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WWF Raw Is War 5.07.2001

Monday, May 7th, 2001

Live from the Nassau Colliseum in Uniondale, NY

List of WWF Champions at the time:
WWF World Heavyweight Champion: Stone Cold Steve Austin (4/01/2001)
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Triple H (4/16/2001)
WWF World Tag Team Champions: Steve Austin & Triple H (4/29/2001)
WWF European Champion: Matt Hardy (4/26/2001)
WWF Hardcore Champion: Rhyno (4/19/2001)
WWF Women’s Champion: Chyna (4/01/2001)
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Jerry Lynn (4/29/2001)

~ Raw comes on the air with clips of Undertaker brutally assaulting Steve Austin on Smackdown to prolong their feud. Jim Ross and Paul Heyman then welcome us and announce that Taker has been given the night off for “his own good”. But tonight Chris Jericho battles William Regal one more time in a steel cage and we have a six-man tables match as well.

~ Since this is Long Island, things kick off with Mick Foley making his way to the ring for his hometown appearence. Foley gets on the mic and says now that he’s no longer WWF Commissioner, his job nowadays is to wander the world making personal appearences and gets the cheap pop. Foley says he caught Smackdown and feels The Undertaker gave everyone a chance to cheer like mad with everything he did to Steve Austin. Foley says Taker made Austin famous just like he made him famous by throwing him off the top of the Hell in the Cell three years ago. Foley says when Taker did that he wasn’t really mad at him and thus he’ll make Austin even more famous at Judgment Day before the dust settles. Foley tells Austin its not the worst thing to be made famous since that allowed him to become an author, and naturally he takes this moment to plug his book Foley Is Good which he suggests as a Mothers’ Day gift. We cut to the back and find Vince McMahon and Stephanie arriving at the building when William Regal runs up and reports on Foley being in the ring and Vince is not happy as he heads out with Regal and Stephanie. Foley realizes his party is about to end so he quickly gets the fans’ opinons on Regal being the Commissioner then makes fun of Regal for wearing tweed coast, drinking tea and mispronouncing Triple H’s name.

Eventually Vince and friends make their way out to the ring Vince unhappily gets on the mic, calling Foley a unwanted house guest who shows up unexpectedly and stays way too long. Vince goes over the changes for the better that took place in the WWF since he fired Foley as Commissioner, including mentions his alliance with Steve Austin which won him the WWF Title and his suspension of The Rock. Vince also brings up his “own son” Triple H, who’s under the weather and will not be on the show, winning the Intercontinental Title and Regal becoming a commissioner with dignity and respct, which Foley never had. Vince tells Foley it’s time for him to depart and threatens to have himself or Regal remove him by force. Vince then says he has some who will throw Foley out without him getting his hands dirty and brings out Riksihi, who gets almost no reaction from the crowd. Foley tries to reason with Rikishi to not be Vince’s pawn, pointing out how Taker assaulted him with a chair on Smackdown while Vince and Regal did nothing and weren’t there when he needed them. Stephanie takes the mic and tells Rikishi not to listen to Foley because not listening to her father will get him fired. Vince whispers to Stephanie to order Rikishi to give Foley the Stinkface but Rikishi doesn’t budge from his spot, so Stephanie slaps some sense into Rikishi knocking the sunglasses off his face. Rikishi isn’t happy with that when Regal decides to beat some sense into Rikishi but Rikishi superkicks him and I guess we have a face turn. Vince flees the ring with Stephanie and Regal but since this segment isn’t long enough, Foley gets back on the mic and orders his music cut then tells them to play Rikishi’s old theme music and asks Rikishi to dance. The old Too Cool theme fires up and with Foley’s encouragemen Rikishi starts to bust a move with him. Eventually Vince orders a halt to the dancing and decides to have a police escort eject Foley from the building then tries to get even with Riksihi by booking him in a non-title match with Steve Austin tonight. Brutally disjointed waste of 20 minutes and the crowd was barely into any of it.

~ Back form break JR and Heyman talk about the opening segment while showing footage of Mick Foley getting thrown out of the building during the break.

