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WWF Judgment Day 2001

Sunday, May 20th, 2001

Live from the Arco Arena in Sacramento, CA

List of WWF Champions at the time:
WWF World Heavyweight Champion: Stone Cold Steve Austin (4/01/2001)
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Triple H (4/16/2001)
WWF World Tag Team Champions: Steve Austin & Triple H (4/29/2001)
WWF European Champion: Matt Hardy (4/26/2001)
WWF Hardcore Champion: Rhyno (4/19/2001)
WWF Women’s Champion: Chyna (4/01/2001)
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Jerry Lynn (4/29/2001)

~ Judgment Day comes on the air with an intro video featuring a street preacher saying the judgment is here as words are mixed in with various clips of Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Triple H and Kane, since those four are in the two main matches after all. After the intro Jim Ross welcomes us to the show along with Paul Heyman as they hype the two main events.

  • William Regal vs. Rikishi

Regal’s still looking to avenge the Stinkface Stephanie received several weeks ago and even makes his intents clear on the mic, just in case we weren’t sure. Incidentally Rikishi is coming into this match with a bum shoulder, according to JR. Rikishi gets in the first shots and goes for a whip, Regal reverses it but lowers the head and Rikishi pops him then hits a clothesline and a headbutt. Regal backs away into a corner as Rikishi goes for the Stinkface already but Regal counters with a low blow then gets in his offense. Regal goes for a whip, Rikishi reverses it but lowers the head and Regal goes for a Sunset Flip but can’t get Rikishi over. Rikishi goes for the sitdown splash but Regal rolls away from it and gets in more shots then waves to the fans before hammering Rikishi with European uppercuts and kneelifts for a two count. Regal chokes Rikishi with his shin and goes for a whip but Rikishi reverses him into a corner and clotheslines him then hits the massive legdrop. Rikishi hits the running butt splash in a corner and Regal slumps down into position as this time Rikishi is able to get the Stinkface. Regal rolls out to the floor reeling from that attack (with some neat facial expressions) as Rikishi goes out and rams Regal into the ringsteps, busting him open. The bloody Regal rolls back in the ring with Rikishi behind him and hitting a superkick. Rikishi goes for an Avalanche in a corner but misses and runs his shoulder into the turnbuckles. Regal quickly follows up with the inverted neckbreaker and that puts Rikishi down for the pin. (3:56) Pretty quick for a pay-per-view opener, and not much of one at that. Thing is Rikishi’s shoulder problems would keep him out of the ring for much of the rest of the year, ending that brief comeback. *

~ Backstage Edge and Christian converse about winning the chance to become eight-time Tag Team Champions tonight and Edge is concerned about who Chris Jericho’s mystery partner will be but Christian isn’t worried about it. Kurt Angle then comes up and asks E&C for advice should his match with Chris Benoit result in the ladder match and Edge tells him falling off sucks so don’t do it while Christian says to be sure to fall off with the medals in hand. Angle thanks his friends saying his match isn’t going to a third fall and promises his medals are coming home.

~ Elsewhere backstage the Helmselys are shown arriving at the building when Vince McMahon comes up to greet them before asking Triple H why he brought the Undertaker’s wife into this feud since it was only going to rile Taker up. Triple H feels Vince is one to talk about the sancity of marriage after Vince put his wife in a sanitarium not too long ago then assures him everything’s under control but Vince tells Triple that was his wife and not someone else’s.

  • Chris Benoit vs. Kurt AngleBest 2/3 Falls Match for the Medals

Remember the first fall is pinfalls only, the second fall submissions only and the third fall is a ladder match. Angle comes out first and gets on the mic talking about bringing his gold medals back to his posession while showing Benoit once and for all who the best technical wrestler really is. Angle also says reaching the ladder match is not happening just like Chris Webber leading the Kings to a title. Angle jumps Benoit to start and works him over then whips him into a corner and hits a German suplex. Angle holds on for a second German suplex then holds on for a third German then climbs to the top rope and goes for his own diving heatbutt but misses then Benoit moves. Benoit then plants Angle with his own Olympic Slam and takes the first fall in almost nothing flat. (1:07) Now Angle will have to force the ladder match if he wants his medals back.

