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WWF Raw Is War 3.19.2001

Monday, March 19th, 2001

Live from the Pepsi Arena in Albany, NY

List of WWF Champions at the time:
●  WWF World Heavyweight Champion: The Rock (2/25/2001)
●  WWF Intercontinental Champion: Chris Jericho (1/21/2001)
●  WWF World Tag Team Champions: The Hardy Boyz (3/05/2001)
●  WWF European Champion: Test (1/22/2001)
●  WWF Hardcore Champion: The Big Show (2/25/2001)
●  WWF Women’s Champion: Ivory (11/02/2000)
●  WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Crash Holly (3/18/2001)

~ Raw comes on the air with highlights of Thursday’s Steve Austin/Kurt Angle match and Rock getting Stunned again. We then find Rock pacing outside the building, anxiously awaiting Austin’s arrival to discuss the two Stunners over the last week. After the intro Jim Ross welcomes us to the show along with Paul Heyman as they hype the road to Wrestlemania. But tonight The Dudleys get their tag title rematch and Rock faces Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit in a handicap match.

  • WWF HARDCORE TITLE: The Big Show © vs. Raven

After Raven lost the title to Show at No Way Out he finally gets his rematch. Raven meets Show at ringside with a trash lid but Show no-sells it and boots him. Show press slams Raven over the ropes back in the ring but Raven’s foot ends up getting tangled in the ropes. Show frees Raven’s foot and headbutts him then climbs in but Raven nails him with a trash can. Raven goes for another shot but Show shoves him away then whips him hard into a corner and headbutts him. Show whips Raven but Raven dropkicks him in the knee then grabs a trash can and tries wokring over the knee. Show clubs Raven down and powerslams him then signals for the chokeslam … when Kane makes his way out. Show goes out and meets Kane on the ramp but Kane kicks Show below the belt then throws him into the steps. Kane tosses the steps in the ring before he and Show both climb back in then rams the steps into Show’s face. Kane readies his own chokeslam when Raven interupts so Kane decks him but eats a thrust kick from Show. Show clotheslines Kane over the ropes when Raven jumps on his back with a sleeper but Show shrugs him off. Show sets Raven up for the Final Cut but Kane climbs to the top rope and nails Show with the flying clothesline. Raven ends up falling on top of Show while the referee counts the three and Raven regains the title! (3:39) Just there to preview Wrestlemania, and not in the way folks expected at the time. DUD

Kane boots Show through the ropes for good measure when Raven whacks Kane in the back with a stop sign but Kane just shrugs it off so Raven just grabs his belt and flees from the ring with Kane pursuing him. Show is getting back up to his feet when we cut backstage and see Raven making his escape through a door.

~ Backstage we see Shane McMahon making his way somewhere with a clipboard in hand as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break The Rock is still pacing outside the buidling when Johnathan Coachman runs up and informs him that Steve Austin’s flight has been delayed. Rock feels that’s more than a little conveinent then orders Coach to to the airport and once Austin steps off the plane to tell him that Rock is waiting for him.

~ Out in the arena Shane makes his way to the ring because we just need our long promo segment in the first half hour. Shane gets on the mic and talks about growing up as Vince McMahon’s son and calls it an unbelieveable thrill ride because he saw Vince do whatever he wanted to whomever without worrying about the ramifications. Shane says men like Steve Austin, The Rock, Mick Foley and even Ted Turner tried to stop him but had little success. Shane also says how he was side by side with Vince every step of the way but he’s since realized things have to stop. Shane mentions a recent interview Vince did with Bob Costas where Vince said how he can play with the best of them. Shane asks Vince if he wants to play because he’s ready to play too and challenges him to a match at Wrestlemania! Shane even shows that he has a contract all ready to sign and dares Vince to face him in the biggest playground of all. However instead of Vince it’s Stephanie who makes her way out and she gets on the mic begging Shane to reconsider, that their family has enough problems already and that he needs to think about his inheritance.