~ Backstage Edge and Christian look over the lastest Raw magazine while making fun of Eddie Guerrero when Kurt Angle comes in wanting to apologize for snapping at them last week. Angle figures his pals were just as upset with his gold medals being stolen and Christian plays along with him. Angle asks E&C to grab Chris Benoit if they see him so he can reclaim his medals and snap his ankle then heads out for his match, after which Edge says he hopes they can get the medals back so Angle can stop complaining about them.

  • Kurt Angle vs. Bradshaw

Bradshaw is coming off a win against The Big Show at the UK Insurrextion show, with an assist from Test, so let’s see if that momentum carries over against Angle. Both men lockup to start and Angle grabs a waistlock but Bradshaw drives him into a corner to break it and pounds him down. Bradshaw whips Angle but lowers the head, Angle kicks the face but Bradshaw no-sells it and hits a boot. Bradshaw goes for a powerbomb when goes down to the mat to prevent it so Bradshaw clubs him and follows up with a back suplex. Bradshaw beats on Angle but misses a right hand and Angle hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Bradshaw fights back but Angle dropkicks the knee then kicks at it and hits a suplex. Angle then climbs to the top rope but Bradshaw bumps the ropes causing Angle to straddle the turnbuckle. Bradshaw goes up looking for a superplex, Angle fights him off to the mat then leaps off the middle rope but Bradshaw catches him into the fallaway slam. Bradshaw whips Angle and hits an elbow followed by a powerslam. Bradshaw goes for the powerbomb but Angle again goes down to prevent it then takes him down by the leg and slaps on the Anklelock. Bradshaw manages to grab the rope and rolls out to the floor when Chris Benoit’s music suddenly fires up and Angle turns to meet him. However Benoit never comes out and instead appears on the TitanTron, enjoying a meal at WWF New York and trying to pay for it with the gold medals. Angle get furious but forgets he’s still in a match as Bradshaw nails him with the Clothesline from Hades. Angle stumbles out to the floor and takes off for the back, taking a countout loss in the process. (3:26) Ugh, this match just didn’t work and the lame finish didn’t help any either. *

~ We then find Angle in the parking lot asking the security guy for his keys but he doesn’t have any. Angle then sees a guy unloading his car trunk so he shoves him aside and steals the car to go after Benoit. So Angle’s willing to commit grand theft auto just to get his medals back?

~ Back from break we get footage of the Hardys meeting with Eddie Guerrero earlier today to clear the air ahead of their match tonight. Matt tells Eddie he doesn’t trust him and they’re only teaming up because Edge, Christian and Rhyno asked for a six-man tag match but Eddie takes offense and saying tonight’s not about trust, it’s about a match. Eddie reminds Matt that he was the one who stuck his neck out for the one who beat him for the European title on Smackdown and also suggests he might have an interest in seeing Lita beat Chyna at Judgment Day for the Women’s title. Eddie tells the Hardys to think what they want about him but Lita says it’ll take more than words to earn their trust.

  • Eddie Guerrero & The Hardy Boyz (w/Lita) vs. Rhyno, Edge & Christian

So can the Hardys really trust Eddie? Maybe we’ll find out in this match. Matt decides to start off for his team against Christian but Eddie offers to start instead, and Matt has an issue with that allowing Christian to strike from behind a forearm. Christian whips Matt but lowers the head and Matt kicks the face and hits the takedown clothesline. Matt looks for a tag and Eddie extends a hand but Matt hesitates and decides to tag Jeff in instead. Both Hardys whip Chrisitan and hit a double elbow followed by their combo move. Edge comes in but Jeff takes him down and hits the double legdrop. Christian hits Jeff with a knee followed by a backbreaker then Rhyno tags in and hits a belly-to-belly suplex for a two count. Edge back in and draws Eddie and distract the referee but that allows Matt to come in for a shot. Matt sets Edge up for a Twist of Fate but Christian comes in and drills Matt with the Unprettier. Edge rolls Matt out to the floor and drills Jeff with a DDT then hops to the middle rope but misses an elbowdrop. Both men crawl to their corners as Eddie is itching to take the tag from his teammate. Rhyno gets his tag but Jeff does tag Eddie in and Eddie tosses Rhyno over the ropes. Christian is in and whips Eddie bt Eddie comes back with a huricanrana. Eddie pops Rhyno off the apron but Edge is in and nails him from behind. Christian pounds on Eddie in a corner while Edge sets Matt up for a powerbomb but Lita goes to the top rope and hits a huricanrana on Edge. Lita has words for Edge but doesn’t see Rhyno coming in behind her readying for the Gore. Rhyno goes to Gore Lita but Eddie jumps in front of her and takes the hit intstead for the pin. (3:03) Way too short and didn’t have any real flow. After the bell Lita realizes what just happened and shocked Eddie would take the bullet for her. Is Eddie really turning face, or is there something else in the works here? Maybe we’ll find out the answer down the line, or not.