As the second fall starts Benoit slaps on the Crossface right away but Angle manages to reaches the rope then bails out to the floor. Benoit goes out and rams Angle into the barricade then chops him in the chest. Benoit rams Angle into the steps before throwing him into the ringpost but Angle comes back and crotches Benoit into the post then rams him into the announce table repeatedly. Benoit gets in a chop but Angle elbows him in the neck then tosses him back in the ring. Angle then goes for the Anklelock but Benoit scampers into the ropes to ward him off. Angle lays the boots to Benit and whips him into a corner but eats a boot. Angle trips Benoit with a drop toehold and goes for the Anklelock again but Benoit counters into a Anklelock of his own when Angle rolls out of it. Benoit rolls Angle over into the Crossface but Angle grabs the bottom rope to break it then bails out to the floor. Benoit goes out after Angle and nails him from behind with an axehandle then tosses him back in the ring. Angle stomps Benoit as he climbs back in then drapes Benoit over the apron and clubs him in the chest. Benoit rallies but Angle rakes his face to stop that and beats him down then hits a suplex and a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle goes for another belly-to-belly when Benoit counters into a Crossface but Angle gets his foot on the rope. Benoit attemps a cross armbreaker but Angle gets the ropes again. Angle surprises Benoit with the Anklelock but Benoit gets to the ropes as well. Angle chops him and goes for a whip, Benoit reverses it but Angle rolls him up forgetting pinfalls don’t count. Benoit hits a snap suplex but Angle hot shots him onto the ropes then applies a version of a STF. Benoit again grabs the bottom rope so Angle goes for a whip but Benoit counters and takes Angle down by the legs then rolls him into a Boston Crab. Benoit releases the hold then hits a running elbowdrop and Angle rolls away but Benoit applies a Figure Four. Angle tries to hold on and manages to roll his way toward the ropes then grabs the bottom rope for the break. Benoit drops Angle with a right hand and follows up with a kneebreaker then starts working over Angle’s knee before hitting a Dragon legwhip. Benoit then slaps on legtwist but Angle grabs the ropes, prompting JR to suggest Angle would be going steady with the ropes if they were a woman. Angle comes back with a knee then throws Benoit out through the ropes and works him over on the floor. Angle rolls Benoit back in and continues hammeirng away in a corner but Benoit starts fighting back until Angle rakes his face. Angle whips Benoit but Benoit ducks a clothesline and hits a DDT. Benoit goes for a whip but Angle counters it into the Olympic Slam then slaps on the Anklelock and Benoit taps, giving Angle the second fall and evening the score. (12:20)

With the score tied we now go to the ladder match, showing that Angle indeed had a ladder match prior to his 2005 Wrestlemania build. The referee hangs the medals from the ceiling but Angle stomps Benoit out of the ring then goes out after him when Benoit chops back and rams Angle into the ringpost. Benoit goes for a whip but Angle reverses him into the steps. Angle tries to regroup and pulls a ladder out from under the ring while ignoring the ladder already in the aisle. Angle sets the ladder up and starts climbing but the ladder is too shot and Angle has to reach for the medals, allowing Benoit to tip it over. Angle rolls out to the floor but Benoit goes out and throws him over the barricade. Benoit brings the taller ladder from the aisle in the ring and sets it up then starts his climb toward the medals. However Angle makes it back in and pulls Benoit off the ladder then knocks the ladder over and stomps Benoit and follows up with a snap suplex. Angle grabs the ladder and jabs Benoit repeatedly in the chest with it then goes to ram Benoit with the ladder but Benoit backdrops Angle and the ladder over the ropes. Benoit goes out and grabs the ladder then jabs Angle with it before sliding it back in the ring. Benoit sets the ladder up under the medals and climbs up but Angle again makes it back in and low blows Benoit before pulling him off the ladder. Angle props the ladder in a corner and rams Benoit into it then goes for a whip into it but Benoit counters and catapults Angle into the ladder. Benoit goes for a whip into the ladder and Angle runs up the rungs but Benoit dumps the ladder onto him. Benoit hits a German suplex then wedges the ladder in a corner between the ropes but Angle whips Benoit into the ladder. Angle sets the ladder on the middle rope and snap suplexes Benoit right onto it. Angle argues with the referee but Benoit rolls out to the apron and see-saws the ladder into Angle’s face!! At least he fared better than Joey Mercury would in that spot. Benoit rams Angle in the head with the ladder then sets it up on top of Angle’s throat, pinning him to the mat. Benoit climbs the ladder and almost reaches the medals but Angle tips it over dropping Benoit onto the ropes. Angle hammers Benoit in a corner with shoulderblocks but Benoit slips out and fights back with chops. Benoit whips Angle into the opposite corner and slaps on the Crossface and Angle starts tapping to no avail. Suddenly Edge & Christian run out and pull Benoit off Angle and out of the ring to work him over on the floor. Benoit desperately tries to fight E&C off but they keep him at bay while Angle is able to climb the ladder and grab his medals for the win. (23:54) Benoit tips the ladder over dropping Angle onto the ropes but the fact remains Angle has his medals back as E&C help him to the back. Screwy finish aside, still another very good match from these two as we expected, at least better than their Backlash battle. Shame Benoit’s night has to end with such a loss, or does it? ****