Now Vince makes his way out to the stage with Trish Stratus and Stephanie tries to keep Shane from leaving the ring. Vince grabs a mic and feels the comatose Linda McMahon is watching in her wheelchair and can’t be proud of her son. Vince asks what kind of son would challenge his own father to a match and reminds Shane he challenged him before. Vince sends Trish down to fetch the contract and once he looks it over he asks Shane if this is what he really wants. Shane insists Vince accept his challenge so Vince pulls out a pen and signs the contract, making their match official. Vince tells Shane he has him at Wrestlemania but will get a piece of him now and starts making his way to the ring. Vince removes his jacket and starts stepping through the ropes … when Triple H runs in and jumps Shane from behind. Triple H beats down Shane until Vince stops him, only to demand he give his son a Pedigree which Triple H does. Triple H pulls back Shane up and Vince gets in his son’s face saying that he’ll never forgive Linda for giving birth to him. Vince also says that at Wrestlemania he’ll wheel Linda out to his corner so she can watch him beat her son down. There’s the setup for the payoff, folks.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Shane laying down the challenge to Vince and getting ambushed by Triple H. We then cut to the back to find Triple H still beating up Shane while Vince taunts him about challenging his own father. Triple H throws Shane through a door outside and tosses him into a closed garage door then rams him into his limo. Triple H then dumps Shane into the limo while Vince tells him that their match at Wrestlemania will be a street fight. Shane pokes his head through the door and Vince “whacks” him with a chair before sending the limo on his way. And by “whacked” I mean Vince actually hit the roof of the limo instead of connecting with Shane.

  • WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES: The Hardy Boyz © (w/Lita) vs. The Dudley Boyz

The Hardys are out first ready to go … but instead of the Dudleys it’s Edge & Christian making their way out, with Edge returning from his back injury at No Way Out. Edge gets on the mic saying they know the Dudleys were supposed to face them but aren’t here so they blew it. Edge dares the Hardys to put the titles on the line against them and the Hardys accept so we now have…

  • WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES: The Hardy Boyz © (w/Lita) vs. Edge & Christian

Weird that the Dudleys would just no-show a title shot, wouldn’t you say? Anyway the Hardys meet E&C on the ramp and Matt tosses Christian in the ring while Jeff and Edge fight on the floor. Christian whips Matt into a corner but eats a boot and Matt hops to the middle rope and hits the guilltoine. Matt goes for a whip but Christian reverses it and Edge grabs Matt by the hair so Matt decks him off the apron. Christian hits Matt with a Slop Drop onto his knee then tags Edge and Edge his his own backbreaker for two. Edge whips Matt hard into a corner and pounds him then goes for a neckbreaker but Matt counters into a DDT. Matt makes the tag to Jeff and Jeff connects with a dropkick on Edge then follows it up with a jawbreaker. Christian comes in but Jeff takes him down and hit the double legdrop then helps Matt whip Edge into a corner. Matt drops into position and Jeff goes for Poetry in Motion but Edge pulls the referee in the way of the hit. Jeff goes to whip Chrisitan but Christian reverses it and both men end up facejamming each other into the mat. Lita climbs to the top rope and takes Christian out with a huricanrana but Edge nails Lita with the Edge-o-matic. Matt whips Edge into a corner and hits the Twist of Fate while Jeff climbs to the top and hits the Swanton Bomb. Matt goes after Christain on the floor … when ECW Champion Rhino comes in from the crowd and spears Jeff!! Rhino departs and Edge covers Jeff as the referee revives to count 1..2..3 and we have new tag team champions! (3:09) And just like that E&C are the first six-time WWF tag team champs, surpassing the New Age Outlaws for most title reigns. Nothing like the matches these two had before as it was all about bringing Rhyno in the WWF. *

~ Backstage we see The Undertaker riding into the parking garage as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Rhino making his surprise WWF debut to help Edge and Christian win the belts. Backstage E&C celebrate becoming six-time champs with their pal Rhino before directing him to go back to the hotel. Rhino mumbles some one word sentences before departing, as Christian tells him not nto maim anyone along the way. I’m guessing the WWF was originally going to make Rhyno the next George “The Animal” Steele but thankfully that was dropped almost instantly.

~ Elsewhere Undertaker is sitting around when he’s met by Commissioner William Regal and a quartet of policemen who Regal says are witnesses as he serves Taker a restratining order. Taker assumes it’s for Triple H but Regal explains the order is actually for Stephanie, that Taker can’t come within 25 feet of her or he’ll be arrested. Taker accepts it but then tells Regal how he knows that he was the one who called the cops on him last Thursday. Taker feels that makes Regal an endangered species because in his world, snitches are a dying breed.