~ The announcers then recap last night’s edition of Sunday Night Heat which was hosted by the Helmsleys, who just talked for an hour with nary a match in sight. JR and Heyman then announce The Big Show will be this week’s guest host on Heat.

~ Back from break we find the Undertaker sitting at the WWF Studios in Stamford getting ready to speak following this next match, and you can imagine he’ll have plenty to say about his upcoming title match.

  • WWF LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Jerry Lynn © vs. Grandmaster Sexay vs. Taka Michinoku vs. Crash Holly

As all four men file out the announcers bill this as the current champ against three other former champions, even though Sexay never helpd the belt; they were probably thinking of his partner, Scotty 2 Hotty. Once the bell sounds everyone pairs off to duke it out, Lynn against Sexay and Crash against Taka, when Sexay rolls Lynn up for a quick two count while Crash rolls Taka up for his own near fall. Sexay whips Lynn into a corner but eats a boot and Lynn comes out but runs right into a powerslam. Taka breaks up the pin and Crash tries to whip him, Taka reverses it but Crash hits the headscissors. Crash knocks Taka down when Sexay rolls Crash up with an O’Connor roll but Lynn breaks that up. Taka goes for a heel kick, Lynn ducks it and goes for a release suplex, Taka lands on his feet but Lynn a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker. Crash and Sexay come up and both suplex Lynn and Crash goes for the cover, Sexay pulls him off and covers Lynn himself but Crash pulls him off. Both men exchange shoves and Sexay superkicks Crash but Taka drills Sexay with the Michinoku Driver. Lynn saves it and whips Crash, Crash floats over him then whips him and hits a backdrop. Sexay and Taka fight on the floor while Crash clotheslines Lynn and hits a tornado bulldog. Taka makes the save from the floor while Sexay hops on the apron and snaps Crash on the top rope. Sexay climbs to the top rope and conencts with the Hip Hop Drop on Crash but Lynn breaks it up.Lynn backdrops Sexay over the ropes onto Taka then DDT’s Crash to grab the pin. (2:21) Yep, two miuntes is all these guys get. Nothing but a cluster there of near falls and so-so spots. And Lynn wonders why no one remebers his title reign. *

~ We now go to the WWF Studios in Stamford for The Undertaker’s thoughs on his cooling-off period. Taker claims Vince McMahon is out to protect his investment because he just might take Steve Austin’s other eye or eliminate him entirely after what he did to him on Smackdown. Taker says Austin made a deal with the devil for the WWF Championship and must now live with the consequences. Taker says he saw the fear in Austin’s eyes on Thursday and that Austin’s pain and suffering has only just begun, that Vince can do whatever to protect him but he still better be looking over his shoulder since he doesn’t know who or what could be lurking in the shadows between now and Judgment Day. Taker says he knows Austin will stick his rattlesnake fangs in him given the chance but isn’t going to let it happen. Taker promises to rip the WWF Title from Austin in 13 days and skin him just like any other rattlesnake, and once he has Austin’s hide he’ll hang it on his shed before wearing him on his feet. Interesting visual there.

~ Out in the arena the cage begins to lower to the ring signaling the cage match is next.

~ Back from break Michael Cole interviews Chris Jericho on his cage match, and Jericho mentions he’s been feuding with William Regal for two months but up in his head it feels liek a lot longer. Jericho says he warned Regal to be a legit, upstanding commissioner and there wouldn’t be any problems, but Regal instead chose to be a slimy kiss-up to Vince so there was troube between the two of them. Jericho mentions the handicap matches and bad decisions but Regal made the worst decision of his career by putting hismelf in a cage with him and it’ll be Regal instead of the queen who’ll need saving.