~ Backstage William Regal is stitched up by the trainer with The Undertaker suddenly barges into his office accusing him of helping Steve Austin makes those phone calls to his wife last week. Regal denies it when Taker demands his WWF Championship match with Austin be made no holds barred and Regal balks at that idea. Taker then threatens bodily harm on Regal to get it doen and Regal caves in. Taker then tells Regal to deliver the message to Austin and Regal is left to ponder this development.

~ We then cut to WWF New York and find Jerry Lynn among the crowd about to give some comments. Lynn says he’s excited to be there but should be defending his Light Heavyweight Title on the pay-per-view. No argument here. Lynn rants about working his whole life to be a champion only to get to talk for his efforts then sarcastically asks JR if his interview was good enough. Lynn finished by saying how he’d give new meaning to Judgment Day in a growling voice. I honestly don’t have any words to describe this.

~ We then get a shot of Kane roaming the backstage area branishing his chain. He has a chain match coming up, you know.

  • WWF HARDCORE TITLE: Rhyno © vs. Test vs. The Big Show

I still don’t get why Rhyno has to be in this match since Show against Test was the actual feud. Show comes out and he and Test go at it right away without waiting for Rhyno to make his entrance. Show tosses Test over the ropes but Test climbs back in and continues his assault as Rhyno finally makes his entrance and throws the ringsteps in the ring. Rhyno helps Test whip Show into a corner but Show comes back out with a clothesline on both men. Show clotheslines Rhyno over the ropes then Show then charges at Test but tumbles out to the floor after Test pulls down the top rope. Test goes out and he and Rhyno double-team Show then throw him into the barricade. Test then turns on Rhyno and goes for a whip but Rhyno reverses him into a backdrop form Show over the barricade. Show boots Rhyno over the barricade as well then goes into the crowd and brawls with both men. The three of them fight to the back and Test goes to whip Show but Show reverses him into a support beam. Show works over Rhyno when Test chokes Show with a hose and Rhyno rams him with a cart of anvil cases. Test goes for the cover, Rhyno breaks it up and goes for the cover himself but Test breaks that up as well and throws him into a metal rack. Show comes back with a forearm and throws Test into a security fence then headbutts Rhyno and throws him into a wall which dents. Show then pins Rhyno against it just like Essa Rios but Test saves it. Show grabs Test by the throat and goes for a chokeslam but Rhyno makes the save. Test and Rhyno double-team show eventually knocking him onto a stack of palettes before battling each other. Test throws Rhyno into a pillar and into a stack of anvil cases as both men fight their way back to the arena. Rhyno gets the advantage and tosses Test over the barricade back to ringside but Test comes back with a knee. Test goes for a whip but Rhyno reverses Test into the ringpost. Rhyno starts throwing plunder into the ring as both men climbs in and Rhyno readies a trash can lid but Test punches it into his face. Test grabs the lid and whips Rhyno but misses a swing and Rhyno DDT’s Test onto the lid for a two count. Rhyno whacks Test with the lid as Show climbs back in the ring but Rhyno sees him and ducks a clothesline then gets in some shots. Show comes back with a chokeslam but Test nails him with a big boot for a two count. Rhyno follows up with the Gore on Show but Test grabs a lid and clocks Rhyno with it for a two count on him. Test brings a fire exinguisher in and misses a swing at Rhyno when Show grabs him by the throat but Test sprays him with it. Test nails Rhyno with the big boot on then clocks Show with the extinguisher but only gets a two count. Test moves the steps into position but Rhyno is up and clobbers Test with a trash can. Rhyno tosses the can at Show who catches it but Rhyno launches off the steps and Gores the can into Show for the pin to retain. (9:13) Eh, match wasn’t bad but was still mostly the standard hardcore fare. Rhyno was really coming into his own by this time and made it interesting, though.

~ Backstage William Regal stands outside Steve Austin’s door trying to gather the courage to head in when a backstage worker walks up. Regal asks if Austin has arrived yet and the worker says Austin is here so Regal thanks him and tries to figure out how to tell Austin of the stipulation change of his title match.

~ Elsewhere backstage Lita is preparing for her Women’s title shot as the Hardys try to fire her up. Eddie Guerrero comes in and offers some advice on facing Chyna but Lita says she wants to do this herself.

