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WCW Thunder 1.06.2000

Thursday, January 6th, 2000

Taped from Florence, SC

List of WCW Champions at the time:
●  WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Bret Hart (12/20/1999)
●  WCW U.S. Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Jarrett (12/20/1999)
●  WCW World Tag Team Champions: David Flair & Crowbar (1/03/2000)
●  WCW Hardcore Champion: Norman Smiley (11/21/1999)
●  WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Madusa (12/19/1999)

~ Thunder comes on the air with highlights of the shenanigans on Nitro. We then get a shot of the nWo dragging a beat-up Arn Anderson into the arena backstage. After that Mike Tenay welcomes us to the show along with Scott Hudson and Tony Schiavohne.

  • WCW Cruiserweight Title: Madusa © (w/Spice) vs. Asya

So this is what the Cruiserweight Title has been reduced to, being held by a female who’s defending it against another female wrestler. To think WCW once actually had a women’s title for this sort of matchup. Once both ladies are out Oklahoma (*sigh*) makes his way out with a bottle of barbecue sauce and joins the commentary. Asya starts off with a hammerlock and Madusa counters with a snapmare but Asya comes back with a dropkick. Asya hits a monkey flip as we see Shane Doulgas and Dean Malenko making their way out for the overbooking. Aysa hits a legdrop then chokes Madusa with her shin as we see Perry Saturn is also hanging around at ringisde. Aysa whips Madusa who flips over the ropes but lands on her feet on the apron and dares Asya to come at her. Madusa shoulderblocks Asya through the ropes then flips back in the ring and plants her with a snap suplex. Doulgas then hops on the apron and starts aruging with the referee while Malenko gets Madusa’s attention. However Saturn goes in and nails Asya from behind and Madusa plants her with the bridging suplex for the pin. (1:42) Way to ruin the title further, guys. I can already tell how this show is going to go. DUD

Douglas and Malenko argue with Saturn, not liking him costing Asya the win, while Madusa gets her arm raised then climbs on the announce table and gets in Oklahoma’s face ripping on him and the Powers That Be. The Filthy Animals run in and clear out the Revolution while Oklahoma breaks his BBQ sauce bottle on Madusa (off camera) and walks off. We then we see Madusa down on the floor covered with the stuff.

~ We then get a shot at our announcing trio as Tenay runs down what could be an out-of-control Thunder. Tonight Diamond Dallas Page will address his issues with Buff Bagwell over the subject of Kimberly. Plus Jeff Jarrett defends the U.S. Title against Norman Smiley in a Bunkhouse Brawl, David Flair & Crowbar defend their newly-won Tag Team Titles against Billy Kidman and Konnan, The Wall challenges Jerry Flynn in a “shoot fight” match and Kevin Nash battles Bam Bam Bigelow.

Now Juventud Guerrera makes his way to the ring with Psycosis to possibly continue his sad Rock impressions. Juvi gets on the mic and talks about being back in “Greenville” as he heads over to the announce table and expresses his displeasure of Tony Schiavohne sitting in what he feels is his seat. Juvi demands Tony leave the desk and Tony tries to explain who the broadcast team really is but Psycosis forces him from the table and Juvi takes his seat. However Terry Funk then comes out and beats down Juvi then powerbombs Psyscosis through the announce table. Funk then goes in the ring and gets on the mic warning the nWo that they can do this the easy way or the hard way. Funk says the nWo can either bring Arn Anderson out here now or he can go in the back and get Arn himself then demands the nWo give him an answer. Jeff Jarrett comes out to the stage to offer a response on the mic and tells Funk before they give Arn back to him they first have a few demands that they want met. Jarrett also says he and boys will be out to the ring in an hour and until then they have some torturing to do. Funk warns Jarrett not to lay a hand on Arn or else but Jarrett tells him off before heading out.

~ Back from break Mean Gene Okerlund interviews the Revoluion backstage about their feud with the Filthy Animals. Shane Douglas says they thought they finished them off but they keep coming back like a bunch of cockroaches. So Douglas challenges the Animals to a six-man tag match at Souled Out but says his team will have a mystery partner. Perry Saturn then warns the Animals that they’ll have to be on their toes from now until the pay-per-view while Dean Malenko says they haven’t forgotten about Hacksaw Jim Duggan and that he will denounce the U.S. The Revolution leave while Juventud Guerrera runs up and tells Gene he’s needed in the ring for an interview then offers to take over the backstage interviews. Gene hands over his mic and heads out.

