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WWF Raw Is War 2.19.2001

Monday, February 19th, 2001

Live from the Savvis Center in St. Louis, MO

List of WWF Champions at the time:
●  WWF World Heavyweight Champion: Kurt Angle (10/22/2000)
●  WWF Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho (1/21/2001)
●  WWF World Tag Team Champions: The Dudley Boyz (1/21/2001)
●  WWF European Champion: Test (1/22/2001)
●  WWF Hardcore Champion: Raven (2/18/2001)
●  WWF Women’s Champion: Ivory (11/02/2000)
●  WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Dean Malenko (4/27/2000)

~ Raw comes on the air with highlights of everyone getting involved in the Rock/Triple H match on Smackdown. Jim Ross welcomes us to the show along with Jerry “The King” Lawler as they hype No Way Out in just six days. But tonight Steve Austin will team up with The Rock to take on the evil duo of Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit. And in other tag action Triple H and Stephanie will do battle with Trish Strats and William Regal. Ho boy!

  • The Undertaker vs. D’Von Dudley vs. Christian

Did I mention there’s a three-way tag title match at the pay-per-view? JR mentions Vince has ordered each guy’s respective partners barred from ringside but Edge comes out with Christian then joins the announcers claiming Lawler invited him to commentate. Taker pounds on D’Von to start off then whips him into a corner but eats an elbow. D’Von gets in his shots then comes off the ropes but runs into a boot. Taker snapmares D’Von and follows it up with a legdrop then covers him but Christian makes the save. Taker throws Christian into a corner and pummels away at him then whips him and scoops him up for a powerslam but D’Von attacks Taker to break it up. D’Von hits a shoulderbock but Taker absorbs it so D’Von tries it again and Taker tosses him over the ropes. Taker gets Christian down in an armbar but D’Von makes it back in to save it before Christian can submit. D’Von and Christian double-team Taker and hit a double suplex before clotheslining him over the ropes. D’Von then hits Christian with his version of the Curtain Call and covers but Taker pulls D’Von out to the floor. Taker rams D’Von into the announce table before tossing him back in the ring when Edge starts yaking at him. Taker then turns toward Edge who gets in his face but Taker responds by pie-facing him back into his seat. In the ring Christian plants D’Von with a Slop Drop and covers him but Taker comes in and pulls Christian off. Taker works Christian over in a corner when D’Von attacks Taker from behind while Edge hops on the apron. Edge distracts the referee while Taker grabs D’Von but Christian low blows Taker to prevent the chokeslam. Christiain whips D’Von who comes back with a forearm but Taker grabs D’Von and this time hits the chokeslam. Taker covers D’Von and Christian saves it while Edge is on the apron again until Taker uppercuts him off. Christian then goes for the Unprettier but Taker shoves him away then hits the Last Ride and scores the pin. (3:36) Edge comes in again and attacks Taker but Taker comes back with the chokeslam and leaves both E&C laying. I don’t get why Taker (and Kane for that matter) are getting all the wins in this feud.

~ Backstage we find the Helmsleys in the parking garage waiting for William Regal and Trish Stratus to arrive. Triple H just lounges on the back of a car while Stephanie is anxious to teach Trish who the dominant female is.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Undertaker pinning Christian then chokeslamming Edge because he can. We then find Edge & Christian conversing about how what they’ve been doing up to this point hasn’t worked out. Edge feels their advantage over the other four men is their brains and they need to come up with a ‘Plan B’ fast.

  • Lita vs. Dean Malenko ©Non-Title Match

After months of Malenko lusting over her, Lita (and the rest of us) is hoping this is the final battle. Also I believe Malenko is still the Light Heavyweight Champion even though he doesn’t come out with the belt. Both sides lockup when Malenko shoves Lita down then moves in when the referee asks Malenko to back off. Lita tells the referee to stay out of her way but Malenko clubs her in the back then hits a short-arm clothesline. Malenko goes and brings a chair in but the referee pulls it away while Lita rolls Malenko up but only gets two. Malenko ties Lita in a tree of woe and stomps away at her then covers her…before putting her foot on the rope. Malenko acts surprised at that when Lita nails him below the belt then rolls him up but only gets a near fall. Malenko comes back with a suplex … then pulls Lita on top of him for a cover and kicks out before the three. Malenko whips Lita into a corner and swings her around but ends up koncking the referee out through the ropes. Malenko hits Lita with a knee to the chest followed by a suplex then goes out and brings the chair in again. Malenko readies a swing when Matt Hardy suddenly runs in and decks Malenko, causing him to drop the chair. Matt takes the chair and blasts Malenko with it then heads back out as Lita and the referee both start to revive. Lita crawls over and drapes an arm over Malenko as the referee counts 1..2..3, giving Lita the victory! (3:05) Lita finally gets her win over Malenko and finally puts this angle to rest. The match was what it was with some cool stuff from Malenko but the real memorable part is next.

