorhead theme which he still uses to this day. Triple H takes the mic first and claims when he’s in hotels and airports people are telling him to beat Steve Austin up, then says how he’d be too happy to do that but even Austin is smart enough to know when to stay away from him. Triple H also says that he made a promise to leave Austin alone as long as Austin doesn’t physcially provoke him. Triple H and Stephanie says that order will be maintained tonight by Vince McMahon who appears via satellite on the TitanTron, surrounded by XFL merchandise. Talk about your uber-schilling. Vince brings up the XFL kicking off on Febraury 3rd and mentions he can’t be there tonight because of his other duties. Vince then talks about a conversation he recently had with Austin and with Triple H concering serious consequences. Vince tells Triple H not to physically prokove Austin in any way or he loses his WWF Title shot at the pay-per-view, and that if Austin physcially provokes Triple H then he loses his spot in the Royal Rumble match, so he’s hoping both can men to be professional. Vince then mentions how Austin wrecked a six-man tag match on Smackdown and decides to have Austin team with the Dudleys in a six-man match tonight against Kurt Angle, Edge & Christian. Vince tells Stephanie that he’s needed in a meeting right now but he has his phone in case Stephanie needs anything.

Once Vince departs Triple H talks about how Kurt Angle is WWF Champion only because he has allowed it. Triple H claims that he never lost the title while Angle never defended it against him because his attention was elsewhere. Triple H says his attention is now focused on becoming WWF Champion again and ending Angle’s “illustrious” reign. Triple H talks about how Angle had his brother hide under the ring during his match at Survivor Series and how Angle always gets himself counted out and DQ’ed and needing his pals to bail him out. Triple H tells Angle to bring his family, friends and the 1980 hockey team but he will get the WWF Championship. Of course Kurt Angle makes his way out to the stage for a response, since 10 minutes isn’t near enough talking time. Angle first tells Stephanie how she had her shot with him but blew it. They’re actually revisiting that storyline now? Angle mentions Triple H hasn’t been champion since King of the Ring (which he won) and isn’t taking his title Sunday. Angle says Triple H may be The Game, but so is Donkey Kong who is a “big, smelly ape” that people actually like. Angle says he can respect that Triple H is Stephanie’s wife and that he needed someone in his corner for the match but he (Angle) needed someone the Hemlselys knew very well. Almost on cue Trish Stratus joins Angle on the stage and takes the mic saying how she thinks the world of Triple H and Stephanie but couldn’t resist taking Angle’s offer. Stephanie responds by booking Trish against Jacqueline tonight and even decides to make it a “spanking” match. Angle and Trish digest this development and head out as this segment finally wraps up after going way too long as usual.

~ Back from break Lawler gets excited about the “spanking” match as we get clips of Vince and Trish on Smackdown. We then find the Helmsleys watching the clip on a monitor with Stephanie hoping Trish gets just what she deserves. Triple H mentions Vince doesn’t know about this match while Stephanie feels he had no problem spanking Trish. Stephanie then asks Triple H to cool it with Steve Austin but Triple H says if Austin provokes him, it’s going to be on.

  • WWF HARDCORE TITLE: Raven © vs. Test

Raven brings his shopping cart of plunder out but Test takes his trash can and whacks Raven to start us off. Test brings Raven on the apron but Raven snaps his neck on the ropes and sprays him with a fire extingusher. Raven heads in the ring and peppers the blinded Test with jabs but Test comes back with the Full Nelson slam. Test climbs to the top rope but wouldn’t you know it here’s Hardcore Holly with his own referee yet again. Hardcore crotches Test on the turnbuckle then covers Raven trying to steal the title but only gets a two count. And sure enough Steve Blackman is also in with his own referee because these two always have to be involved. Blackman goes for the extinguisher and Hardcore hammers him with a pair of lids but eats an elbow from Test. Raven rolls out to the floor and Test chases after him while Hardcore and Blackman are busy fighting in the ring. Raven clocks Test with a road sign but Test picks him up and rams him into wwf.com logo on the TitanTron. Test covers Raven but Blackman is over to make the save while Hardcore nails Blackman and they fight again. Raven slips backstage and we see him grab a trash can but Test kicks the can into his face with a running boot. Test moves in for the cover when William Regal suddenly appears and throws Test into a closed garage door. Regal then waffles Test with his European belt again and Raven grabs the pin to retain. (2:18) Lame. Can’t Raven have one Hardcore title defense without Hardcore or Blackman interjecting themselves into it? DUD

Anyway Raven grabs his belt and takes off outside and into another waiting car as we wonder who the driver can be. Back inside Hardcore and Blackman are fighting and accusing each other of costing them the Hardcore title. Eventually Blackman challenges Hardcore to a match with Hardcore accepting to finally settle this issue. Oh, brother.