~ Out in the arena William Regal makes his way out first but decides he first has some things to say on the mic. Regal says Rikishi besmirched him earlier tonight but promises Steve Austin will teach him a lesson later just like he’ll teach Chris Jericho a lesson. Regal claims his politeness is not a weakness because throughout history the English were the most barbaric race to ever exist on the face of the Earth. Regal then orders Jericho to join him in the cage and get the thrasing of a lifetime as we go to commercial.

  • Chris Jericho vs. William RegalSteel Cage Match

After Regal has made Jericho’s life miserable for two months here’s his chance to finally get the last word on him. There are no pinfalls this time, the only way to win is to escape either over the top or through the door. Once both men are in the cage they have a staredown then Regal makes a break for the door right away but catches him before he makes it out and pulls him back in with a London Bridge. Jericho whips Regal into a corner and clotheslines him then kicks away at him and caps off with a forearm. Jericho whips Regal and hits an elbow and Regal goes for the door again but again Jericho cuts off his escape. Jericho chops Regal in between the wall and rops then knocks him into it with the springboard dropkick. Jericho starts climbing up the cage and Regal grabs his leg to stop him but Jericho kicks him away. Jericho makes it to the top but Regal goes up and grabs Jericho by the hair and headbutts him back down to the mat. Regal clamly heads for the door but sees Jericho is down and decides to inflict more punishment instead. So Regal lays the boots to Jericho and hits the kneelifts to the face followed by a European uppercut. Regal pops Jericho with another uppercut and whips Jericho but Jericho comes back with a flying forearm. Jericho climbs up the cage again but Regal pulls him down causing Jericho to hot shot himself on the rope. Regal throws Jericho into the wall twice then rakes his face across the mesh and clubs him in the back. Regal whips Jericho and hits an elbow then whips him into a corner and charges at him but eats a boot. Jericho climbs up to the top of the cage but Regal pulls him down and hits an underhook suplerplex off the top rope. Jericho starts fighting back and takes Regal down by the legs then catapults him into the wall. Jericho whips Regal and tosses him into the cage twice then rams him into the cage repeatedly. Jericho follows up with a back suplex then goes for the Lionsault but misses it and both men are down. Regal is up first starts climbing up the cage when Jericho goes up after him as Regal unsucessfully tries to kick him away. Jericho rams Regal into the cage repeatedly when Regal slips and straddles himself on the top rope. Regal is reeling as Jericho climbs up and over the top of the cage but Regal starts heading for the door. Regal almost makes it through but Jericho kicks the door into Regal’s head to stop that then drops down for the win. (8:04) Solid enough cage match and Jericho finally wraps up this feud and can move on to something else. **½

~ Back from break we once again get the Marilyn Manson “Fight Song” video just in case we haven’t heard it enough.

~ Backstage Johnathan Coachman interviews Steve Austin, who says The Undertaker makes him sick. Austin calls Taker pathetic for throwing him thorugh a window and attacking him while he’s tied down on a stretcher then calls the cooling off period b.s. and claims Taker is running scared because he know’s it’s payback time then scoffs at his words on what he will do at Judgment Day. Austin also mentions Rikishi listening to Mick Foley about being a superhero and says his dancing make him sick. Austin points out Rikishi couldn’t get the job done with a car so he has no chance against him tonight.

  • Lita vs. Molly Holly

Lita has that title shot against Chyna coming up and is looking to build some momentum. In fact Chyna decided to come out and join the announcers for some guest commentary. Once both ladies are out Lita sn;t happy at seeing Chyna out there but that allows Molly to roll her up for a two count. Molly whips Lita but Lita comes back with the headscissors and follows up with an armdrag. Lita whips Molly into a corner but Molly lifts herself over Lita and hits her own headscissors. Molly hits a Japanese armdrag and goes for a whip, Lita reverses her into a corner but eats an elbow. Molly whips Lita into a corner and Lita backdrops her over the ropes but Molly lands on her feet and gets in a forearm. Molly climbs to the top rope but Lita throws her off to the mat and hits a Russian legsweep then climbs to the top rope and hits the moonsault for the pin. (1:26) I know they wanted to make Lita look strong but she didn’t have to totally squash Molly like that. Chyna goes in and raises Lita’s arm then turns to help Molly to her feet but Lita gets in a spanking on Chyna and the two laugh. Ugh, whatever. *

~ The Dudleys are shown making their way to the ring with a table, meaning table time is coming up next as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break Vince McMahon meets Debra and calling her slapping Undertaker was the highlight of Smackdown and it felt good. Debra says it was like the time she slapped Vince who then asks her to go fetch some coffee but Debra glares at him so Vince decides to get his own coffee.