Matt comes back in and helps Lita up and the two start celebrating when Matt gets swept up and kisses Lita! Lita is quite surprised and pulls away from Matt who immediately realizes what he just did and apolpgizes to her. Matt heads out to leave Lita alone in the ring and walks up the ramp while making “what a fool I am!” motions. However Lita chases Matt down tells him it’s alright then gives him a huge kiss back as the crowd goes wild!

~ We then check on the Helmsleys in the parking garage when a limo pulls up and Stephanie bangs on the door. Trish Stratus then pops up through the sunroof when Stephanie decides to go after her. Stephanie climbs up the hood then scrambes across the roof and manages to grab Trish before ramming her into the roof several times. Eventually Triple H pulls Stephanie away from Trish while William Regal helps her escape through a side door.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Stephanie not waiting for the mixed tag match to get her hands on Trish.

~ JR and Lawler hype Sunday’s main event by showing Kurt Angle putting The Rock in an anklelock on Smackdown. We then go to a pre-taped interview Kevin Kelly had with Kurt Angle earlier toay about the No Way Out title match. Kevin asks Angle about where his hatred for Rock comes from and Angle says he’s jealous of Rock for good reason. Angle says he trained for years just to earn the privelage of representing and honoring the U.S. in the Olympics and defyed the odds to bring home to gold medal yet he comes to the WWF and gets booed by the fans. Angle then claims Rock wouldn’t represent his country even if he wanted to yet gets standing ovations in every city. Angle says it hurts how he’s kind and courteous and is basically everything Rock is not, yet Rock is everyone’s hero and wants to know why. Kevin responds by saying that for whater reason Rock is the People’s Champion. Angle then asks Kevin how Rock treats him as a person, if he’s had to explain to his son with a “hermaphrodite” is and if his wife thought it was sexy how Rock made him interview him with a finger up his nose. Angle then asks Kevin who he’ll be rooting for in the match at No Way Out and all Kevin does is look down guiltily. Angle then brings up the lack of respect with everyone thinking the Wrestlemania main event is already set in stone, that Rock will beat him for the title then face Steve Austin in the “biggest Wrestlemania” ever. Angle says he’s made a lifetime of proving people wrong and will do it one more time by beating Rock this Sunday. Angle feels once he beats Rock in the center of the ring then he’ll finally get the respect from the fans that he deserves. Angle finishes by telling Rock that his days of being on top aren’t numbered, The Rock’s are, and that is true. Pretty good interview there.

~ Backstage The Kat barges into the Acolytes’ office and complains about Right To Censor breathing down her neck and how she can’t be the leader of the Right to Nudity movement if the RTC keeps stopping her attempts to get nude. Bradshaw mentions he was surfing the Internet and found a nearbly adult club where Kat can get naked like a jaybird. Kat gets excited so the Acolytes decide to take the there, after Faarooq gathers some dollar bills from the poker pot.

~ Elsewhere Michael Cole interviews Chris Jericho who’s been appointed referee for an Eddie Guerrero/X-Pac match. Jericho congradulates Vince McMahon for realizing it’s time to play it safe after 647 run-ins during his matches. Jericho says that since both guys hate him his pal Rod Smart of the XFL Las Vegas Outlwas has lent him his jersey. If you remeber Rod Smart was the guy who wore ‘HE HATE ME’ on his jersey, which Jericho will wear instead of the stripes. Real subtle plug, guys.