~ Johnathan Coachman pops in with an update from the airport, saying Steve Austin’s plane is due to arrive at 10pm. Huh, isn’t that around the time that Nitro finishes up on the other channel? How conveinent.

~ Back at the arena William Regal is relaxing in his office when Triple H comes in asking him for a match tonight, that this Shane McMahon thing has him in the mood to beat somebody up. Regal suggests Chris Jericho but Triple H instead offers to take care of Test for Regal after the way he bemisrched him and took his European Title. Regal jumps at that idea and gives Triple H his match and the two shake hands as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break Triple H meets up with The Big Show and laughs at his loss earlier which doesn’t sit well with him. Triple H then says he knows how much he wants Kane and the best way to get back at Kane is to go after Undertaker. Show seems interested in that idea and Triple H invites him to take a walk with him and talk it over.

  • Tazz vs. Steven Richards (w/Val Venis)

Tazz choked Richards out on Smackdown so here we are. Tazz goes right to work on Richards and goes for a whip, Richards reverses but Tazz hits a T-bone Tazplex. Tazz readies for the Tazzmission already when Val dumps the referee and comes in but Tazz fights him off. Tazz puts Val in the Tazzmission then lets go of him to put Richards in the Tazzmission but Val breaks it up. Val and Richards then double-team Tazz … when The Rock suddenly comes charging in the ring? The heck? Rock clotheslines Richards and Tazz tosses him through the ropes while Rock clotheslines Val over as well. Rock then turns and plants Tazz with a spinebuster and I guess that’s going to do it for this match. (1:08) Granted it wasn’t a match people were dying to see but that’s no excuse for Rock ruining it. NR

Rock gets on the mic and talks about how he had some stuff to say to Austin who isn’t here to meet him face-to-face so he’s going to say it anyway. Rock rants on receiving a Stunner last week and another Stunner on Smackdown and tonight was the night that Austin was to come face-to-face with him yet he’s having ‘plane troubles’. Rock tells Austin he has someting much bigger than plane troubles because he’s not waiting until Wrestlemania. Rock warms Austin to enjoy the rest of his flight but once he steps foot into the arena his rear end belongs to him. Rock finishes up with the usual and storms off but I heard quite a few boos from the crowd. Just saying.

~ Back from break we get another update from the airport as Coach says Austin’s plane is due in at any moment. Coach then notices the Dudley Boyz who have just arrived at the airport and tries to get a quick word with them. Bubba Ray says somebody cancelled their reservations but they have to dash to the arena for their tag team title shot. The Dudleys then take off before Coach can inform them that they already missed their title oppertunity.

  • WWF EUROPEAN TITLE: Test © vs. Triple H (w/Stephanie McMahon)

Triple H locks up with Test and gets in the first shots then goes for a whip but Test reverses and hits an elbow. Test gets in his offense and works Triple H over in a corner then caps off with the Full Nelson slam for a two. Test whips Triple H into a corner and charges but Triple H sidesteps then throws him shoulder-first into the post. Test tumbles out to the floor … when The Undertaker’s theme suddenly fires out as he comes out to the stage. So not only do we have yet antoher run-in but it’s the second straight match that gets interupted. (1:15) Looked like it was going to be a halfway decent match too. NR

Triple H glares at Taker on the stage while Stephanie stands in his way reminding him of the restraining order. Suddenly Big Show comes out with a chair in hand but Kane grabs the chair away and clobbers Show with it. Taker stands over the fallen Show before giving Kane some instructions and Kane starts heading down the ramp. Stephanie realizes Kane isn’t covered by the restraining order and flees into the crowd with Kane behind her. And Triple H also realizes that with Stephanie out of the way Taker is cleared to come after him without reprisal. Taker climbs in the ring and pounds away on Triple H who comes back with a facebuster but Taker no-sells it. Taker grabs Triple H by the throat looking for a chokeslam but sees Show has recovered and coming in the ring. Taker drops Triple H and decks Show off the apron but Triple H bails out to the floor and hides behind Show. Meanwhile Test is back in and takes exception to Taker’s intrusion so Taker chokeslams him in response. Taker turns back toward Triple H who’s being held back by Show and they both agree this isn’t over yet.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Kane chasing Stephanie into the crowd while Undertaker got some of Triple H. We then see Kane has caught up with Stephanie backstage and is pressing her above his head at the top of a stairwell (at least that’s what the WWF wants us to believe) while Taker watches all this from below. William Regal runs up and begs Kane to let Stephanie go but Taker tells Regal that Kane first wants a match with The Big Show at Wrestlemania and Regal agrees to book it for him. Taker then demands a match for himself with Triple H at the pay-per-view but Regal claims that he can’t get it done. So Taker tells Kane to “send Stephanie down here” and Regal quickly changes his mind and gives Taker his match. Taker complements Regal on his good decision making and Kane sets Stephanie safely down without incident.