  • The Dudley Boyz & Spike Dudley vs. X-FactorTables Match

JR and Heyman announce that whichever team wins this match wins the feud. Let’s hope so. X-Pac and Justin Credible head in first but the Dudleys knock them back off the apron then toss Spike onto X-Pac and Credible on the floor just like at Backlash. However Albert makes it in and clotheslines both Dudleys from behind then hits Bubba with the Avalanche. X-Pac follows up with a shoulderblock and Credible kicks him down as the others head out to the corners. Credible pounds Bubba down in a corner then brings him to his corner and tags in X-Pac to get in his shots. Bubba starts to fight back and comes off the ropes but runs into a spinkick. X-Pac covers Bubba but the referee reminds him there’s no pins so X-Pac brings Bubba over to his corner. Credible tags in and both men whip Bubba and look for a clothesline but Spike trips Credible from the floor. Bubba plants X-Pac with the Bubbabomb then tags in D’Von and D’von takes it to all three opponents. D’Von whips Credible into a jumping elbow then hip tosses X-Pac and plants Credible with a powerslam. Albert comes in and clotheslines D’Von but Spike comes off the top rope with a missle dropkick on Albert. Bubba clotheslines Albert over the ropes but X-Pac kicks Bubba. X-Pac goes for the Bronco Buster but Bubba moves X-Pac straddles the turnbuckles. Bubba slams X-Pac and sets him up while D’Von climbs to the top rope and connects with the “Wassup” headbutt. The Dudley slide a table in the ring but Albert takes them and the table out with the bicycle kick. Spike comes in and wails away on Albert then comes off the ropes but runs into another bicycle kick. Albert sets another table up on the floor then grabs Spike from the apron and looks for the Baldobomb when Raven runs out and cracks Albert from beind with the kendo stick, looking for revenge for the post-match beatdown after his win over X-Pac on Smackdown. Raven quickly takes off while Spike drives Albert through the table on the floor with the Dudley Dawg for the win. (3:58) Short but some decent spots, and thankfully this feud is finally over with.

~ Backstage a limo pulls up and Chris Benoit comes out of it still wearing Kurt Angle’s gold medals and heading into the building with a smile on his face. Gee, I wonder if Angle is going to show up at WWF New York and realize what happened as we go to commercial.

~ Back form break we get a replay of Stephanie and William Regal turning Rikishi face earlier tonight as Michael Cole interviews Rikishi on facing Steve Austin tonight because of his actions. Rikishi says he’s cool with Vince McMahon guaranteeing Austin but has some guarantees of his own, that he’s going to back his rear up and that someone is going to get a stinkface tonight.

~ We then cut to WWF New York and sure enough Kurt Angle is there asking about Chris Benoit and his medals. Benoit’s music fires up again and we see Benoit making his way out to the ring in the arena as Angle watches from the restaurant. Benoit gets on the mic talking on them missing each other tonight before saying he knows how much the medals mean to Angle and that he definetely looks naked without them. Benoit says he’s grown attached to them and walking around with them makes him feel like a gold medalist. Angle appears on the TitanTron and Benoit says he can feel how badly Angle wants his medals back so he’ll give him his chance by facing him one more time in the ring at Judgment Day. Benoit says he’ll bring the medals and challenges Angle to take them back from him if he really wants them and Angle accepts the challenge, promising to take his medals back and break Benoit’s ankle in two as well. Benoit says he’ll ease Angle’s mind by keeping the medals in a safe place and stuffs them in his pants, just like he did at the Insurextion show. Ewww!

~ Back from break Chris Benoit is walking when he runs into Edge and Christian who ask him to hand over Angle’s medals, saying they can do this the easy way or the hard way. Benoit attacks Edge to pick the hard way but E&C overwhelm him with the 2-on-1 advantage. However they shove Benoit through a door into a room where Chris Jericho just happens to be and Jericho manages to turn the tide as he and Benoit send E&C packing.