  • Eddie Guerrero vs. X-Pac

Chris Jericho makes his way out first to serve as the special referee while wearing the ‘HE HATE ME’ jersey. Eddie comes out to the ring next and stares at Jericho then thinks about taking a swing at him but holds up. X-Pac then comes out and has his own words for Jericho but that allows Eddie to jump him and start us off. Eddie stomps away at X-Pac then goes for a whip, X-Pac reverses but Eddie comes back with a shoulderblock. X-Pac leapfrogs Eddie and hits a spinkick then covers him as Jericho makes a quick count but only gets two. Eddie yells at Jericho allowing X-Pac to nail him from behind. X-Pac whips Eddie into a corner and charges but Eddie sidesteps it and X-Pac straddles the turnbuckles. Eddie clotheslines X-Pac down to the mat and covers but Jericho slowly gets into position and X-Pac kicks out even before a count is made. Eddie argues with Jericho again when X-Pac rolls him up but Eddie grabs the bottom rope for the break. Eddie whips X-Pac then puts him in an Abdominal Stretch and grabs the hair even as Jericho warns him. Eventually Jericho grabs Eddie by the hair to break the hold and throws him to the mat so Eddie shoves Jericho who shoves him back threatening to disqualify him. Eddie decks X-Pac then whips him and hits an elbow. Eddie climbs to the top rope then yells at Jericho allowing X-Pac to dropkick him off the ropes to the apron. X-Pac superplexes Eddie back in the ring then flips Jericho off before hitting the Bronco Buster in a corner. Jericho pulls X-Pac off Eddie allowing Eddie to clothesline X-Pac down then whip him but X-Pac kicks the face. Eddie ducks a clothesline and gets a waistlock but X-Pac fights out of it then suplexes Eddie over the ropes. Jericho starts to count Eddie out while keeping X-Pac at bay so X-Pac smacks Jericho in the back of the head. Jericho doesn’t like that and starts pounding on X-Pac when Justin Credible comes in but he eats a right hand. X-Pac turns the tide and helps Credible double-team Jericho but Eddie comes back in and fights both guys. Jericho comes back and tosses X-Pac through the ropes while Eddie works Credible over and clears him out. Jericho and Eddie back into each other and Eddie attacks Jericho then whips him but Jericho hits a forearm. Jericho follows up with the bulldog and the Lionsault then leaves Eddie laying and that’s the match I guess. (4:36) Not much I can say about this so I won’t. NR

Jericho heads up the ramp and looks back at X-Pac and Credible in the ring while Eddie is out on the floor. Suddenly Chris Benoit jumps Jericho then DDTs him on the stage. Third straight week Jericho has gotten jumped by one of his enemies. Jericho has issues with three men and still doesn’t have a match booked for the pay-per-view. I wonder how they can solve this issue?

~ Back from break we check on The Acolytes and The Kat as they arrive at the adult club.

~ Backstage we find Edge & Christian asking some guy to give Undertaker a message before sending him on his way. E&C then start calling the Dudleys out to meet them in the garage as we see the Dudleys answeing that challenge. However we then see E&C’s flunky knocking on Undertaker’s door telling him the Dudleys are messing up his bike and Taker doesn’t take this news very well and heads out to see for himself, warning the guy he better not be playing him. Back in the garage the Dudleys arrive and find no sign of E&C but do find Taker’s motorcycle which is smashed up. Taker comes in and sees the Dudleys as well as his dismantled bike then makes an assumption and attacks D’Von. Bubba comes to D’Von’s aid so Taker tries to fight him then D’Von until Bubba rams him into a closed garage door. The Dudleys then overwhelm Taker and leave him laying before leaving to continue searching for Edge & Christian. Kane then walks in and finds Taker calling out to him when E&C suddenly jump him and nail him with a ConChairto! So E&C do get something over the brothers after all. Nice segment though a little contrived.

~ Elsewhere Stephanie gets antsy for her husband to get ready while Triple H assures her their match isn’t until later. Stephanie then says that she’s going to take a walk just to clear her head and heads out as we go to commercial. Yeah, I bet she is.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Edge & Chrsitian setting up Undertaker & Kane for a pair of ambushes.

~ Out in the arena Stephanie’s walk has apparently taken her to the ring because she just has to get in her promo time. Stephanie gets on the mic and says with Vince not in the building she’s in charge and therefore plans have changed. Stephanie says fans may not have expected to see her now but she didn’t expect to see something last Thrusday and shows footage of Vince and Trish visiting the comatose Linda at the saniatarium on Valentine’s Day. Stpehanie says she and Vince worked hard to put Linda in her place and ensure there’s only one dominant female but now she has another meddlesome female to deal with, one who should have stayed in the back seats. Stephanie tells Trish that she’s not afraid of her before showing a clip of her slapping Steve Austin last week on Raw, saying if she’d do that to Austin then she should just imagine what she has in store for her at No Way Out. Stephanie then Trish to forget about the mixed tag match later because she wants her one-on-one in the ring right now! However instead of Trish it’s Austin who comes out to the ring and Stephanie has that “deer in the headlights” look. Austin gets right in Stephanie’s face before taking the mic and thanking her for reminding him what she did to him then mentions he can’t touch her husband but does have a present for her … before laying her out with the Stunner! Austin gets a couple of beer cans tossed to him then heads out to the floor just before Triple H charges in the ring. Austin casually walks away while Triple H is flipping out because he can’t do anything about his wife getting Stunned.