  • X-Pac & Justin Credible (w/Albert) vs. Steve Blackman & Grandmaster Sexay

Last night on Heat X-Pac officially dubbed his crew “X-Factor” and they even have some new entrance music. Sexay locks up with Credible to start and gets a headlock, Credible shoves him away but eats a shoulderblock. Sexay comes off the ropes and hits Credible with a neckbreaker followed by a suplex then tags Blackman in. Sexay whips Credible and Blackman trips him with a legsweep then orders Sexay out once he starts dancing. Blackman hits a rolling elbowdrop but Credible rakes his face then tags X-Pac in but Blackman goes for a whip. X-Pac reverses and leapfrogs over Blackman but Blackman flapjacks him and hits a thrust kick to the face. Blackman taunts X-Pac but Credible is in and nails him from behind and X-Pac follows up with a spinkick. Sexay comes in and the referee forces him back while Credible and X-Pac crotch Blackman on the ringpost. Albert tosses Blackman back in the ring and X-Pac kicks him down in his corner then hits the Bronco Buster. Credible tags in and helps X-Pac whip Blackman comes back with a clothesline on both guys then tags in Sexay. Sexay knocks his opponents’ head together then goes to whip Credible who reverses but Sexay slides under him. Sexay hits Credible with an enzuigiri when X-Pac whips him into a corner and charges but runs into a powerslam. Sexay pounds away on Credible when X-Pac nails him from behind but Blackman cuts him off with a thrust kick. Blackman works over X-Pac while Sexay DDTs Credible then climbs to the top rope for the Hip Hop Drop but Albert crotches Sexay on the buckle. Albert hits the Baldobomb and Credible grabs the cheap pin. (3:26) Yawn, nobody cared so let’s move on. *

~ Backstage the Dudleys catch up to Regal explaining their flight was cancelled but they’re here for their title shot. However Regal informs them the match already happened and that Edge & Christian are the new tag team champions. Bubba reminds Regal they earned the shot for tonight while D’Von brings up his offer to be a fan-friendly commissioner. The Dudleys convince Regal to be fan-friendly and give them their tag title shot and Regal okays the match.

~ Elsewhere in Regal’s vacant office Chris Jericho walks up to the desk and takes Regal’s teapot behind a curtain and we then hear sounds of something being poured into something else. Jericho emerges and replaces the teapot and pretty much confirms that we’re literally resorting to toilet humor now.

~ Back from break William Regal is pouring himself a glass of tea, not knowing that Chris Jericho tainted it earlier. Harvey Whippleman runs in trying to warn him but Regal says he’s had a hard evening and wants to enjoy a cup of tea. Regal dismisses Whippleman then samples the brew and … you know what, lets just move it along.

~ Out in the arena Ivory heads to the ring with a cardboard cutout of Chyna because we need more promo time. Ivory get on the mic and uses the cutout to make fun of Chyna, calling her as phony as ever and dumb as a board. Ivory says Chyna’s never been the same after she broke her neck and now wants to challenger her at Wrestlemania. Ivory says she’d love to embarass Chyna in front of the world again but first wants her to sign a special release saying if Chyna gets hurt again at Wrestlemania, no one is responsible except herself. Ivory offers the contract to the cutout and feels Chyna doesn’t have the guts to sign it so the match won’t take place. Ivory decides the offer the fans a sample of what would have been at Wrestlemania then starts attacking the cutout. Ivory rips the cutout’s head off and piledrives it but doesn’t see the real Chyna coming out and climbing in the ring. Ivory turns around when Chyna drills her with a DDT then grabs the release form and signs it to confirm the match. The Goodfather and Val Venis run in the ring but Chyna bails to the floor and heads up the ramp to the back.