~ We get a shot of the nWo continuing to beat Arn Anderson up somewhere in the building. You’d think security would have done something by now.

~ A series of clips are shown detailing the growing friction between Harlem Heat over the past few weeks. Mean Gene Okerlund then brings Booker T out to the ring for an interview about Stevie Ray’s recent actions. Booker says this whole issue started when Stevie got hurt some time ago and he was constantly getting jumped so he needed someone to watch his back and that someone was Midnight. Booker admits it led to all sorts of chaos after Stevie attacked him with a slapjack last week and wants to get thing straightened out with him. Booker says he wants his brother and Midnight in his corner so the two of them need to come to an understanding. Almost on cue Stevie heads out to the ring and takes the mic, saying he told Booker that Midnight wasn’t ready. Stevie mentions Midnight cost him four matches and Booker had no right to bring her on while he was suspended. Stevie says he wasn’t going to wrestle tonight but now demands Booker set up a match between him and Midnight. Booker reluctantly agrees to his brother’s request, under the condition that if Midnight wins the three of them will join up together, otherwise Stevie gets his wish. Stevie agrees to the terms but feels that ain’t going to happen as the two of them head out separately.

~ We get a shot of David Flair and Crowbar heading somewhere with Daffney as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we see the nWo still torturing Arn Anderson somewhere and even pouring hot coffee on him. We then find David Flair and friends watching this on a monitor and David looks concerned while the others laugh.

  • PG-13 & Chavo Guerrero vs. Three Count

Chavo attacked these three guys two weeks ago on Thunder and they’re just now following up on it. Don’t know why PG-13 is teaming up with him, though. Anyway Three Count brings out their green circles while announcing they’re going to perform after the match. Chavo starts off against Shannon Moore and goes for a whip but Moore counters with a knee to the midsection. Moore goes for a Rocker Dropper but Chavo tosses him on the ropes then gets in a shot on Evan Karagis. Shane Helms then comes in but JC Ice clotheslines him down while Chavo dropckicks Moore off the apron. Both men take over without tags and JC gets a headlock then Helms shoves him off but eats a shoulderblock. JC comes off the ropes but Helms grabs him while Karagis climbs to the top rope and hits a missle dropkick. Karagis covers JC when Wolfie D tries to make the save with an elbowdrop but repeatedly hits his own partner. Wolfie misses another elbowdrop and Karagis covers him while JC tries to save it and he hits Wolfie as well. Karagis clotheslines JC over the ropes then springs off the top rope and connects with a plancha on the floor. All six men then start going at it before it boils down to Chavo and Moore (the actual legal men) in the ring. Chavo goes for the tornado DDT but Helms clocks him with one of the green circles and Moore grabs the pin. (1:31) Even for a 90-second match that was still sloppy. After the bell the trio proceed with their performance as the crowd showers them with jeers. *
During the previous match Hudson announced that Madusa has challenged Oklahoma to a match at Souled Out. If that wasn’t enough Tenay reports Oklahoma accepted the challenge and I fear the Cruiserweight Title will be involved.

~ We then get a shot of David Flair leaving Crowbar and Daffney and heading somewhere as we go to commercial.

  • The Wall vs. Jerry FlynnShoot-Fight Rules Match

Tenay informs us you can only win by knockout or submission. I guess no pinfalls, DQs or countouts here. Wall pounds away on Flynn to start this off as Tank Abbott makes his way out and joins the commentary. Wall hits a chokedrop then whips Flynn but Flynn comes back with a kick then kicks Wall over the ropes. Flynn goes out and whips Wall into the guardrail then throws him back in the ring but Wall pounces on him. Flynn regains control and and goes for a whip but Wall reverses him into a corner and hits a clothesline. Wall chokes Flynn on the mat and slams him then hops to the middle rope and goes for legdrop but misses. Flynn whips Wall and hits a chop then kicks away at him in a corner and whips him into the opposite corner. Flynn hits a wheel kick that takes him over the ropes then goes over to the table and gets in Tank’s face. Flynn starts to head back but Tand goes over and knocks Flynn out with a right hand then rolls him in the ring. Wall covers Flynn and gets a three count? I though they said you could only win by submission or knockout! (2:44) Seriously, the match was dull enough but did they forget the stiplation or something? DUD
Tank then goes in the ring and kicks Flynn out to the rope before attempting to choke Wall by his tie. Doug Dillinger leads security in the ring to restore order but Tank knocks him out with the right hand.