~ Back form break we get a replay of Austin giving Stephanie the Stunner with Triple H unable to get even for it. We then find the trainer checking on the still-unconcious Stephanie backstage while Triple H tears the room apart. Elsewhere we find William Regal and Trish watching on a monitor with Trish figuring this means the mixed tag is off. Trish then tells Stephanie to remember this pain because it’ll be nothing compared to what awaits her on Sunday. Regal suggests that with Austin on the prowl perhaps they’d better leave but Trish wants to enjoy Stephanie’s pain. Regal insists they head back to the hotel then drags Trish off by the arm. So much for one of the advertised matches.

  • The Hardy Boyz vs. Rikishi & Haku

The Hardys make their way out first then Matt climbs to the top rope and takes Haku out with a plancha while Jeff runs along the barricade and nails Rikishi with a clothesline. All four guys duke it out on the floor when Rikishi tosses Matt in the ring to start the match off proper leaving Jeff and Haku still fighting on the outside. Matt comes back with rights and goes for a whip and Rikishi reverses it but Matt hits the takedown clothesline. Matt gets Rikishi in a corner then drops to the mat as Jeff comes in and connects with the Poetry in Motion. Matt and Jeff nail Haku with a double elbow followed by their combo move then Matt rams Haku into a buckle. Matt drops down and Jeff goes for Poetry in Motion again but Haku catches Jeff and tosses him over the ropes. Matt tries to fight both guys but Haku superkicks him down and Rikishi follows up with the massive legdrop. Rikishi whips Matt and connects with a clothesline then tags Haku in and Haku stomps away at him in a corner. Haku wails away on Matt and caps off with a headbutt then hits a chop to the throat and throws him to the mat. Rikishi tags in and helps Haku hit a double thrust to the throat then works Matt over and hits his own headbutt. Matt starts to fight back but Rikishi stops that with a thrust shot to the throat then whips him into a corner. Rikishi goes for the butt splash but misses it and Jeff snaps Rikishi’s neck off the ropes while Matt hits a DDT. Jeff gets the tag when Haku comes in but Jeff runs up the buckle and connects with the Whipser in the Wind. Jeff catches Rikishi with a heelkick and dropkicks Haku through the ropes but Rikishi tosses him over the ropes. However Matt nails Riksihi with the Twist of Fate while Jeff climbs to the top rope and hits the Swanton Bomb. Jeff covers Rikishi but the referee is too busy to count the pin since Matt was too slow in leaving the ring. Haku comes back in and headbutts Jeff allowing Riksihi to cover Jeff and get the pin. (3:47) Not exactly a squash but still no reason to job the Hardys to these guys. *

Matt cuts the celebration short by going after Haku but Rikishi puts him down with a thrust to the throat. Jeff tries to get a piece of Rikishi while Matt helps Jeff whip him then the Hardys hit a double clothesline. However Haku is back up and grabs both Hardys in a double Tongan Death Grip, one Hardy with each hand! Both Hardys are quickly rendered unconcious and that’s how Rikishi and Haku leave them laying in the ring.

~ We then check back at the adult club as the Acolytes are urging The Kat to join a pole dander on the stage. Kat jumps on the stage and starts to disrobe when Steve Richards and Ivory appear and cover Kat up with a sack. Ivory then drags Kat away while Richards dares the Acolytes to come onto the stage and do something about it. Bradshaw and Faarooq are ready to fight but the rest of the RTC appear from nowhere and jump them from behind. Farrooq is taken out quickly by a cue stick while Bradshaw tries to fight on but is knocked off the stage through a table. Eventually the Acolytes are out of commission while the RTC’ers are taking Kat somewhere as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get a replay of the Right To Censor once again frustrating Kat’s latest attempt at nudity. In the arena Lawler and JR comment when they’re greeted by Al Snow wearing a ‘COMMISSIONER SNOW’ shirt. Apparenlty Snow is campaigning to become the next WWF Commissioner and gives the annoucners some buttons. That reminds me, we haven’t seen Lt. Commissioner Debra in several weeks now. Whatever happened to her?