~ Still elsewhere Steve Austin is conversing with Debra when William Regal nervously comes into the room and informs Austin his match tonight is now no holds barred. To his surprise Austin is just fine with it so Regal claims he made the match because he knew Austin would agree with it and walks off.

  • WWF WOMEN’S TITLE: Chyna © vs. Lita

Lita is the last challenger left after Chyna plowed through the rest of the women’s roster, so obviously the smart move is to have Lita go over, right? Anyway Chyna comes out wearing some stupid peacock outfit and both ladies hug each other as the bell rings, even despite the treatment Chyna’s ginven Lita over the past week. Both women lock up to start and Chyna shoves Lita across the ring then helps her up for whatever reason. Lita grabs a waistlock and Chyna tries to elbow out of it but Lita dumps her in a corner. Lita goes into a headlock, Chyna shoves her off and presses her up but Lita slips out into a Sunset Flip for a two count. Lita offers to help Chyna up and Chyna accepts then pulls Lita into a rollup for a two count. Chyna hits a forearm and kicks Lita around the ring then whips her and hits a short-arm clothesline for a near fall. Chyna whips Lita again but lowers the head and Lita hits a DDT then unloads on her with right hands. Lita hops to the middle rope and connects with a flying clothesline for a two count. Lita goes for a whip, Chyna reverses her into a corner but Lita springs herself off the ropes over Chyna. Lita applies an armwringer and wrenches the arm but Chyna shoves her down. Lita goes for the arm again and Chyna shoves her back down so Lita again tries to work the arm but Chyna grabs her face to break the hold. Chyna drops Lita with a right then hits a swinging neckbreaker followed by a powerslam for a near fall. Chyna whips Lita and hits a press slam then covers her but pulls her up at two for some reason. Lita manages to go into a cross armbreaker but Chyna is able to counter into a headcissors as Eddie Guerrero comes out to the stage and watches as Chyna turns the move over. Lita begins to fade as the referee starts to check the arm and it drops once, drops twice but Lita keeps it up the third time and manages to grab the ropes with her feet. Chyna goes for a powerbomb but Lita counters it with an ugly Frankentsiner but only gets a two count. Lita goes for the Twist of Fate but Chyna counters that and this time gets the powerbomb for the three. (6:30) And Chyna’s burial of the Women’s division is complete. Bad, sloppy match there as Chyna made Lita look weak. Seems appropritate this would be Chyna’s final WWF appearence as she would be sent out the door due to her ego and the Women’s Title would be ignored through the summer and fall. *

~ Backstage Michael Cole interviews a jubilant Kurt Angle on getting his medals back and closing this chapter, with Angle annoucning that once he gets his medals sterilized he’s going to re-enact his medal ceremony tomorrow night on Raw. Angle bumps into Edge and Christian and thanks them for their support and and E&C give him the thumbs up. After Angle departs E&C are happy they don’t have to hear Angle whine about his medals again and can now turn their attention toward Tag Team Turmoil, specificially shutting down Chris Jericho and his partner, whomever he may be.

~ Elsewhere backstage Vince McMahon addresses Steve Austin and Triple H about what’s on the line tonight, saying they don’t want to be the ones judged so they must stick together and do the right thing. Austin and Triple H both agree with Vince’s statements showing they’re apparenly on the same page. At least for now.

  • WWF INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE: Triple H © (w/Stephanie) vs. KaneChain Match