~ Back from break David Flair is stalking around somewhere with a crowbar in hand and bumps into Terry Funk. And that’s all we get from this scene as he cut back to the ring.

  • WCW U.S. Heavyweight Title: Jeff Jarrett © vs. “Screamin'” Norman SmileyBunkhouse Brawl

Only Jarrett’s U.S. belt is at stake, not Smiley’s Hardcore Title, even though this is a glorified hardcore match. Jarrett brings a wheelbarrow of plunder while Norman comes out in a football uniform and his own weapons which he in the ring. Norman does his posing when he spots Jarrett bringing in a metal tub and tires to duck out to the floor to avoid it but Jarrett throws the tub at him and connects wtih it. Jarrett goes out and nails Norman with a couple of garbage can and a baking pan then rams him into a chair. Jarrett hits Norman in the back with the chair then throws him in the ring and works him over with a broom. Jarrett goes for a whip but Norman trips him into a can with a drop toehold and then whacks him with the can. Jarrett brings a bullrope with cowbell in the ring but Norman whacks him a trash lid before he can use it. Norman whips Jarrett into a corner but eats a boot and Jarrett hops to the middle rope readying the cowbell. Jarrett leaps off but Norman ducks while holding out his arm and ‘accidentally’ catches Jarrett below the belt. Norman cracks Jarrett with the cowbell and hesitates before covering him but Jarrett gets his foot on the rope. Naturally Norman thinks he’s won the title and celebrates but Jarrett stops that with his guitar to the head. Jarrett follows up with the Stroke and scores the three, meaning no miracle win for Norman this time. (2:34) Nothing to really see here. DUD

Jarrett celebrates his title defense when Terry Funk makes his way out and gets into a shoving match with him. Jarrett then has words with Funk but doesn’t see David Flair sneaking up and David grabs him with a crowbar. David chokes away at Jarrett while Funk puts handcuffs on him before getting on the mic to call the nWo out. Funk threatens to turn David loose on Jarrett unless the nWo comes out in two minutes as we go to commrcial.

~ Back from break Funk and David are still assaulting Jarrett when the nWo comes out with Arn Anderson in tow. Kevin Nash leads off on the mic and threatens to throw Arn off the stage if he does anymore harm to Jarrett. Nash says that since Funk is here to dismantle the nWo, he offers to give him a chance to do that at Souled Out. Nash says if Funk beats him the nWo will disband, but if he wins he takes his place as the Commissioner of WCW. Funk ponders this then accepts the challenge, as long as it’s a hardcore match with the nWo barred from ringisde. Funk then tells Bret Hart that he’s still screwed at Souled Out but wants to challenge him to a hardcore match tonight. Funk says he just wants to embarass Bret and doesn’t want the WCW Title, that he’s going to leave up to Sid Vicious, and Bret accepts that match, saying he may just have to kill Funk. Bret then offers to swap Arn for Jarrett, “Beirut” style, and the nWo sends Arn down the ramp while Funk sends Jarrett up. However Arn pounces on Jarrett as they pass by each other but Bret jabs Arn with his baseball bat to stop that and the nWo departs as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we find Tony Maranara and his goons ordering Disco Inferno to get money from a conveince store. Disco goes in and asks the clerk to give him the money or he’ll be in trouble but the clerk is less than cooperative. So Disco offers to trade him his Rolex for the cash and the clerk makes the deal and hands him an envelope. Disco heads back out and claimed he roughed up the clerk to get the cash as the gang heads out to whereever.

~ Back at the arena David Flair tends to Arn Anderson while Stevie Ray is yelling at Funk, wanting Booker T banned from ringside for his match. Funk tells him whatever, since he has his own problems to worry about.