~ Back from break Kevin Kelly interviews The Rock who wastes no time taking over the mic and doing his “Finally” bit. Rock talks on how he’s not excited to be teaming with Undertaker six days before the biggest Royal Rumble ever after what’s happened between them the past few weeks. Rock says he’ll team with Taker tonight but once the dust settles their partnership is history. Rock then brings up how today is Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday and just like Dr. King did, he also has a dream, a dream of winning the Royal Rumble and climbing back to the top as WWF Champion at Wrestlemania. Rock says there’s one dream that’s become a reality and rambles on beating people up and wraps up with the usual.

~ Elsewhere Michael Cole interviews the Dudleys on teaming with Steve Austin six days before their tag title shot. D’Von says that Kurt Angle, Edge & Christian will get a little preview of the Rumble and there will be no rest or escape. Bubba addresses Steve Austin chairshotting them on Thursday but they understand a man had to do what he had to so they’ll team with him tonight but once it’s done they’re going to have a Dudleyville discussion with him.

~ Again elsewhere Triple H and Stephanie are talking to Vince over the phone about Drew Carry being a fan of him and wanting to put in some sort of appearence at the Royal Rumble. Vince gives it the go-ahead when Stephanie then brings up what Rock said earlier about being unhappy with teaming up with the Undertaker yet again. Vince decides to reshuffle the match to make Rock happy so Rock will now team with Kane against Taker and Rikishi.

~ Back from break we get an exterior shot of the building and some Milwaukee Bucks sitting in the front row.

  • The Rock & Kane vs. The Undertaker & Rikishi

Rock and Rikishi start off with a staredown when Rock gets in the first shots but Rikishi hits a shot to the throat. Rikishi goes for a whip but Rock reverses into an elbow then goes for a whip but Rikishi sends him into a corner and clotheslines him down. Rikishi readies himself to give him a stinkface but Rock comes out with a clothesline. Kane slaps Rock’s back to tag himself in and Rock isn’t really happy with that as Kane takes over on Rikishi. Rikishi fights back when Kane retakes control and goes for a whip but Rikishi reverses and hits a Samoan Drop. Rikishi follows up with the massive legdrop then whips Kane into a corner and hits the running butt splash. Kane grabs Rikishi by the throat, Rikishi fights out and goes for a whip but Kane reverses and connects with a boot. Kane slams Rikishi (!) then climbs to the top rope and hits the flying clothesline. Kane readies for the chokeslam when Taker punches Rikishi to tag himself in and Kane stares him down when Rock tags himself in as well. Taker wails on Rock and goes for a whip, Rock reverses and Taker kicks the face. Rock regains control and comes off the ropes but runs into a boot and Taker follows up with an elbowdrop that gets a two count. Taker whips Rock into a corner and clotheslines him then whips him the other way but this time eats an elbow. Rock whips Taker but Taker comes back with a flying cltohesline then grabs the arm and walks the top rope. Taker hits the shot to the back but Rock pops back up and whips him and both men clothesline each other. Both men are up and Rock rallies again then goes for a whip when Taker reverses it but Rock hits a neckbreaker. Rock works Taker over in a corner and hits the Smackdown followed by a DDT then covers but Rikishi saves it. Kane comes in and knocks Rikishi through the ropes then goes out after him and cracks him with the ring bell. Back in the ring Taker pounds away on Rock then goes for a whip but Rock counters and hits a spinebuster. Rock readies to finish Taker with the Rock Bottom when Kane comes back in and chokeslams his own partner. Kane heads out while Taker sets Rock up for the Last Ride but loses his grip and nearly drops him on his head. Taker tries the Last Ride again and this time is able to get it off smoothly and grab the pin. (8:15) That actually wasn’t too bad of a match. Weird how Taker and Kane never locked up. In fact Taker then looks out at Kane who stares at him back and the announcers ponder the meaning of this moment. **

~ Chris Benoit is shown walking somehwere when he picks up a ladder along the way as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Taker pinning The Rock with help from Kane and the look between the brothers. What could this moment mean?!