This is pretty much a strap match with both men being attached by a chain instead of a leather strap. After Triple H comes out first Kane makes his entrance and chases Triple H out of the ring with his chain. Kane then waits when Triple H slips back in the ring and nails Kane with the official chain to start the match. Triple H attacks Kane’s bad arm and wraps it around the top rope then goes out and rams it into the apron. Triple H wraps the arm around the ringpost then brings Kane over to the ringsteps and smases the arm into it before hitting the arm with a chair on the announce table. Triple H rolls Kane back in the ring then attaches the chain to Kane’s injured arm before connecting himself. Kane starts to fight back and whips Triple H with the chain but Triple H wrenches the bad arm to regain control. Tirple H goes out to the floor and jerks Kane into the ropes by the chain then continues to pull on it. Triple H climbs to the top rope and connects with a flying sledge then covers Kane but Kane powers out of it. Triple H rams Kane’s arm into the turnbuckle then brings Kane out to the floor and pulls him into the steps. Triple H whips the arm with the chain before throwing him back in the ring then grabs a chair but Kane pulls him by the chain into the ropes, driving the chair into Triple H’s face and busting him open. Kane repeately rams Triple into the steps and hits a clothesline with the chain and Triple H heads in the ring but Kane is right behind him and wrapes the chain around Triple H’s face. Kane wraps the chain around his fist and belts Triple H in the face and Triple H tries to bail out to the floor but Kane wraps the chain around Triple H’s neck and hangs him from the ropes. Kane goes out and whips Triple H with the chain then hammers him with shots to his open wound before throwing him back in. Kane climbs to the top rope but Triple H yanks him off the top to the mat and clotheslines him with the chain. Triple H brings Kane out to the floor but Kane rams him into the barricade and uppercuts him over. Triple H comes back and pulls Kane into the barricade with the chain then climbs onto the barrier but Kane slams him off to the floor. Kane throws Triple H back in the ring and whips him but lowers the head and Triple H hits a sloppy facebuster followed by a clothesline. Triple H goes for the Pedigree but Kane counters with a double-leg takedown then nails him below the belt. Kane pulls Triple H into a shot from the chain then climbs to the top rope and hits the flying clothesline followed by the chokeslam. Steve Austin runs in but Kane takes him down with a big boot and tosses him out through the ropes, though that allows Triple H to kick Kane below the belt. Triple H grabs Kane as Austin comes in with a chair and swings it but misses Kane and nails Triple H instead. Kane uppercuts Austin out to the floor then covers Triple H and gets the three for the title. (12:28) Austin walks off with a shocked look on his face while Kane celebrates becoming a triple crown winner. Okay match there though a little long and slowish. **

~ Backstage Johnathan Coachman interviews Chris Jericho asking who his partner is for the Tag Team Turmoil match, and Jericho jokingly tells Coach he’s his partner. Jericho then says he has a real partner who he says is a real party animal and they may or may not win the match but they’re going to take out Edge & Christian regardless.

~ Elsewhere backstage Triple H yells at Vince about his loss asking him where his “one for all, all for one” strategy went while Vince tries to calm him down, telling him they still have another title match to go and need to stick together.

  • Tag Team Turmoil

The Acolytes are Team #1 while Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn come out with Terri as Team #2. The Acolytes attack first and Bradshaw tosses Malenko over the ropes. Faaroog whips Saturn but misses a clothesline and Saturn clubs him then hits a belly-to-belly suplex. The referee orders Bradshaw into a corner while Malenko and Saturn whip Faarooq into a double elbow. Saturn heads out to the corner while Malenko whips Faarooq and htis a heel kick for a two count. Saturn tags in and beats on Faarooq then whips him but both men clothesline each other and are both down. Malenko comes in and Bradshaw knocks him through the ropes but Saturn plants him with an exploder suplex. Saturn comes off the ropes but runs into a spinebuster from Faarooq for the pin and the first elimination. (1:32) Thanks for coming, guys.

The Dudley Boyz make their way out as Team #3 with Spike Dudley in their corner. The Acolytes pounce and Faarooq pops Bubba Ray through the ropes then helps Bradshaw whip D’Von and hit a double shoulderblock. Faarooq takes over and whips D’Von into a corner and eats a boot but comes back with a powerslam for a two count. Faarooq throws D’Von into his corner then draws Bubba in to distract the referee while Bradshaw chokes D’Von. Faarooq whips D’Von but D’Von hits a shouldertackle then Bubba tags in and gets in his offense. Bubba whips Faarooq into a corner and charges but Faarooq sidesteps him and tags in Bradshaw. Both Acolytes whip Bubba and hit a double shoulderblock then Bradshaw hits an elbowdrop for a near fall. Bradshaw hammers Bubba in a corner then goes for a whip but Bubba reverses him into the opposite corner and hits a sidewalk slam for a two count. Bubba tags D’Von back in and both Dudleys whip Bradshaw and hit a double elbow. D’Von goes for a whip, Bradshaw reverses it but D’Von clotheslines him down and follows up with a Russian legsweep for a two count. D’Von whips Bradshaw but lowers the head and Bradshaw clubs him into the back then gets his own shots in. D’Von comes off the ropes but Bradshaw catches him into the fallaway slam. Bradshaw whips D’Von and hits a big boot then covers but Bubba saves it. Faarooq comes in and knocks Bubba through the ropes then goes out after him but Bubba rams him into the steps. Bradshaw sets D’Von on the top rope then goes up for a superplex but Bubba comes in and sets Bradshaw on his shoulders while D’Von hits the Dudleyville Device. Faarooq comes in but Bubba slams him and sets him up while D’Von climbs to the top again and hits the “Wassup” headbutt. Bubba sends D’Von out for a table and D’von sets one up on the floor when the Holly cousins run out. Crash pulls Spike off the apron while Hardcore drives D’Von through the table with the Alabama Slam. while Bradshaw connects with the Clothesline from Hades on Bubba to advance to the next match. (6:28)