~ Out in the arena JR and Heyman hype the Steve Austin/Rikishi match which is coming up next. However they look over and see Mick Foley making his return in the crowd while showing off a ticket. Isn’t it weird how certain guys who get ejected from buildings always manage to find a ticket booth that sells front-row seats long after the show starts? I’ve always wondered that.

~ We then get clips of The Rock on The Tonight Show in order to plug The Mummy Returns. JR mentions the film had the highest-grossing opening weekend in box office history. Good for him.

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin © vs. RikishiNon-Title Match

Sad part is Rikishi gets no reaction from the crowd while Austin is getting a somewhat face pop since the crowd still refuses to boo him. Also Mick Foley is still in the front row, so you know he’s going to figure into the main event somehow. Vine McMahon and Stephanie also come out to hang around ringside and aren’t happy to see him. Both men lockup to start and Rikishi forces Austin into a corner then breaks before locking up again. Austin gets a headlock and goes into a hammerlock but Rikishi elbows him away and we have a stalemate. Austin hammers Rikishi and goes for a whip but Rikishi reverses it and hits a sidewalk slam following by a suplex. Austin rolls out to the floor to regroup with Vince but then trips Rikishi and wraps his leg around the ringpost. Austin goes back in and stomps him down in a corner then goes for a whip but Rikishi reverses him into the opposite corner and clotheslines him down. Austin slumps to the mat and Rikishi looks for the Stinkface when Vince distracts Earl Hebner, allowing Austin to his a low blow. Austin grabs the legs and stomps Rikishi’s chest then goes out and hits an elbowdrop on the apron. Ausitn heads back in and whips Rikishi then struggles to slap on a sleeper and Rikishi counters it with a back suplex. Rikishi goes for the big legdrop but misses it and Austin grabs the legs and stomps Rikishi in the chest again. Austin fires away at Rikishi and shoves Hebner down then clubs Rikishi repeatedly in the back of the neck. Rikishi manages to get to his feet with Austin sitting on his shoulders and hits an electric chair drop. Rikishi fights back and whips Austin then clotheslines him and stomps him down. Rikishi whips Austin looking for a superkick but Austin bails out to the floor. Austin tries to bring a chair in the ring but Rikishi legdrops him as he slides in. Rikishi takes the chair himself when Hebner grabs it away from him so Rikishi whips Austin and plants him with a Samoan Drop. Vince runs in but Rikishi superkicks him down and follows up with the big legdrop. Rikishi stands over Austin and hits the sitdown splash …. but only gets two? Yep, that should tell you who’s winning. Austin staggers into a corner but Rikishi hits the running butt splash follows by a belly-to-belly suplex. Rikishi drags Austin into position and starts climbing rhe ropes for the Banzai Drop but sees Stephanie trying to help Vince out of the ring and turns his attention to her instead of finishing the match. Rikishi traps Steaphanie in a corner when Austin nails him from behind knocking him into Stephanie. Austin then follows up with the Stunner and that’s enough to put Rikishi away. (7:19) So not even Rikishi is any match for Austin’s might. Not a bad main event, actually, but the crowd wasn’t into it. **

Austin goes out and grabs another chair when Foley reaches out to pull it away from him so Austin decks him then pulls him over the barricade and stomps away at him on the floor. Austin throws Foley in the ring and starts to head in with the chair but Rikishi grabs his own chair to change Austin’s mind. Rikishi then sees Stephanie in prime position in the corner as Austin tries to pull her out to safety but Foley wards him off with the chair while Rikishi proceeds to give Stephanie the Stinkface! Stephanie is reeling and Heyman asks what will happen when Triple H finds out as Raw goes off the air.

Conclusion: Pretty much a blah edition of Raw that continues a string of dull shows. Other than a decent cage match and a couple of feuds finally finishing up, the rest of the matches weren’t anything and most of the other angles are crawling at a snail’s pace. Trying to make Rikishi a major force in the main storyline by putting him in the main event just didn’t work as his failed heel turn ruined any chance of him getting over again. Then again Long Island is notorious for dead crowds and this was certainly the case here. Take a pass on this one.

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