~ Chris Benoit makes his way to the ring with his ladder and I bet he’s going to sell his big ladder match this Sunday. Benoit sets the ladder up and climbs to the top for his promo but if history is any indication I don’t think it’s a good idea. Anyway Benoit says how Chris Jericho is a premiere athlete and his ladder match challenge sent shivers down his spine since no one takes the fight to him the way Jericho does. Benoit says he put together a video package as a sign of respect and shows clips of him beating Jericho up in every way possible and even uses Jericho’s theme as background music. Benoit chuckles saying he summed up their entire history in under a minute and the Royal Rumble will be no different, that Jericho will give it his all but in the end he’ll fail to porve him wrong, which he’s never done in his entire life. Suddenly Jericho sneaks in through the crowd and climbs the ladder behind Benoit and shoves him off, of course. Jericho then knocks Benoit over the ropes with the ladder then calls it his greatest hit as Benoit is down on the floor.

~ The Dudleys are shown heading out for the six-man tag when Edge & Christian jump them from behind with chairs. Edge holds Bubba against the wall while Christian cracks him with a chair then E&C take D’von with the ConChairto. E&C then brag to the fallen Dudleys that the Tag Team Champions gave them the night off and leave them laying. Does this mean Austin’s looking at a 3-on-1 handicap match? Maybe we’ll find out as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Edge & Christian destroying the Dudleys and taking them out of the six-man match. We then find the Helmsleys watching on a montior with Triple H ptting E&C over for doing a number on the Dudleys and wondering if Austin will take on all three guys himself. Stephanie disagrees and feels they should call Vince. Huh, you’d think Stephanie would want Austin to be at a two-man disadvantage against the three champs.

  • Hardcore Holly vs. Steve Blackman

I guess the six-man tag is on hold until they get everything sorted out so we get (*sigh*) this match instead. Makes you wonder what was originally going to clse out the show. Anyway after the way these two cost each other the Hardcore title repeately maybe this finally gets settled. Hardcore is out first and gets on the mic about how both of them were called the greatest hardcore champion then demands that Blackman show how hardcore he really is, even though this is not a hardcore match. Hardcore pounces on Blackman as he slides in but Blackman comes back by kicking away at Hardcore’s thigh. Blackman goes for a whip, Hardcore reverses and dodges a roundhouse kick but Blackman hits a legsweep. Blackman misses an elbowdrop and Hardcore goes for a whip, Blackman reverses but Hardcore dropkicks him. Hardcore goes for a suplex but Blackman counters it with a suplex on the ropes then hot shots him on the ropes. Blackman then tosses Teddy Long aside but Hardcore drapes him on the top rope and kicks him in the chest. Blackman rolls out to the floor while Hardcore goes and brings a chair in forgetting it’s not a hardcore match. Hardcore goes out to the apron when Long takes the chair away so Hardcore tosses him through the ropes. Blackman is back in and nails Hardcore with the pump kick when Long decides to just walk out of the match. The other referees come out but Long tells them he’s done taking abuse and is just going to let those two fight. Meanwhile Blackman works Hardcore over with a trash lid then turns and demands Long get back in the ring. That allows Hardcore to waffle Blackman with a road sign then just leaves him laying and I guess that’s it. (~3:00) Well that match certainly didn’t settle anything, in fact all those three minutes did was kill off the crowd. Maybe they should have just done a hardcore match there, or better yet just not done the match at all. DUD

~ Backstage the Helmsleys call up Vince on the speakerphone and Vince is’t happy at being pulled out of a meeting as Stephanie explains the situation with the six-man match. Vince feels the problem is Austin doesn’t have any friends then says Austin is free to find two new partners but if he can’t find anyone then he has to go it alone three-on-one. Vince then asks how everyone is doing, such as Kane, Essa Rios (!) and Trish with Stephanie reacting to that name. Stephanie simply says Trish is wearing a spanking new outfit and Vince says he’d liked to have seen that.

~ Back form break we find Austin getting ready for either a six-man match with new partners or a handicap match.