X-Pac & Justin Credible are out next as Team #4, with Albert in their corner and X-Pac sporting a clean-shaven look. Again the Acolytes strike first and Bradshaw knocks Credible off the apron while Faarooq pounds on X-Pac and whips him but X-Pac nails him with a spinkick. X-Pac goes for a whip but Faarooq reverses him into a corner and follows up with a backbreaker for a two count. Faarooq rams X-Pac into Bradshaw’s boot before tagging him in and Bradshaw whips X-Pac and hits a clothesline. Bradshaw hits a suplex followed by a back suplex then goes for the cover but X-Pac gets his foot on the rope. Bradshaw whips X-Pac but lowers the head and X-Pac kicks him in the face. Credible tags in but Bradshaw hits a shoulderblock then throws him out through the ropes. Bradshaw goes out and works Credible over on the floor when X-Pac leaps off the apron with a forearm but Bradshaw swats him away. Bradshaw then whips Credible into the barricade but turns just as Albert connects with a bicycle kick. Albert throws Bradshaw back in the ring and X-Pac gets in his shots before Credible takes over on him. Credible goes for a whip but Bradshaw reverses and hits a powerslam. Faarooq gets the tag and slams Credible then climbs to the middle rope and hits a legdrop. Faarooq whips Credible but lowers the head and Credible rams him into the mat. X-Pac gets the tag and hammers Faarooq in the back of the neck then chokes him in a corner and chops him against the ropes. X-Pac goes for a whip but Faarooq reverses it and hits a powerslam for a two count. Bradshaw tags back in and whips X-Pac and X-Pac goes for a crossbody but Bradshaw catches him and hits a boot on Credible. However Albert trips Bradshaw from the floor and holds his foot down while X-Pac pins him for the eliminaton. (10:13) Because we have to push X-Pac’s group, apparently.

The Hardy Boyz come out as Team #5 and starts brawling with X-Pac and Credible in opposite corners before whipping them into each other. Matt tosses X-Pac through the ropes while Jeff stomps Credible down and the Hardys hit a double elbow followed by their combo move. Jeff goes for a whip but Credible reverses it and Jeff tumbles to the floor after X-Pac pulls down the top rope. The referee tries to keep Matt back in the corner when X-Pac and Credible crotch Jeff into the ringpost. Albert press slams Jeff through the ropes into the ring and Credible stomps Jaff down in his corner. X-Pac tags in and hits the Bronco Buster then taunts the fans on the ropes before stomping Jeff in the chest. X-Pac tags Credible in and both men whip Jeff but miss a double clothesline and Jeff dropkicks both men. Matt tags in and clohteslines Credible down then goes to whip X-Pac who reverses him into a corner but eats a boot. Matt hops to the middle rope and connects with the guillotine legdrop. Both Hardys whip Credible into a corner and Credible flips over the ropes to the apron and Matt knocks him off. The Hardys then whip X-Pac into a corner and Matt drops to the mat while Jeff connects with the Poetry in Motion. Matt slams X-Pac as Jeff climbs to the top rope and connects with the Swanton Bomb. Matt covers X-Pac but Albert pulls him out of the ring so Jeff leaps over the ropes into a plancha on Albert. Matt heads back in and sets X-Pac up for a Twist of Fate but Credible breaks it up with a suprkick and X-Pac grabs the pin to advance again. (13:24) Again, X-Pac just has to get that superpush.