  • WWF HARDCORE TITLE: Raven © vs. Crash Holly

Raven brings his shopping cart of plunder with him but Crash has his own road sign ready and waffles Raven. Crash grabs a fire extinguisher from the cart and sprays CO2 at Raven, backing him up the ramp to the stage. Crash nails Raven with the sign again and covers for a two count then Raven goes down a ladder to the floor. Crash follows Raven to the back and rams him into the fusebox then backdrops him into an overflow basin. Crash clocks Ravenw with a trash can then climbs on a forklift and hits a crossbody on Raven in the water. Crash covers Raven in the water but only gets two so he covers him on the edge of the pool for another two. Raven tries to escape when Crash sets him onto a longcart then rams him into a convinent pile of metal poles. Crash puts Raven on the cart and rams him into a door which has another set of pipes behind it for some reason. Crash takes Raven into the loading dock and goes for a whip but Raven resverses him into a pile of trash cans. Raven starts to head out when Big Show appears, reminding him they never finished their match on Smackdown. Raven tries fleeing up a ladder but Show grabs him and Crash then throws both guys into a closed garage door. Suddely the nina woman appears and cracks Show’s knee with a 2×4 while Raven hits Show with a trash can. Raven tries to escape between two semis and Crash chases him down but Raven greets him with a road sign. Crash is down while the ninja tries to help Raven to the getaway car when she’s ambushed by Molly Holly. Raven stuffs the ninja in the car but Molly goes after her the backseat while Raven tries to reach the wheel. Crash also makes his way in the car as it starts to driver off but stops as both Holly counsins are unloaded. Show arrives on the scene but is a second too late as the car drives off leading to another incomplete match. (~4:11) Words fail me. DUD

~ Back from break Triple H helps Stephanie into their limo to go to the hotel while he takes care of some business. Stephanie begs Triple H not to touch Austin, that he just has six more days to wait until the No Way Out match. Stephanie tells Triple H it’s either six days or six months and Triple H agrees before sending the limo on its way.

~ In the arena Steven Richards and Ivory are dragging Kat to the ring to apparently make an example of her. Richards gets on the mic and yells at the fans for cheering Kat to disrobe instead of shielding themselves with dignity. Richards also chastises the fans for embracing Kat’s immoral ways when they should be helping fight the good fight. Richards says the Right To Censor is determinted to keep Kat from getting her way and will evem act as her judge and jury when the crowd won’t. Richards asks Kat where her protection is now when Lawler decides he’s seen enough of this and heads in the ring demading Richards get his hands off Kat. Richards asks Lawler if he’s Kat’s knight in shining armor and Lawler says he’d fight for the right to see Kat nude. Richards says that’s fine then tells Kat that since Lawler wants to come to her aid he can do so at No Way Out. Richards offers Lawler a match with any member of Right To Censor and if he wins they’ll allow Kat to get nude but if he loses then Kat belongs to them. Kat urges Lawler to accept the challenge and Richards then allows Lawler to pick any member of RTC to face and Lawler decides to choose Richards himself. Lawler even decides to give Richards a taste of what’s to come this Sunday and drops him with a right hand.

~ Back form break we head over to WWF New York and find Tazz signing copies of the new WWF Music Vol. 5.

~ The announcers hype Sunday’s WWF Championship match by showing clips of the earlier interview with Kurt Angle. We then find Michael Cole interviewing The Rock backstage for his thoughts on Angle’s comments from earlier. Rock tells Angle that he didn’t make himself the People’s Champion, it was the people who made him their champion. Rock says the people cheer for him because he isn’t wahining about what the people should do or who they cheer for. Rock says that he’s beating Angle for the WWF Title at the pay-per-view and moving on to main event Wrestlemania. Rock then tells Angle the countdown is on and we’re looking at the next champion in six days, if ya smell and etc.

~ The rest of the main event participants are shown making their way to the ring as we go to commercial.