  • Trish Stratus vs. Jacqueline“Spanking” Match

Not sure what the rules are but both ladies are carrying leather straps which might have some importance. Trish tries to bail from the ring to start but Jackie cuts off her escape and gets in the first whips with her strap. Jackie chases Trish around the ring and Trish whips her as she climbs but Jackie clotheslines her with the strap. Jackie continues working Trish over with the strap when Kurt Angle runs out demanding this ‘match’ be stopped. Jackie dares Angle to come in the ring but Trish chokes her with the strap and gets in some whips of her own. Trish misses an elbowdrop and Angle tries to pull her out of the ring but Jackie grabs her by the pants and gets in some parting shots. Angle finally gets Trish out of the ring and Jackie is declared the winner. (1:28) I can’t even call this a match. NR

~ Back from break we get a replay of the previous match. We all saw what happened so let’s just move on.

  • Too Cool & K-Kwik vs. Tazz & Kaientai

Last night on Heat Taka Michinoku and Funaki invited the Too Cool guys to dance with them only to double cross them so here we are. Why Tazz and K-Kwik need to be involved I have no idea. Anyway once everyone is out Tazz gets on the mic about what his partners did to “Too Fools” last night before Taka takes the mic and puts Tazz over for the joke he just made and Funaki adds in an “Indeed”. Scotty 2 Hotty starts against Funaki and gets an armwringer, Funaki reverses it into his own armwringer when Scotty kips out of it and goes for a whip. Funaki reverses it but Scotty comes back with a back suplex then tags Grandmaster Sexay and holds Funaki up while Sexay hits a clothesline not unlike the Hart Attack. Scotty legdrops Funaki between the legs before Sexay whips him but lowers the head and Funaki kicks the face. Taka gets the tag and goes for a Frankensteiner but Sexay counters it with a powerbomb then busts a move. Sexay goes for a whip, Taka reverses him into a corner but eats a boot. Sexay hops to the middle rope and busts a move but Tazz snaps him on the ropes. Taka whips Sexay and trips him with a drop toehold then Funaki puts Sexay in a Camel Clutch while Taka hits the dropkick to the face. Tazz tags in to take over and whips Sexay into a clothesline then grabs at the face before wailing away at him in a corner. Tazz snapmares Sexay to the mat but misses with a windup punch and Sexay comes back with a powerslam. Sexay crawls to his corner and makes the tag to K-Kwik and K-Kwik whips Tazz and connects with a forearm. K-Kwik goes for a whip, Tazz reverses him into a corner but K-Kwik lifts himself over him and does a backflip. K-Kwik hits Tazz with a dropkick and nails Funaki coming in with a clothesline but eats a heelkick from Taka. Sexay stomps Taka out to the floor while Scotty drills Tazz with a bulldog and follows it up with the Worm. The Too Cool guys and Kaientai guys brawl out on the floor while K-Kwik hits Tazz with a Memphis sidekick. K-Kiwk covers Tazz but Funaki saves it with a dropkick so Sexay comes in and tosses him back over the ropes. Sexay goes out after him but leaves K-Kwik alone when Tazz slaps on the Tazzmission and this one is over. (4:02) Had it’s momnet but I’m not sure what the point of this really was. Taka then gets on the mic braging about K-Kwik becoming another victim and Funaki concurs with an “Indeed”.

~ Backstage Kurt Angle checks on Trish while saying how disapointed he is that Stephanie put her in a spanking match. Trish insists on being in Angle’s corner for the main event but Angle insists she take the rest of the night off.

~ Tonight’s Royal Rumble replay was Rikishi dancing with Too Cool in last year’s Rumble before eliminating his buds.

~ Stvee Austin is shown backstage pacing around and it doesn’t look like he found any new partners yet.

~ Elsewhere Triple H and Stephanie are confident that Austin has no friends and will have to go it alone later. Stephanie then whispers something to Triple H who feels that will get Austin to provoke him. A plan, perhaps?

~ JR and Lawler then shill the upcoming Tough Enough competition and how fans can apply at wwf.com and mtv.com.

~ Next we get clips of Chyna making her return and accepting Ivory’s challenge to a title match at the pay-per-view. We then cut over to WWF New York where Billy Gunn is hanging out to get his thoughs on Chyna’s return to action. Billy says he’s worried that Chyna isn’t 100% and is coming back too soon but promises to support her nonetheless. Billy then talks about meeting the rest of the RTC members at the Rumble and eliminating them on the way to winning. Yeah, sure.

~ Kurt Angle and his partners are heading to the ring signaling the main event is next as we go to commercial.