Chris Jericho comes out is one-half of the next team before bringing out his partner … who to no one’s surprise is Chris Benoit. The two Chrises go right to work on their opponents in the opposite corners before Jericho whips X-Pac into a hiptoss then hits the bulldog while Benoit beats down Credible. Albert hops on the apron but Jericho knocks him back off with the springboard dropkick. Jericho then slings himself over the ropes but Albert catches him and rams him into the ringpost. X-Pac chokes Benoit on the mat then chops him in his corner before tagging Credible in to take over. Credible hits a London Bridge for a two count then snapmares Benoit and slaps on a chinlock. Benoit manages to fight out of the hold and comes off the ropes for a Sunset Flip for a two count. Credible comes back with a clothesine and rams Benoit into X-Pac’s boot then X-Pac tags in and kicks him. X-Pac whips Benoit and hits a rolling clothesline then kicks him down in a corner. X-Pac goes for another Bronco Buster but Benoit dodges it and X-Pac straddles the turnbuckles instead. Jericho gets the tag and pops Credible off the apron and hits X-Pac with a series of clotheslines and chops. Jericho goes for a whip, X-Pac reverses him into a corner and charges but eats a chop. Jericho hops to the middle rope and connects with a missile dropkick then covers X-Pac as Credible tries to make the save but Jericho moves and Credible nails his partner. Jericho goes for a whip, X-Pac reverses it and Jericho goes for a forearm but nails the referee by accident. Albert works Benoit over on the floor while Jericho whips X-Pac into a corner and charges but eats a boot. X-Pac and Credible hit the double superkick and X-Pac covers Jericho but the referee is out and can’t count it. A second referee runs into the ring to make the count for X-Pac but only gets two. X-Pac tags Credible back in and climbs to the top rope as Credible sets Jericho up for a spike piledriver but Benoit straddles X-Pac on the turnbuckle. Jericho manages to catapult Credible into his partner wen Albert comes in but the Chrises plant him with a double suplex. The two then suplex Credible right onto Albert and clothesline Albert over the ropes. Benoit manages to slap Credible in the Crossface while Jericho also put X-Pac in the Walls of Jericho and both X-Factor members tap out to end their night. (18:40)

Edge & Christian come out as the last team and this last stage will determine the #1 contendors. All four men pair off in the corners and Benoit and Christian spill out to the foor where Benoit gets control but Christian trips him into the ringsteps with a drop toehold. In the ring Jericho goes for a whip, Edge reverses it but lowers the head and Jericho kicks him in the face. Jericho chagres but Edge and Christian hot shot him on the top rope with a move not unlike the Dudley Death Drop. Edge hits a forearm and stomps Jericho before hitting an elbowdrop then follows up by applying a head vice. Christian tags in to do his damage before tagging Edge back in and Edge hits a standing dropkick for a two count. Edge slaps on a chinlock and Jericho fights out of it but runs into a knee to the chest. Christian tags back in and Jericho goes for a whip when Christian reverses him into a corner but eats an elbow. Jericho comes back with chops but misses the last chop and Christian hits a backbreaker for a near fall. Christian draws Benoit in to distract the referee while Edge helps Christian double-team Jericho. Edge comes in without a tag and whips Jericho looking for a another dropkick but Jericho fakes him out. With Edge down Jericho goes for the Lionsault but Edge gets the knees up to block it. Benoit breaks up the pin and Edge tags Christian back in and both men whip Jericho into a corner. Edge drops to the mat and Christian launches off him for the flying crossbody but Jericho sidesteps him and bulldogs Edge before making the hot tag to Benoit. Benoit clothesline Christian and hits a snap suplex then turns toward Edge on the apron and starts attacking him. Christian chagres at Benoit but misses him and knocks Edge off the apron to the floor. Benoit hits a bridge suplex for a two count but Edge comes in and drills Benoit with the Edge-o-matic. Jericho comes in and stomps Edge down but Christian nails Jericho from behind and E&C double-team him. E&C then set Benoit on the top rope and set him up for the stack superplex but Jericho tosses Edge through the ropes and sets Christian on his shoulders while Benoit hits a dropkick. Benoit covers Christian but Edge saves it. Jericho whips Edge into a corner and charges but misses him and runs his shoulder into the ringpost. Edge nails Benoit with a DDT then E&C head out and grab a pair of chairs but Benoit and Jericho kick them into their faces with baseball slides. The Chrises roll Christian back in the ring then bring the chairs in as well looking for their own ConChairto. However Edge spears Jericho while Christian rolls Benoit up for a near fall. E&C grab the chairs for a ConChairto but Jericho tripes Edge into the chair while Benoit puts Christian in the Crossface and Christian is forced to tap out for the final elimination. (25:48) Benoit and Jericho each get their revenge over E&C and become #1 contendors to the tag titles as well. This whole thing started out a little dull but got a lot better once the Chrises came out and had a nice finishing sequence to boot. Of course this sets up a match for the following night that you might have heard of. ***

  • WWF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Stone Cold Steve Austin © vs. The UndertakerNo Holds Barred Match