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Rock vs. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit

Austin suffered a Crossface and Rock suffered an Anklelock on Smackdown so here’s theri shot at revenge. However when you look at the participants and who’s feuding with who, can you already guess who’s doing the job? Triple H comes out to join the commentary and quivers when they show a replay of Stephanie’s Stunner earlier. The particpants then file out with Austin giving Triple H a couple of beers to enjoy, making him even angrier. Rock starts off against Benoit and gets in the first shots then tags Austin in and Austin wrenches Benoit’s arm. Benoit tries to reverse it when Austin jabs the eyes to prevent it then whips him but Benoit kicks the face. Benoit hammers Austin with chops and goes for a whip but Austin reverses it and hits a knee to the chest. Austin stomps Benoit down in a corner then flips the double bird to Triple H who’s trying to restrain himself. Rock tags in and applies an armwringer when Benoit rakes the face but Rock comes back with a clothesline. Rock lays the boots to Benoit then rams him into Austin’s boot before tagging him in to take over on him. Benoit rakes Austin’s face and hits some more chops then tags Angle in but Angle runs right into a clothesline. Austin hits Angle with a vertical suplex followed by a second vertical suplex then tosses him through the ropes. Austin goes out and gets in Triple H’s face then rams Angle into the announce table and rolls him back in the ring. Rock tags in and hammers away on Angle then whips him and plants him with a Samoan Drop for a two count. Rock goes for a whip but Angle reverses and hits an elbow then gets in some stomps before tagging Benoit in. Rock counters a whip and tags Austin in and Austin hits some knees then puts Benoit in an Abdominal Stretch. Austin even grabs the ropes for leverage while laughing out at Triple H who seems on the verge of exploding. Earl Hebner sees Austin and orders a break but Benoit drives Austin into his corner where Angle tags himself in. Austin wails away on Angle and goes for a whip but Angle reverses and catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Benoit tags in and stomps away at Austin when Hebner pulls him away while Angle hits an elbow to the chest. Angle tags in and gets in his offense on Austin before tagging Benoit back in and Benoit hits a German suplex. Benoit holds on looking for a second German but Austin fights out of it and plants Benoit with a back suplex. Austin crawls toward his corner as Benoit tries to hold him back but Austin lunges and makes the tag to Rock. Rock wails away on Benoit then whips him and hits a belly-to-belly throw before getting in a shot on Angle. Rock hits Benoit with a spinebuster then goes into the Sharpshooter but Angle saves it before Benoit submits. Austin is in and tosses Angle through the ropes then goes out after him and continues antagonizing Triple H.

In the ring Benoit gets Rock in the Crossface and Rock looks ready to tap but Austin makes it in to save it. Benoit stomps Rock out to the floor where Angle clotheslines him and stomps him before rolling him back in. Benoit whips Rock and htis a knee to the chest then tags Angle in and Angle hits a back suplex for a near fall. Benoit tags back in and hits some chops in a corner but Rock reverses positions and wails away on Benoit. Benoit comes back with a German suplex then holds on for a second German suplex followed by a third German. Benoit climbs to the top rope and goes for the diving headbutt to end this but misses it and both men are down. Both men start crawling toward the corner and Benoit tags in Angle while Rock makes the hot tag to Austin. Austin takes it to both men and knocks their heads together then whips Angle and plants him with a spinebsuter. Austin covers Angle but Benoit saves it then goes for a whip but Ausitn reverses it and hits the Thesz Press. Austin unloads on Benoit then goes for a Stunner but Benoit shoves him away and Austin clotheslines Angle. Austin shoulderblocks Angle in a corner while Rock knocks Benoit over the ropes with the Smackdown. Rock goes after Benoit and dukes it out on the floor while Austin whips Angle and hits him with the Stunner. Austin covers Angle … but Triple H suddenly pulls Hebner out of the ring then flips Austin the double bird. Austin gets in Triple H’s face on the apron and it looks like both men are about to commit double career suicide. Benoit brings Angle’s title belt in and takes a swing at Austin but Austin ducks and Triple H takes the hit instead. Austin punches Benoit right into a Rock Bottom and Rock covers Benoit as Hebner comes in to count the three. (10:52) Pretty good main event though it was obvious Benoit would give up the pin since he was the odd man out in this setup. ***

Austin and Rock celebrate the win with Austin holding the title belt for a bit before tossing it over to Rock. Rock then poses with the belt to send a message to Angle who has his own words for Rock. Austin and Triple H stand face-to-face again but nothing comes of it and that’s how Raw goes off the air this week.

Conclusion: Pretty much your standard pay-per-view preview show to start the final build to No Way Out. The matches were pretty much “just there” and not very memorable other than the main event which was good, if not predictable. The rest of the show consisted of the usual segments used to push the angles toward the pay-per-view and some were good while others not so much. They did do a solid job keeping the two main feuds of the supercard going and we didn’t get Vince McMahon putting himself over for once which is a plus. Also notice how they hardly plugged the XFL in the two hours. Just though I’d bring that up. So I’d call this an okay show as long as you’re not expecting much.

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