~ Backstage Michael Cole interviews William Regal who has finally been informed about Jericho besmirching his tea. Regal says things have to change around here and books a match between himself and Jericho at Wrestlemania. Regal also adds hismelf and Jericho to the main event which was is now 3-on-2; Jericho will team with Rock and he’ll team with Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit.

~ Back from break we get an exterior shot of the arena while JR cries about the media ignoring the XFL again. Give it up, guys.

~ Back at the airport Coach announces Austin’s plane has finally arrived (after 3/4 of the show is already done). Austin and Debra come down some stairs when Coach tells him about The Rock calling him out earlier and that he’s waiting for him at the arena right now. Austin tells Coach that he just got Rock’s rear end whupped then orders him to grab his bags while he’s here.

  • WWF WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES: Edge & Christian © vs. The Dudley Boyz

So for the second time tonight the tag titles are up for grabs. The Dudleys are out first while E&C aren’t happy with defending the titles after just winning them earlier. Bubba pulls Christian in the ring by the hair to start us off and the Dudleys whip him and hit a double flapjack. D’Von takes over on Christian and hits a shouldertackle then whips him and plants him with a powerslam. D’Von rams Christian repeatedly into the mat then goes and takes a swing at Edge but Christian rakes his face. Christian tosses D’Von over the ropes then distracrs the referee while Edge rams D’Von into the barricade. Chrsitian brings D’Von back in the ring and lays the boots to him then tags Edge in and Edge hits a snapmare. Edge follows up with a neckbreaker for a near fall then wails on D’Von before tagging Christian in to take over. Christian hits a knee and chokes D’Von then draws Bubba in to distract the referee while Edge gets in a choke. Edge tags in and hits a dropkick that gets a two count then Christian tags in but D’Von starts to fight back. Christian stops that with an elbow and goes for a whip, D’Von reverses him into a corner but eats a boot. Christian hops to the middle rope and leaps off but D’Von clotheslines him down then makes the tag to Bubba. Edge also gets the tag but Bubba hits some clotheslines then pops Christian and hot shots Edge on the ropes. Christian tries to bring a chair in the ring but Bubba cuts him off then whips him and hits him with a backdrop. Bubba plants Edge with a sidewalk slam and covers him but Christian saves it and all four men are going at it. Edge tosses D’Von through the ropes then tries to spear Bubba but misses him and ends up nailing Christian. Bubba tosses Edge over the ropes and slams Christian while D’Von climbs to the top and hits the “Wassup”. Bubba sends D’Von out for a table and D’Von grabs one but Edge knocks it into his face with a baseball slide. Christian nails Bubba with the Slop Drop … when suddenly in the ring comes Spike Dudley, another ECW guy!! Christian grabs the chair but Spike dropkicks it into his face then follows up with an Acid Drop onto the chair! Spike leaves and Edge is flabergasted at this intrusion then turns back when the Dudleys nail him with the 3D! D’Von covers Edge as the referee counts 1..2..3 and we have new tag team champions! Again! (4:57) So in the span of two hours the Hardys, E&C and Dudleys were all tag champs thanks to two title changes in one night, both of which involved an ECW guy making his WWF debut. The Dudleys grab the belts and celebrate with Spike on the ramp, which might be weird to longtime ECW fans.

~ Backstage Kurt Angle meets with Chris Benoit and reminds him how their job is to get to The Rock in the match. Angle even suggests that Benoit use “that move that kinda puts pressure on the nose” to help set up the Anklelock. Angle feesl Benoit understands and departs but Benoit doesn’t look too thrilled to be told to set up anything for Angle. And it’s sad how we’re under two weeks until Wrestlemania and these two still don’t have matches on the card.

~ We then cut over to WWF New York and find Eddie Guerrero enjoying some of the food there as JR lets us know earlier today Eddie challenged Test to a European Title match at Wrestlemania. But I could have sworn we already saw that match happen on Smackdown which ended with Eddie jobbing to Test. To think they had a nice Eddie vs. Benoit match just ready for the pay-per-view but decided to blow that off last week instead.