Austin’s partner Triple H lost his singles belt to Kane earlier, can Taker complete the sweep? Vince McMahon joins the announcers for commentar as Taker comes out first without his motorcycle then turns and attacks Austin in the aisle during his entrance. Taker rams Austin into a tech table and throws him into a guardrail then brings him down the aisle and throws him into the steps. Taker chokes Austin with a television cable and throws his bandana at Vince when Austin fights back but Taker stops that and whips him into the steps. Taker chokes Austin with his boot on the floor then walks across the barricade and clubs Austin in the back. Taker tosses Austin in the ring but Austin rolls back out and Taker chases him up the aisle near the stage where Austin ambushes him. Austin goes for a whip but Taker reverses him into a guardrail then grabs a fire extiguisher and whacks Austin with it. Taker tosses Austin in the ring and brings a chair in but Austin attacks him as he climbs in. Taker fights back with punches and whips Austin but lowers the head and Austin hits a neckbreaker. Austin rams Taker into a turnbuckle and wraps Taker’s leg around the rope then kicks at the knee. Austin takes a swing with the chair but Taker dodges it and uppercuts Austin. Taker goes for a whip, Austin reverses it but Taker connects with the flying clothesline. Taker scoops Austin up, Ausitn slips out and goes for the Stunner but Taker shoves him off and hits a boot for a two count. Austin rolls out to the floor but Taker goes out to continue his assault before throwing him into a ringpost and into the timekeeper’s table. Taker then turns his attention toward Vince but that allows Austin to nail him from behind. Austin throws Taker in the ring and wraps his leg around the ringpost then pulls him back out and rams him into the steps. Austin chopblocks Taker in the knee then kicks at it before tossing him back in the ring. Austin takes Taker down by the leg and kicks the knee then grabs the legs and stomps him below the belt. Austin slams Taker’s knee into the mat repeately then elbowdrops the knee and follows up with a leglock. Taker eventually breaks the hold by legdropping Ausitn’s face then whps him into a corner and clotheslines him. Taker tosses Austin out through the ropes to the floor then goes out and rams Austin into the ringsteps again. Taker clears off the announce table despite Heyman’s protests (saying they’re not the Spanish guys) then chokeslams Austin through the table. Taker chases Vince away then rolls Ausitn back in the ring and covers him but only gets a two count.

Taker lays the boots to Austin then slams him and hits a running elbowdrop but only gets two. Austin rolls out to the floor and Taker goes out after him but Austin grabs a monitor and whacks Taker with it. Taker is busted open as Austin rolls back in the ring and undoes a turnbuckle pad to espose the metal bolt. Austin goes back out and rams Taker into the Spanish table then throws him into the steps and clotheslines him. Austin tees off on Taker and chokes him then rolls Taker back in the ring and fires away at the open wound. Taker starts fighting back when Austin goes for a whip and Taker reverses it but Ausitn hits the Lou Thesz Press, followed by the right hands for a two count. Austin argues with Earl Hebner and Taker moves in but Austin catchers him with a mule kick below the belt. That still doesn’t get a three count so Austin chokes Taker on the middle rope and follows up with the straddle. We get an interesting moment here when JR claims that Heyman never knew Austin like he did but Heyman fires back by reminding JR that he managed Austin and Taker early in their careers. See, we can acknowledge WCW hsitory now, JR. Anyway Austin lays the boots to Taker and chokes him with his boot then whips him and slaps on a sleeperhold, which Taker counters with a back suplex. Austin manages to grab the chair and whack Taker with it, but instead of covering him Austin dares Taker to get up then hits the Stunner … and only gets two! Austin grabs the chair and whacks Taker with it but Taker kicks Austin below the belt and chokeslams him. Taker then takes the chair and wears Austin out with it when Triple H runs in brandishing his sledgehammer but Taker catches him with the chair. Taker covers Austin and Hebner starts the count but Vince runs in the ring and breaks up the pin. So Taker beats Vince down in a corner for his intrusion when Austin grabs the chair and swings it but misses Taker and nails Vince. Austin is not having much luck with chairs tonight. Taker then sets Austin up for the Last Ride but Triple H nails Taker with the sledgehammer to break it up. Kane comes out … but Austin immediately covers Taker and gets the three to retain before he can make the save. (22:53) Geez, thanks for nothing, Kane! You couldn’t have come out 30 seconds earlier? Anyway this was an okay brawl and both men tried but got dull in several places and way overbooked near the end, which didn’t help Austin’s heel run. **½

Conclusion: Not a really great supercard but not a bad one either, at least it was better than Backlash. Benoit was clearly the star of the show as he wrestled what was essentially five matches, all of which were the highlights, but while there’s some other decent action, nothing was really earth-shattering or memorable about this pay-per-view. The WWF continued to be on cruise control at this point with no competition, though things would start changing the following night which in turn would render much of the current angles irrelevant anyway. Thumbs in the middle for this one.

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