  • Stevie Ray vs. Midnight

Remember if Midnight wins Stevie has to accept her as part of Harlem Heat. Midnight gets in the first shots and a headlock, Steive shoves her away but Midnight hits a dropkick. Midnight hits the count-along punches in a corner then goes for a whip but Stevie shoves her into the corner. Stevie hits a clothesline and works her over with right hands then whips her and clotheslines her down. Stevie slams Midnight and follows up with an elbwdrop then covers her but pulls her back up after two. Stevie whips Midnight into a hard corner and snapmares her to the match then hits a kneedrop to the face. Stevie whips Miodnight and hits an elbow then covers her and again pulls her up, deciding he’s not done yet. Stevie slaps on a chinlock and Midnight tries to fight back but Stevie clubs her down and hits a sidewalk slam. Stevie then pulls out the slapjack but Booker T comes running out, even though he was banned from ringside. Booker calls Stevie out about using the slapjack and Stevie says he doesn’t need it and hands it over to Booker. Stevie whips Midnight and hits a powerslam then decides to check the arm instead of covering her to end this. And as if you didn’t see it coming, Midnight surprises Stevie with a rollup for the pin. (4:41) Ugh, just plain ugh. And the announcers are calling this the upset of the year as if we’re supposed to get excited or something. Anyway After the match Stevie seems willing to welcome Midnight into the fold and the three of them embrace. But not surprisingly Stevie turns around and nails Midnight with the slapjack and does the same to Booker. DUD

~Backstage Mean Gene interviews Billy Kidman and Konnan about their Tag title shot as Rey Mysterio looks on. Konnan lets Gene feel his hat before slapping his hat away and mumbling something about stomping the Revolution. Suddenly Juventud Guerrera walks into the frame with some young blonde who thinks Gene is sexy. Are they serious? Gene gets all excited and hands the mic over to Juvi then leaves with the blonde while Juvi takes over the interview. Kidman promises and he and K-Dog are going to win the tag titles and that’s pretty much it as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get a shot of Terry Funk preparing himself for his showdown with Bret Hart still to come.

~ In the ring Mean Gene talks to his new ladyfriend at ringside (UGH!) before bringing Diamond Dallas Page out. Gene asks DDP about his issues with Buff Bagwell concerning Kimberly while plugging their match at Souled Out. DDP says Buff didn’t do his wife but was hitting on her while he was filming Ready to Rumble in Los Angeles. DDP asks to bring Buff out for a face-to-face interview but Gene feels Buff won’t show up with DDP’s current mood. So DDP claims Buff’s first wife left him because he cheated on her then claims all the girls love Buff, and so do the guys. DDP says some other stuff that finally brings Buff out and the two brawl into the crowd until security separates them.

~ We then get a shot of Bret Hart and his preparation for the main event as we go to commercial.

  • Kevin Nash vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

Nash makes his way out as we see Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett going after the unconcious Bigelow backstage, dumping him into a wheelbarrow and bring him out to the ring as Nash demands the bell be rung. Bigelow tries to get to his feet but Nash jabs him with a baseball bat as the referee throws this one out. (0:28) Doesn’t even qualify as a match. NR

~ Back from break we get a reminder that Thunder moves to Wednesday nights starting next week. Mainly because WCW decided that Thunder couldn’t possibly compete with the WWF’s Smackdown. So much for the Thursday Night Wars.

  • WCW World Tag Team Titles: David Flair & Crowbar © (w/Daffney Unger) vs. Billy Kidman & Konnan (w/Rey Mysterio)