  • Chris Jericho & The Rock vs. William Regal, Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit3-on-2 Handicap Match

We’re running out of airtime as the participants file out but Jericho still wants to take some time on the mic, asking Regal what his favorite letter of the English alphabet is and running through them before ending up at ‘P’. Jericho starts against Regal and gets in the first shots then goes for a whip when Regal reverses him into a corner but Jericho comes back with a clothesline. Jericho goes for another whip, Regal reverses it but Jericho kicks the face and follows up with a bulldog for a two. Jericho goes for a whip but Regal counters with a knee to the chest. Benoit tags in but runs into a hiptoss, Rock tags in and gets in his shots then whips Benoit and hits an elbow. Rock goes for a whip but Benoit counters it with a knee to the chest then whips him and hits another knee. Angle tags in and whips Rock but Rock comes back with a forearm then htis a Samona Drop for a near fall. Jerihco tags in and hits some chops then goes for a whip when Angle reverses it but Jericho hits a flying forearm. Jericho stomps Angle down in a corner then grabs a waistlock but Angle counters with a kick below the belt. Angle plants Jericho with a bridge suplex for a near fall then Regal tags in and whips Jericho into a backdrop. Regal hammers away on Jericho and caps off with a double kneelift then follows up with a suplex for a near fall. Benoit tags in and works Jericho over with chops in his corner then hits a back suplex that gets a two count. Benoit hits a snap suplex for a two then tags Angle and Angle exchanges shots with Jericho who takes control. Jericho whips Angle but Angle comes back with a German suplex then Regal tags in when Jericho fights back. Regal whips Jericho when Jericho rolls him up for a near fall but Regal jabs his eyes and tags Angle back in. Angle cuts off Jericho’s tag and goes for a suplex but Jericho rolls through it into a Victory Roll for a two count.

Angle clotheslines Jericho down and tags Benoit and Benoit whips Jericho into a corner and stomps him down. Benoit brings Jericho over to his corner for a triple team while Earl Hebner keeps Rock from coming in to help. Regal tags in and takes over on Jericho then goes for a whip, Jericho reverses into a corner but eats an elbow. Jericho comes back with a spinning heekick then Regal tags in Benoit but Jericho makes the hot tag to Rock. Rock wails on Benoit then goes for a whip, Benoit counters but Rock hits an overhead belly-to-belly throw. Angle is in but Rock knocks him over the ropes with the Smackdown and decks Regal off the apron as well. Rock drills Benoit with a DDT and covers him but Angle pulls him out of the ring and decks him on the floor. Regal and Jericho are both in when Jericho puts Regal the Walls of Jericho but lets go to deal with Benoit. Jericho goes for a whip and Benoit reverses it but Jericho knocks him down and follows up with the Lionsault. Jericho knocks Regal through the ropes and they fight it out on the floor while Angle and Rock both roll back in. Rock hits a spinesbuter then readies for the People’s Elbow but Benoit decks him and puts him in the Crossface. Angle adds in an Anklelock but Jericho flies in with a dropkick to make the save then stomps away on Angle. However Regal brings Rock’s title belt in and waffles Jericho with it then covers him and gets the pin. (7:53) Hey, a heel team winning a handicap match when they have a one-man advantage? That usually doesn’t happen. **½

Angle and friends decide they’re not done yet and stomp Jericho out to the floor then triple-team Rock. The crowd starts chanting for Austin and sure enough the glass breaks and Austin charges out to a huge pop. Austin hammers away on Angle but then heads toward Rock looking to Stunner him when Angle breaks that up. Austin dispatches Angle with the Stunner while Rock nails Regal with his title belt but then turns and waffles Austin! Benoit knocks Rock down but Rock quickly fights back and knocks him over the ropes with the Smackdown. Austin is back up but Rock plants him with a Rock Bottom, finally getting some payback for the two Stunners. Rock then stands over his fallen Wrestlemania opponent as the show goes off the air.

Conclusion: Not a great show but certainlly an eventful one as we draw nearer toward Wrestlemania. We’ve had three title changes, two big debuts, some matches set for the supercard and Rock finally getting one back on Austin. Then again there’s plenty of negatives on the show such as medicore matches (except for the solid main event), the long McMahons segment and two matches getting stopped due to run-ins, one of which didn’t make sense. And the Wrestlemania build continued to underwhelm with some matches tossed on (i.e. Eddie/Test) while guys such as Angle and Benoit still don’t have any matches set with only two weeks left. You’d figure the bookers would have the main matches set for the card by now. But overall the good slightly outweighed the bad so we’ll go thumbs in the middle leaning up for this one.

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