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin & ???????? vs. Kurt Angle, Edge & Christian

Austin makes his way out alone since his scheduled partners were taken out earlier and awaits his opponents while there’s no sign of anyone joining his side. Team ECK make their way to the ring expecting it to be a handicap match yet Austin is smiling for some reason. We soon find out why as the Acolytes’s music cues up allowing Austin to get the jump on Angle to start us off. Bradshaw and Faarooq join Austin in the ring to go after E&C and it’s a six-man brawl in three of the corners. The Acolytes clear E&C out while Austin hits Angle with the count-along punches then whips him into an elbow. Austin whips Angle when Angle grabs the ropes then tags Christian in but Austin greets him with right hands and rams him into Bradshaw’s boot. Austin whips him and hits a clothesline before tagging Bradshaw. Bradshaw whips Christian who goes for a crossbody but Bradshaw catches him and hits the fallaway slam. Bradshaw sets Christian up for a powerbomb but Angle breaks it up. Edge tags in but eats a shoulderblock. Bradshaw goes for a whip, Edge reverses but lowers the head and Bradshaw clubs the back then chops him and hits a back suplex. Faarooq tags in helps Bradshaw whip Edge and plant him with a double chokeslam. Faarooq whips Edge and hits a powerslam then tags Austin back in and Austin whips Edge but lowers the head and Edge kicks the face. Edge hits a dropkick then tees off on Angle before tagging Angle in to take over on him. Angle hits Austin with a back suplex then hits a second then goes for a third but this time Austin flips out of it. Austin fights back and whips Angle then hits a spinebuster for a two count. E&C bring a pair of chairs in and go for the ConChairto on Austin but Austin ducks it while the Acolytes come in and clear them out again. The four of them brawl somewhere leaving Austin and Angle one-on-one as Austin hits Angle with a superplex. Austin then looks over and sees Triple H coming out on the stage but that allows Angle to nail him below the belt. Angle gets in some stomps and goes for a gutwrench suplex but Austin counters and hits his own gutwrench. Austin wails away on Angle and goes for a whip but Angle comes back with a belly-to-belly suplex for a two. Angle hammers Austin and goes for a whip, Austin reverses into a corner but Angle comes out with a clothesline. Angle then sets Austin up for the Olympic Slam but Austin fights out of it and hits him with a Russian legsweep. Austin drapes Angle on the middle rope and goes for the straddle when Angle dodges it but Austin stops himself. Austin whips Angle and hits the Thesz Press then unloads on him with right hands but Angle rakes the face. Angle hops to the middle rope and leaps off but Austin catches him and hits the Stunner for the victory! (6:45) Well there’s that finish everyone wanted last week, although it doesn’t really do Austin much good now. Okay but for some reason I wasn’t feeling this main event. Plus why is your world champion jobbing six days before his pay-per-view title defense? **

Austin then looks out at Triple H who gets on the mic and brags about putting him on the shelf for almost a year as he climbs in the ring. Triple H also brings up what he did to Austin last week and looks to settle the score with him right now even offering to let Austin have the first shot. Triple H gets in Austin’s face daring him to strike but Austin doesn’t budge. Triple H then questions Austin’s manhood and claims he’s scared as JR begs him not to get suckered into blowing his spot in the Rumble. Austin heads out and brings a chair in the ring then readies it as Triple H begs him to forget about blowing his chance at a title shot and get his revenge. Eventually Austin drops the chair and flips Triple H the double bird then leaves the ring as the crowd pops for it. Austin walks up the ramp but Triple H calls him something that’s bleeped out and that gets Austin to turn back. Austin starts back toward the ring … but Angle takes Triple H out with the Olympic Slam before they come to blows. Austin thanks Angle for saving his spot in the Rumble with a Stunner then grabs some beer and we’re out for this week.

Conclusion: Pretty lackluster episode to start the final build toward the Rumble, such as it was. The show started off fine with a solid opening match with some good crowd reaction. But after that we’re treated to a stretch of meodicre matches including a so-so main event, not to mention all the talking segments designed to somehow sell the matches for the supercard. Plus after that great showing in the previous week’s title match Angle is back to looking like a joke champion; not only was he pinned cleanly by Austin in the main event but it’s becoming obvious the title match at the pay-per-view is mainly about two other feuds, with the world champion seeming like an afterthought. So overall thumbs down for a very skippable edition of Raw.

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