Tenay says Eddie Guerrero is healing from his recent shoulder surgery and expects him to be at Souled Out. Right. Crowbar starts things off against Kidman and gets in thie first shots then caps off with a headbutt and a chop. Crowbar whips Kidman but Kidman comes back with a headscissors. Kidman then goes for a whip but Crowbar reverses it, Kidman floats over Crowbar but Crowbar nails him with a jumping elbow. Crowbar kicks away at Kidman in a corner then whips him into the other corner and charges but eats a boot. Kidman comes out with a Frankensteiner and follows it up with a dropkick then Crowbar tags in David but Kidman greets him with a clothesline. Kidman lays the boots to David and forearms then then goes for a whip but David reverses it and hits a suplex. David covers Kidman but Konnan saves it and we get a shot of Daffney just as Kidman hits a powerbomb. Kidman slaps on a headlock then whips David but doesn’t see Crowbar make a blind tag behind him. Kidman clotheslines David but Crowbar climbs to the top rope and nails Kidman with a missile dropkick. Crowbar slams Kidman then goes to the apron and slings himself back in into a somersault gullotine legdrop. Crowbar whips Kidman but Kidman slides under him while Konnan comes in and drills Crowbar with a DDT. Kidman crawls to his corner looking to make the tag but Crowbar pulls him away with a relase German suplex. Crowbar then foolishly tries to powerbomb Kidman and like always Kidman counters it with a facecrusher. Kidman climbs to the top rope for the Shooting Star Press but David bumps his leg and Kidman falls to the mat. Crowbar sets Kidman on the top rope then goes for a huricanrana but slips off after Rey holds Kidman down. Kidman nails Crowbar with a flying clothesline then tags Konnan in as Arn Anderson hobbles down the ramp. David also gets the tag but Konnan clotheslines him down then whips Crowbar and hits him with a clothesline. Konnan whips David and leapfrogs him then nails him with an X-Factor and Kidmand and Crowbar duke it out. Konnan sets David up for the Tequila Sunrise but Arn hops on the apron and clobbers Konnan with a crowbar. Crowbar then holds Kidman back as David drapes an arm over Konnan and gets the three to retain. (5:04) Whatchable contest that gets best match of the night almost by default. Don’t understand Arn’s interference, though. **

After the match Rey has some words for Arn but the Revoultion then charges out and attacks Rey and Kidman. Arn helps the champs away while Perry Saturn puts Rey in a Tree of Woe while Malenko kicks away at him. Kidman and Konnan then manage to clear the Revolution from the ring with a crutch and a lead pipe.

  • Bret “Hitman” Hart © vs. Terry FunkNon-Title Hardcore Match

Both men start off with some stalling before locking up and Bret punches Funk out through the ropes. Funk climbs on the apron and Bret punches him off so Funk starts throwing chairs in the ring in frustration. Bret nails Funk as he climbs in and throws him into a chair then grabs the baseball bat and works him over. Bret knocks Funk out through the ropes and whips him into the guardrail then repeatedly jabs him with a chair. Bret cracks Funk in the head with the chair then rolls him back in the ring when Funk starts to fight back. Funk tosses Bret back out through the ropes then rams a chair into his head in front of the Power Plant guys. Funk peppers Bret with punches and chops then puts him in a gurney and works him over with a garbage can. Funk then pushes the gurney over the ringside and tips it over, dumping Bret right on the back of the head. Funk tosses Bret in the ring followed by a garbage can then goes in and whacks the fallen Bret with the can. Funk sets the can on Bret’s prone body then climbs to the top rope and goes for a moonsault but misses it. Bret wedges Funk’s leg in the chair then climbs to the middle rope and hits an elbowdrop right to the chair. Funk strggles to his feet as Bret punches the referee out for whatever reason and attacks Funk with the chair. We then cut backstage to see a hurting Arn Anderson trying to slip on a striped shirt to take over officiating. However David Flair comes in and offers to be the referee then takes the shirt and locks Arn in the lockerroom. Back in the arena the nWo starts rushing the ring en masse and we might as well just call the match now. (7:00) Pretty nothing brawl but seeing Bret take those shots to the head, knowing what we know now, is pretty scary as they seemed to accelerate the end of his career. *

Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner are in the ring and attack Funk with a baseball bat and the garbage can. David comes out with his crowbar but Kevin Nash intercepts him then throws him to the wolves in the ring. Crowbar comes out for the save but that goes as you might expect and he and David are destroyed in the ring. Nash brings Funk over to the set and Jackknife powerbombs him through the set and that’s the show. Yep, the bad guys triumph once again.

Conclusion: This wasn’t a good episode but at least it wasn’t as bad as Nitro, since this card had once decent match on it. The rest was filled with the usual stupid segments and bad matches that Vince Russo was known for, and just like always the show ended with the nWo standing tall. Again the main event was scary mainly for the bumps Bret was taking so soon after suffering that concussion at Starrcade, making it no surprise that his in-ring career only had a few weeks left in it. Overall a very forgettable episode and an easy thumbs down.

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